American Idol and Glee Schedules – Full Schedules (Tuesday Idol Final!)

I’ve got some interesting scheduling tidbits for American Idol and Glee.  Many of you have been asking about the 30 minute American Idol results show. Yes, it’s coming!  Half-hour results shows begin at the Top 9, on March 27, to make way for 8 episodes of the comedy, Surviving Jack.  Keep in mind, if the show bombs in the ratings, we could be back to 60 minute results, sooner rather than later.

And it looks like, according to the schedule posted at Futon Critic, that the final and finale will air on TUESDAY May 20 and Wednesday May 21. The finale ran Tues/Wed in Season 11, too, if you recall.  The reasoning here could be that Nielsen May sweeps end on May 21.

Lastly, counting backwards, it looks like the producers, like last season, have an extra week scheduled in case The Save is used. In which case, there will be no need for a double elimination.  Or if The Save isn’t used by the time it expires at Top 6, like last year, there will be a non-elimination week.

UPDATED: FOX announced today that the Idol Results show will move to 9 pm on March 13.  Surviving Jack will premiere on March 27 at 9:30 pm.

5/21/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX LIVE Season Finale, Part 2 – Winner Announced
5/20/14 (Tu.) 8:00 PM FOX LIVE Season Finale, Part 1 – Final 2 Perform
5/15/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00PM FOX TBA
5/14/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
5/8/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX TBA
5/7/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
5/1/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX TBA
4/30/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
4/24/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX TBA
4/23/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
4/17/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX TBA
4/16/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
4/10/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX TBA
4/9/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
4/3/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX TBA
4/2/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
3/27/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX Half-Hour Results Shows Begin
3/26/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
3/20/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX TBA
3/19/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX TBA
3/13/14 (Th.) 8:00 9:00 PM FOX (ID-1325/26A) Results Show
3/12/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX (ID-1325/26) 11 Finalists Perform
3/6/14 (Th.) 8:00 PM FOX (ID2-1323/24A) Results Show
3/5/14 (We.) 8:00 PM FOX (ID-1323/24) 12 Finalists Perform

The American Idol schedule brings up some interesting questions about Glee.

My Glee spoiler source told me that the season would be shortened to 19 episodes. When I reported this bit of news on tumblr, it upset folks counting on a full season. Some contacted  “experts” like Mike Ausiello of TV Line, who assured fans that Glee would have the regular 22 episode order.

HOWEVER, in this new episode schedule from FoxFast, the PR site for Twentieth Century FOX studios, TWO episodes are gone from the list.  Episode 20 airs on Tuesday, May 13. The following Tuesday is the American Idol final performance show.  It looks like the season may be cut a bit short after all. Although, it is possible the two remaining episodes could air on May 27th, or later.  Glee bled into the summer its first season, ending some time in June. It could happen again. But it’s interesting that episode 21 and 22 aren’t even listed on the schedule.  Futon Critic only has 20 episodes listed as well.

More will be revealed, I’m sure.

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  • Roimeister

    last season, didn’t the save expire, then they eliminated someone, then had a non-elimination week?

  • mjsbigblog

    Isn’t that what I said?

  • Pat H

    Hasn’t the final/finale been Tues/Wed every year, even season 12??

    ETA: NVM, just checked. W/Th last year!

  • MickeiKnight

    I’m wondering if the finale is going to be at MSG as first reported or at Nokia?

  • Gunner Monteith

    Can we have song spoilers for “New New York” & “Bash” Please!

    GleeKOutBR Has Not Been Sharing Anything Lately

  • Roimeister

    Lastly, counting backwards, it looks like the producers, like last season, have an extra week scheduled in case The Save is used. In which case, there will be no need for a double elimination. Or if The Save isn’t used by the time it expires at Top 6, like last year, there will be a non-elimination week.

    my question was… didn’t the save expire, then they had an elimination the following week… then they had a non-elimination week?

  • Roimeister

    I think the MSG report was part of the “elaborate hoax” that contained many inaccuracies… I haven’t seen anything about it since

  • Birdiex


  • mjsbigblog

    There was no elimination at Top 4. So, yes, if the Save expired at Top 6, there was an elimination at Top 5 and then none the following week.Which I guess it did?

  • Roimeister

    Thanks… I thought that’s how it happened… which, to me, is sort of screwy… why let the save expire, then eliminate someone else, then eliminate no one? then again, the whole season was pretty screwy LOL

  • Marko

    All this save business is getting old and useless.

  • inmyslumber

    They extended it to the Top 5 last season, which was Janelle’s elimination.

  • You’reTooCranky

    Man, you are kind of a snarky biatch. Shouldn’t you be a little friendlier to your readers?

  • HermeticallySealed

    Can’t say I saw anything snarky or meanspirited in her reply.

  • weareallinnocent

    Did you register just to say that? Or are you the internet’s polite police? ;-)

  • Roimeister

    I just saw it as a misunderstanding of what my question was, so I reworded it below to hopefully make it more clear

  • Guest
  • Guest

    Glad, I’m not the only one that notices this persons rudeness. That’s this POS moderator’s personality.

  • Guest

    No need to reword it. I saw it as a rude condescending response.

  • Larc

    Judges may use the save this season. I can certainly understand why they didn’t use it last year at Top 6. That’s when Lazaro was eliminated.

  • Matthew Richards

    I freaked out when I saw “full schedules” because I thought it said “Fall schedules.” I was like “Please don’t schedule American Idol in the Fall!” Lol.
    Like that they’ll be going back to half-hour results shows soon. That’s about all I can take without my patience being tested.

  • Matthew Richards

    They didn’t really say they extended it, though. Which was weird.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Any chance we will still get two performances on elimination nights since result shows will only be 30 minutes? If there is only one performance, would they give it to an ex-idol or one of their up & coming artists?

  • akramwwhhoo

    It expires at top 5, if you rewind janelle’s elimination she’s still asked to sing for her life

  • tripp_ncwy

    Gordon Ramsay Returns with Season 12 of HELL’S KITCHEN and AMERICAN IDOL XIII Moves to 9 PM on Thursday, March 13