American Idol 12 Top 40 Discuss The Judges and Why They Auditioned (VIDEO)

The American Idol Top 40 was revealed on Thursday, and American Idol has wasted no time releasing videos of the contestants as a prelude to the Vegas semi-finals,  which are set to begin on Wednesday.

If you are wondering who performs on which night, check out this unofficial schedule. Also we’ve got a photo gallery to explore. And of course, you can relive the big reveal HERE.

Back to the videos. In the first, the semi-finalists share their thoughts on the Idol judges–Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. Of course, they LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. Very diplomatic.

In the second, the kids are asked to describe their reason for auditioning for American Idol in one word. “Faith”, “Family”, “Passion” are said early and often. But their are a few interesting answers sprinkled amid the responses.


The Top 40 Discuss The Judges

The Top 40: Why We Auditioned For Idol In One Word

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  • Wally.

    I love Jett.

  • Bazzle

    Illumination lol Charlie you silly guy. 

  • Kariann Hart

    It would have been nice if we knew more about Jett and her voice.  So many of the girls have had a lot of exposure with Fan bases already being formed!

  • jammasta

    Not one person said “I hate the judges” and not one person answered “fame”, “bitches”, “money”, or “food”. Liars.

    Angela is our new Kara DioGuardi. “Dream big” is two words, Angela. Paul technically also said three words, but the other two were “I guess” so whatever. Two of my favorite contestants this season suck at counting.

    ….Also, I didn’t know Cristabel Clack made the top 40. Huh.

    Let’s get it Paul/Devin/Angela/Charlie/Nick/Janelle, if I don’t see you guys at the tour I’ll be sad. Too bad I can’t vote yet. BEAST MODE IT UP!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I feel that the exposure has been spread around more with the guys than with the girls.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I like that Charlie seems to just march to a different drummer and is unpredictable. So far, his song choices are interesting and the guy can sing. I’m curious to see how far he will go in the competition.

  • Sean DeFrancesco

    Jesus you people are acting like Angela should be disqualified for saying “Dream big” , it’s not an interview process, it’s just to show their personality. 

    And Jett isn’t shown because she’s probably not interesting enough this year. Some contestants who return, don’t always get shown their previous season. 

    There more than enough girls Janelle, Angie, Isabella, Candice, Melinda, Kree, Zoanette, Rachel and probably a few surprises (Jett may be one of them) who will make up the top 5. 

    Paul/Devin/Nick are all the same type of singer. Three spots won’t be wasted on them. 

    The top 5 Boys (unless they completely choke in Vegas or first round before fan vote) I can almost guarantee will be
    Burnell Taylor 
    Charlie Askew
    Nick Boddington/Devin Velez 
    Jimmy Smith/Johnny Keyser
    Bryant Tadeo 

  • Sean DeFrancesco

    No to mention Angela was saying “Dream Big” and Mathene follows up with “This is just the beginning”… so obviously they were just closing the segment out. Think people. 

  • ladymctech

    Charlie is definitely my favorite guy at the moment. I loved his intro to Somebody That I Used to Know.

  • ladymctech

    I am with you, Sean. There is good reason why some contestants aren’t shown in the early stages. Why become attached if the judges are only going to send them home at the last minute. Of course, there is always the Kris Allen story — you can still win without an already built fanbase before the semi-finals.

  • jammasta

    Way to turn one innocent joke I made about Angela into World War III and “jammasta doesn’t think”, dude. Relax, man. Aside from that, I also noted Angela in my list of people I wanted to make it. Disqualified? No.

    And Jett isn’t shown because she’s probably not interesting enough this year. Some contestants who return, don’t always get shown their previous season.

    The brain that I do use to think agrees with this part though.

  • mjsbigblog


    It’s awesome to see people already passionate about their favs. But CALM DOWN. I am NOT going to tolerate rude, angry comments directed at fellow commenters. 

  • jammasta

    Sorry ’bout that. 

  • jammasta

    Sorry bout that mj :P.

    I do like Jett somewhat from her pre-Idol videos, but there are a lot of other voices in that list of girls that are better or more interesting than what I’ve seen from those pre-Idol videos. I’m still going with Angela/Kree/Janelle/Candice/one of Rachel, Shubha, Zoanette, or Isabelle. That last spot changes easily, however.

    There are so many R&B/gospel-ish inspired guys in that list too, but I’ve been too spoiled by Joshua’s run last season that I don’t think I can really care for these ones. If one of them had to make Top 10, I’d choose Burnell. Even then, a lot of these guys interest me a bit more. Paul/Nick/Jimmy/Charlie/Devin works for me, although I see Burnell, Lazaro, Josh Holiday, or Johnny making it over one or two of these. I don’t see Paul, Nick, and Devin as entirely similar. I can kinda see it, but all 3 sing different genres.

    Paul, Charlie, and Angela making it would be best for me. Paul and Angela are my favorites from their respective genders.

  • Ann Freeman

    Mj have u heard any past idols performing on Idol this season besides Jessica Sanchez(allegedly)?

  • guinness 416

    Was Vincent’s one-word answer “Vincent”??

  • Mariyas

    I like Janelle, Angela, Kree, Melinda and Juliana.
    For the boys: Jimmy Smith, Charlie and Nick.