American Idol 12 – Kez Ban – “Azure Sky” – Acoustic Performance (VIDEO)

American Idol 12 Chicago contestant, Kez Ban intrigued Idol fans with her quirky style and obvious songwriting skills. By special request, she uploaded a full performance of “Azure Sky”, the tune she impressed the judges with. Check out her You Tube channel HERE.

Here’s another fantastic tune titled “Raise the Wager”. So talented!. Not the kind of contestant who will ever get far on American Idol, but at least she’s been given the opportunity to showcase her talent on a national platform.

Here’s the singer’s audition and Road to Hollywood interview.


Road to Hollywood

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  • CB40


  • Anny_nanny

    Season had the chance to be not boring.

  • Sherry

    Really like Kez Ban.  Will be watching for her in Hollywood.  Love her voice, the tone, and her humble demeanor.  

  • tucker davis

    Loved ‘Azure Sky’, the other.. not so much. She seems well-spoken & creative, but according to the spoilers, doesn’t make it past Hollywood week. I’d think you’d have to play ‘the game’ for a while to get to the live shows.(play nice with others, sing different genres, network with behind the scene folks, etc) It would’ve been interesting to see what she could do. Hope she’s visible during Hollywood week.

  • TheOther

    She lists her 3 favorite Idols as Casey Abrams, Adam Lambert, Phillip Phillips.  Yeah, I see her being cut during Hollywood week.  But maybe she can create enough buzz to get someone in the industry to take notice.

  • girlygirltoo

    I really like her. Very talented.

  • ladymctech

    I hope someone (as in a label who would work for her in her favor) will realize how talented Kez Ban is. I don’t think Idol would ever do her justice, unless the show is willling to change what they want in a winner or finalist who almost finishes the race.

  • Larc

    Very talented.  Unlike far too many other Idol contestants, one thing Kez definitely isn’t is a dime a dozen.  Other doors will probably open for her.  I already want a CD.

  • Miz

    I like Kezban very much. Love her voice, her songwriting, and her overall vibe. If she didn’t make it past Hollywood, well that stinks.

  • Anny_nanny

     She is 27.

  • Lori

    Damn! How about a spoiler alert! I have been avoiding spoilers so I could make up my own mind without any preconceived ideas.

  • IdolyEverAfter

    She’s very talented and interesting and quirky and would be so interesting on this show.   I do have a strong urge to bring her somewhere to get her eyebrows waxed though! 

  • TheOther

    Didn’t know that.  She looks younger than 27.  But hopefully this will open doors for her.

  • TheOther

    Sorry, just repeating what was already noted re the spoilers.

  • Jake W.

    Definitely my favorite. I don’t expect her to make it to live shows though as she isn’t what idol wants this season.

  • beanowl

    Love her. But I can’t stop focusing on that messy kitchen. Take out your trash before filming a video! It’s really bugging me. 

  • tucker davis

    I’m guilty too. I also thought it was common knowledge on sites like this. Hope that we’re wrong on this one. 

  • elliegrll

    I hope that Kez Ban, the voters and producers prove everyone wrong, and that she does go far on the show.  She’s the type of contestant that the show needs.

  • Jordana33

    Plus, the judges can always exercise the option of bringing someone back that was eliminated, I think. 

  • LA944

     I loved her. I’ve been avoiding spoilers too–so it kind of really sucks. I think she has a terrific voice–great sound and very distinctive—just awesome. I think the best singer we saw so far. I loved her original and the Pinocchio song as well.

    I’m sure she is too left of center for some viewers. I like how she named Adam and Casey Abrams. It almost seemed a little bit like she was told to say Phillip. She had no reason really why she liked him

  • James M.

    Oh, so “she” is a she. >_>. I liked the look better that she had in her Youtube performance. I’d love a full version of her Pinocchio song rendition.

    I really like her voice. I agree that it almost seemed like she was forced to say Phillip. In a way she kinda reminds me of Lilly Scott from S9.

    An eyebrow wax wouldn’t kill her either, but I wouldn’t force her to get one.

  • artemis112

    Love her! If she doesn’t make it, at least I’ve got a new musician to follow (she’s kezbancares  on twitter  ). I always try to avoid spoilers-takes a lot of the fun out of watching the show for me 
     Kez Ban doesn’t strike me as someone who would name someone as a favorite just to please the producers.

  • tucker davis

    I agree with your assessment about her naming Phillip as a favorite. Perhaps she chose him because he seemed to ‘do his thing’ on the show (at least as much as a contestant can). And he competed (successfully) with ‘big voices’ which she knows she’ll have to do also. I just remember when Phillip first began on the live shows I thought he was too quirky & unconventional to last very long.

  • Miz

    I think it’s really wrong of them to force them to ‘name names’. And they DO tell them what names to say.

  • maymay

    Don`t forget Casey Abrams is Phillip`s favorite too. So if she like PP, Im not surprised.

    Kez Ban and PP, they both were very alternative and cool when they were on Idol. Their self-awarenesses were very strong. The difference is PP totally fit WGWG format so he won.

  • Happyhexer

    I’ve been avoiding threads labelled as spoilers or those showcasing individual AI contestants.  Saw the initial episodes of AI 12, so thought it was safe to listen to this song, as I enjoyed Kez Ban’s audition.  She actually does have a few things in common with P2 — not the strongest singer in terms of range, but with a known musical identity (which we have seen with Scotty and P2 is a plus).

    Guess I need an MJ blackout during the Idol season if I want to avoid spoilers . . .  :-( 

  • MellyPer1692

    Oy, another consoiracy theory. I don’t believe for a minute that the contestants are told who to say they like from Idol.

    I like her and agree with her, it’s time to see something a little different on the show.

  • blackberryharvest

    Had or has? She’s not gone yet! :)

    She was a pleasant surprise to me.

  • teekee

    Yes, I like her vibe. She seems interesting, and would be a nice addition to the live shows.

  • Gina Luann Turner

    This is the most AMAZING and exciting singer / artist I’ve heard in ages and I would buy her music in a heartbeat.  I got major chills knowing I was watching a future SUPERSTAR.  

  • TFLS

    Best to audition TO DATE!  I hope like hell she makes it past all the ‘Hollywood Week’ permutations to actually get on the show.  Lord knows they need someone exciting and authentic like this to give the show some sort of credence.