American Idol 12 Curtis Finch Jr. Has an Arrest Record

AMERICAN IDOL: Curtis Finch, Jr. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

According to The National Enquirer, American Idol finalist, Curtis Finch Jr., has a prior arrest record.

According to the National Enquirer, the singer reportedly stole a $1,500 Macbook laptop from a fellow choir student in St. Louis, Missouri, and attempted to re-sell the computer to another classmate. That person ended up turning him in, and Curtis Finch Jr. was arrested on December 9, 2010.

When the case went to court, the American Idol 2013 contestant reportedly copped a guilty plea to the crime, paying $1,800 plus the cost of appearing in court. This was his first and only arrest, according to our criminal background check.

Didn’t we know this already? This sounds vaguely familiar. Also, I’m sure Curtis informed Idol producers. Hell, they may have even leaked this cute little item. I don’t see this situation causing much of an uproar.

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  • Incipit

    “Didn’t we know this already?”

    Yes, we did, mj. The National Enquirer is late for dinner.

  • No Thanks

    Well, that’s not very Christian of him. :op

  • jd88

    I think you put this story up already in one of those Idol Headline posts.

  • Guest

    i am soo glad my stream buffered throughout his performance…

  • justmefornow

    He should be arrested for that ridiculous jacket he’s wearing tonight.

  • voicesinmyhead

    Well that certainly ruins his chance to win and going first means Nigel wants him gone.

  • JD

    He always rubs me the wrong way. Despite the judges, I thought he was awful, cheesy and karaoke tonight.. and just reminded us of fantasia… Wonder what Nicki would’ve said

  • Guest

    what an idiot

  • Cory Patrick ??

    I’m sure they had an elimination meeting already. LMAO “how to get him out quick, fast, and painless”.

  • Laura Corn

    Another attempt at leveling the playing field.

  • ladymctech

    Why am I not surprised? Probably why he went first tonight?

  • durbesque

    One man down, 4 to go.

  • ch0w33


  • girlygirltoo

    I’m not a fan of Curtis, but as long as he disclosed this to the Idol producers, this isn’t a reason to kick him off the show, since he pleased guilty and he payed back the cost of the computer.

  • Stefan Wind

    Hahaha too funny. I remember when Idol was a singing competition that actually took itself seriously about creating a star. Now it’s just a mockery of itself with the “chosen one” already picked out.

  • MissMyEm

    Wow. Someone on Idol has an arrest record?? Quelle surprise!! I’m at the point where I would not be surprised to hear that Idol plants these people just for the drama.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    Stealing is not cute to me.

  • Jordana33

    Even if he informed the Idol people, I actually consider stealing someone’s laptop and trying to re-sell it a lot worse than what Jermaine Jones did (at least what we know he did!). Also, the fact that Curtis is supposedly very religious, yet stole the lap-top from a fellow choir member makes it even worse…..not to mention ironic.