American Idol 12- Contestant Preview #26- Janelle Arthur

First off, sorry for not posting any for the last few days. I was out of town, and it was really hard to have time to do much of anything. I even fell behind on Facebook! *gasp!*

I’m glad I waited to preview Janelle Arthur until after her audition, because they talked about how she already feels like a star. Well, this is her third season of Idol, so this seems like a new feeling. lol. I thought her audition was great, honestly.

Even though she’s never made it to a voting round, she toured with a bunch of Idols last year, including Creighton Fraker, Kendra Chantelle (now Kendra Campbell), Nick Boddington, Jen Hirsch, Jovany Baretto, Haley Johnson, Ashthon Jones, Brett Lowenstern, Aaron Marcellus, John Wayne Schultz, Lauren Turner (robbed!),Ta-Tynisa Wilson, and Rachel Zevita (and two others I’ve never heard of before).

As we also know, she started her career working for Dollywood in Nashville, playing a young Dolly Parton. I think she’s a real contender, in a Carrie Underwood way. What do you guys think?

Her Season 12 Audition

Her Season 11 Audition (Syrup and Honey)

You Taught Me Well

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Don’t Fence Me In

American Soldier (featuring Nick Boddington!)

A package for something called “Music City Onstage”


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  • tomr

    Tired of the retreads.  Need new blood!

  • samuelgrant

    Another Janelle? Wasn’t Jennel enough?

  • mtthew

    she might be a retread, but she’s a deserving one!! i really liked her the first time we saw her and i didn’t even realize she was the same girl!! i felt stupid.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Not a country fan, but Janelle is really good. I agree that she could definitely be a contender. On another topic, is that a Daffy Duck T-Shirt that Keith is wearing? lol

  • jobeob987

    She’s good.  She has captivated me already.  I’ll be looking for her.

  • Alexandre Oliveira

    I miss Kendra Chantelle

  • Leandro

    If she shows some (good) personality she’s a serious contender for a second place.

  • Leandro

    If she shows some (good) personality she’s a serious contender for a second place.

  • Maha

    For the record, Dollywood isn’t in Nashville. It’s in Pigeon Forge, TN, close to Dolly’s hometown of Sevierville, and about an hour away from Knoxville. Sorry to correct a minor detail…

  • merkureye

    Stop looking for “another Carrie Underwood.”  A “Carrie Underwood” comes along once in a generation.  Anyone else will pale by comparison.

  • Wally.

    Meh, Kree and Rachel are far stronger as country singers go IMO. I feel like Kree has the best shot of winning as far as females go. Since she is from the south, and is country.

    However, I wish the top 5 females are something like this:

    That be their would be amazing, and diverse cast of girls. Please don’t mess up Idol.