American Idol 12 – Baton Rouge Auditions – Who Was Your Fav Contestant? Fav Judge? (POLL)

Keith Urban freaking out over Bernell Taylor

You saw the American Idol 12 Baton Rouge, LA auditions, now vote for your favorite contestant! TAKE THE POLL.

And OK. By popular demand. We’re two weeks into auditions. Who is your favorite judge? MINE IS NICKI. I want to give her an adorable nickname! And I also LOVE the very HOT and very ASTUTE KEITH URBAN.

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  • No Thanks

    I really dug that Charlie Askew.  If he makes the live rounds, sh!ts gonna get weird – in a GOOD way.  There are so many directions he can go in but I’m getting a “nerd rock” vibe from him at the moment.  Like Weezer or Wheatus or Fall Out Boy.

    I wonder if he’s one of those savant prodigy type of kids.  I hope he has the confidence to be as weird as he wants to be.  He’s still only 17, but I’m kinda hoping his “Charlie Askew Syndrome” makes him oblivious to outside pressure to be “normal”.

  • Garrett Clayman

    If anyone votes “Team Randy” for favorite judge, please get off this blog

  • samuelgrant

    I am judging every person who clicks “Team Randy”

  • aj rabin

    Why all the Randy hate? At least he can be brutally honest and sometimes even funny.

  • Kariann Hart

    Oh, no – three people are unwanted?  LOL.   I really love Keith’s approach and laid back, but sometimes silly persona.  Nicky is turnning out to be better than I thought she would be!  Disappointed a bit in Mariah.  I think she’ll be better in the coming weeks.  What can I say about Randy?

  • Liteasy

    I didn’t vote for Randy, but I’d take him any day over Nicki!

  • maymay

    Nicki is funny with a little negative energy. She should focus on the contestants not the other judges. I can stand her this season but hope she leaves next season. Only keith deserves to stay.

  • James M.

    I dug Charlie Askew, although his awkwardness is kind of creepy and off-putting. However, he was definitely one of my favorite auditions this season. He’s got a Chris Colfer meets rock vibe. Love it. 

    I couldn’t decide between Nicki and Keith. Hell, I find Keith just pleasant to look at and I’m a straight guy. I hope Mariah does better in the future. She’s improving a little bit though. Randy’s just there for the veteran presence, which I guess is kinda nice tbh.

  • Jake W.

    I loved Maddie. She is now my favorite contestant this season. Megan was one I really liked as well. Charlie was interesting. I didn’t care for the others.

  • kcostell

    Really liked Megan and Charlie.  Both of them made me sit up, stop what I was doing, and listen.  Conversely, I can’t remember a note of what Calvin and Dustin sang.  

    I’m still on the fence about Maddie and Paul — if the rest of their performances are like their auditions I’ll be screaming “Less is More” at my TV a lot this year.  I’m curious to hear what Burnell sounds like on other stuff.  

  • Aden

    OK…Are we picking guys again for this season?  Please don’t!  A girl should win this season FOR SURE!  Come on now!


  • genius13

    Paul Jolley has “possible winner” written all over him…cute (check) country (BIG check) a white guy (another BIG check)…I hope this year we can get a different type of winner..we desperately need it.

    As far as judges go…I’m team Nikki and team Keith…Nikki’s comments and critiques are on point and Keith is calm, cool, and Keith and Nikki have a big grasp and appreciation of music outside of their respective genres.  Randy and his “30 years of experience” are doing nothing for me…im not goin to bash him because he has his good moments and for the most part he’s honest..i just can’t stand the way he’s so fixated on labels (especially towards the girl contestants) it’s ok for people like Phillip to experiment and do different things but if someone like Haley Reinhart sings a country song then all of a sudden their “not sure of themselves as an artist”..and Mariah’s doing a good job

  • girlygirltoo

    I’m only watching the videos since I don’t want to deal with all the extra crap that comes with the audition shows. Lots of several solid performers, some interesting, quirky ones that I like. But so far, not blown away by anyone, at least not in terms of, “OMG that person is so gonna be a star” type of way. Overall, the girls have been better than the guys, I think.

  • Jordana33

    This is the first night that the males were better than the females. I think I liked Charlie Askew the most, although he’s a bit odd and the shy thing seemed like an act. Paul Jolley was very good too. 

  • Aaron

    The 3% who voted Randy as a favorite judge need to be slapped hard. 

  • Kariann Hart

    James M., I don’t think it is creepy or off-putting.  Charlie needs to build his confidence and have a minor make-over.  I can see him progressing with his Idol experience.  Not sure if he’ll get to the Top 10, but I do think he WILL get better!

    Paul reminds me off a previous Idol (Top 12).  Still thinking about that and him!

  • Aaron

    This is pretty much why it’s so hard for a girl to win this show. A guy can do whatever he wants and not get any criticism. But if a country girl sings some r&b, the judges, mainly Randy, will nitpick on you and make it seem like you don’t know what artist you are, when clearly you have all the youtube vids/interviews to back you up. A lot of casual viewers are complete morons.

  • forwarddad

    It’s Burnell.

  • Jordana33

    Keith and Nicki being way ahead of Randy and Mariah in the polls doesn’t surprise me. Keith has a very cool, non-polarizing, relaxed demeanor and always makes good comments. He’s also very pretty. Nicki is warm, hilarious and completely random at times, but like Keith, she’s always spot-on with her comments. I also love the way she tries to find something positive in even the worst of contestants.  Because of her strong personality, people will either love her or hate her, but she’s easily my favorite Idol judge of all time. Mariah is OK, but she and Randy add very little to the panel.

  • turquoisewaters

    Keith is quick and witty, makes smart comments, and tells people “no” with kindness and class.  I really like him. By contrast, the way Randy and Nicki made Charlie Askew uncomfortable over his “my voice was the first thing to mature” showed very little class IMHO. But Nicki is overall doing well, she shows heart and is entertaining. Mariah bring very little of value to the table so far. And then there is Randy.

  • fantoo1

    Burnell, Charlie, and Paul are the ones I am interested in hearing again.

  • Ratchet13

    I don’t think Mariah was trying to make things all about her MJ! She was just trying to relate to Charlie. She’s always said growing up music was her refuge. I really think she’s forgotten what it’s like to be one of those kids. Nicki’s not that far from it, but Mariah is. I don’t think she’s big headed. I think she’s just reminiscing.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    Im surprised at how warm Nicky comes across.  I love how Keith just lies back and smiles and his eyes light up when he is digging a contestant.  He’s kinda cute how he gets embarrassed when someone thinks he is hot lol. Mariah is doing a little better.  Shes coming across a little more sincere and less diva ish for the camera.  Randy at least hasnt worn his clown suits or dawged us to death yet.

  • mtthew

    aaahahhhhh so many great auditions tonight.

    i can’t settle on a fave because a majority of them i loved. 

    paul jolley was fantastic. i just loved every aspect of his voice. kind of jealous of it tbh. i am loving his voice. 

    i loved megan too. she has a qt personality and has a great voice as well. i have hope for her because even though she is a pageant girl, i feel like she has more depth to her than just the superficiality that most pageant girls succumb to on the show. i don’t feel like she is acting. 

    i also loved maddie. i love a nice raspy jazz voice. haley was a fave for a reason and i can totally hear the inspiration. 

    burnell too. he was beyond fantastic and so glad the show ended on him. he reminded me a bit of jhud, and of course they end up playing her song in his after piece. 

    i’m really excited for the judging panel this year. despite their rocky chemistry, they still have chemistry. i love it. and the talent pool has been great so far. chicago probably had the best, and than louisiana following closely behind. great job s12 :)

  • blackberryharvest

    I’m glad to see that more and more people are warming up to Nicki.

  • Bug Menot

    S10 Top 40 competitor on Reddit:

    “I auditioned for the season that just started. Didn’t even make it to Hollywood. To be honest I’m kinda glad though, Nicki was extremely rude and apathetic and the atmosphere was nothing like what it was last time. It felt like I was on the set of a Kardashians show. It was all about drama and making fun of people whereas last time everybody was happy and friendly, and it felt genuine.

    …Already aired, thankfully I wasn’t shown. I was just standing there like an idiot with my mouth open because they were saying no but not critiquing anything about my f***ing singing.”

    Someone who did make it to Hollywood this year- Alexa Gilomen – tweeted:

    “I was on tonight! But they didn’t show my audition… there was a big fight and I guess they didn’t want to show it.”

    In her Road to Hollywood video she says,

    “When I first got my golden ticket to Hollywood, I was really confused because of something crazy I just saw in the judging room, and I didn’t know what was going on. But Ryan handed me my golden ticket…”

  • CB40

    Loved Charlie and Burnell, and Nicki and Keith were on fire last night.

    And of course, the mushroom, fungi references were cracking me up.

  • Jordana33

    I’m beginning to think that there is a Mariah team spamming this poll. Just like last night’s poll, she hardly had any votes, then in the space of an 1-2 hours, 200-300 votes showed up. And the numbers don’t match the pro-Mariah comments in this section (and always exceed the votes in the contestant poll).

  • justmefornow

    Seems Charlie Askew has a new fan

    James Durbin ?@DurbinRock
    Charlie Askew just KILLED it!! Beautiful tone!! #americanidol

  • SullyD

     Yep, pretty much. lol

  • Miz

    I have to watch the videos to attempt to pick a favorite singer. There were quite a few who were good last night.

    Hands down favorite judge is Keith. Present, insightful, witty, not a pushover.

    Hmm, Nicki nickname? Bozo is already taken by Randy. Maybe Rainbow Bright but the dolls might be insulted.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Paul Jolley has “possible winner” written all over him…cute (check) country (BIG check) a white guy (another BIG check).”

    Yeah, I agree even though he’s far from my own favorite. He’s definitely the right “type” to win it all, considering the Idol viewing/voting demographic.

  • ladymctech

    I hope anyone who is still boycotting the show because of certain judge panel members decides to get over it and give this quartet a chance. So far, I’m loving it and last night’s talent overall was excellent IMO. So far, I think NY had the weakest group of contestants, and it is a shame that it was the debut audition city. Perhaps another city should have been shown first.

  • Miz

    I’m sure the percentages will change as people see this. At 5 AM PT there is less than 1% difference between Nicki and Mariah and Keith is easily the favorite judge.

  • alonzo7

    I watch the videos here and only watch those I know made the top 40 according to the spoliers-no sense investing time in those that don’t make the cut.
    I did enjoy the guys tonight better than the girls for the first time.  Some real possibilities in last nights audition show.
    This is really the first year I have not watched all of AI live-waiting for Hollywood to get into it.

  • Eriko

    I have to ask myself, is Mariah getting all those votes based on her judging or her talent as a singer. I think, mostly the latter. To me, from purely a “judge” point of view, Keith gets my vote. But from an entertaining point of view, it has to be Nicki. She actually makes me forget Randy´s there some of the time. Thank you Nicki!

  • jpfan2

    The girls are talented but they still blur in my memory. The guys just stand out more. Although supposedly the judges are picking the top 10 so they can put more girls in than guys if they want to.

    Paul Jolley is annoying to me so it’ll be fun if he sticks around. If I don’t have a fav at least I’ll enjoy rooting against him.

  • Jordana33

    And just before that, Nicki had around 150 votes,  which was about 4x as many votes as Mariah, so unless all the Mariah fans woke up and voted at the same time (and ignored the contestant poll), I’d say that someone in Mariah’s corner is   working very hard to make her seem more popular. Based on what I’ve watched and read, it really is the Keith and Nicki show, with Keith having a clear edge in popularity, and people either loving or hating Nicki. 

  • Alissa Alissa Souk

    As far I know American Idol is being shown not just in the USA.  So expect this bulk voting etc to happen.  Because Mariah is a superstar worldwide not just in America.  
    My vote goes to keith.  I just hope he gets more time to talk.  I just think we are being deprived of keith moments because of too much nicki moments which is becoming untolerable

  • annie12120

    Is it possible to vote multiple times at this poll?
    It works both ways – a fan group can easily boost the Minaj ranking as well.
    Considering how hated Minaj is by the commenters at all the other blogs, this seems to be the only Blog where the fans and blog owner love her, and where the comments are not so vile towards her.

  • Alissa Alissa Souk

    Actually Im also surprised with all the nicki votes.  And yes comments from other blogs and actual entertainment websites are harsh and hostile towards nicki.  

  • DragonFly

    “Hmm, Nicki nickname? …… Maybe Rainbow Bright but the dolls might be insulted.”

    Oh, I have to…thanks for the Morning Funny.    

  • jcabby

    I have to say, there is something about Charlie Askew that I really like. Diamond in the ruff.

    As for the judges, Nicki and Keith are my favorites. They’re witty and their critiques are spot on.

  • Miss Chaos

    And there you go, both polls have a male or two on top, another reason to show why a girl will never win AI,  I dont know the gender or age of who is voting on here, but we cant even get a girl to win a poll :)  I thought Jolly was ok, and kinda cute, but not that great to win a poll, smh:) 

  • Leandro

    Yep. It’s more about the niche of active users of a blog. If you look  around on other websites, people are not impressed at all with Nicki’s schticks and they don’t think she’s that smart and witty at all (which I don’t think too). As casual viewers of a blog are coming, the results tend to switch for people like Mariah and Keith – Randy is Randy. lol

    If it were spam, I would bet it would benefit more Nicki, cause she has a much more organized and active online fanbase.

  • raya

    I kind of take with a grain of salt though comments from an unidentified person that didn’t get put through to Hollywood.  They could also just be bitter that they didn’t get through with this panel of judges, but had previously.  I do think there is an expectation sometimes from those that try out multiple times that if they make it to Hollywood once, they will likely make it again.

  • elliegrll

    Both Mariah and Nicki have organized and loyal fanbases, but I doubt that too many people in either group care about spamming polls on idol related blogs.  

    If you look around on other websites, people are not impressed at all with Nicki’s schticks and they don’t think she’s that smart and witty at all

    Anyone commenting on an idol related blog is representative of a niche group. We only represent a fraction of the people who watch the show, and for the most part, the same people who comment on this site are the same ones who are commenting on every other idol related blog. Nicki has her supporters and detractors just like everyone else. The fact that she’s the one getting the most attention must mean that she’s doing something right, or else people wouldn’t feel the need to talk about her, or try to prove that everyone else feels just like they do.

  • fantoo1

    Uhh if I remember correctly, the girls won the first three nights. In Charlotte Candice dominated.

  • fantoo1

    They like her on tvline too, and most of the bloggers actually like her.

  • Jordana33

    And there you go, both polls have a male or two on top, another reason to show why a girl will never win AI,  I dont know the gender or age of who is voting on here, but we cant even get a girl to win a poll :)  I thought Jolly was ok, and kinda cute, but not that great to win a poll, smh:)

    There have been a total of 4 polls since the start of the season, and the last 3 polls were all topped by females (Angela Miller, Candice Glover and Kez Ban). It makes sense, considering the strong female showing  (and weak male representation). However, I think the contestants outshone the females.

  • Leandro

    the same people who comment on this site are the same ones who are commenting on every other idol related blog.


    Not at all, IMHO. Otherwise, the comments supporting someone wouldn’t be quite different and that was the whole point of the discussion ;)

    The fact that she’s the one getting the most attention must mean that she’s doing something right

    attention = doing something right? really? so, kudos to Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan.Her exagerated behaviour and eccentric image will always secure that she’s the one getting the most attention. Until people get tired of it. Not that it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying how I think it’s. The same way that Steven Tyler was the center of attention on the beginning of S10.

  • Larc

    Charlie Askew really impressed me.  “Nature Boy” has an unusual melody and he managed to nail every note dead on pitch.  No wavering around looking for the right ones.  I hope he makes it to the finals.  It should be interesting hearing what he does with different types of music.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree, Charlie sang that song very well and as you’ve said, it’s not an easy song to sing. He had the right tone and vibe to the song as well. The kid has talent and I’m curious to see how well he does.

  • annie12120

    They all may like Minaj, but their readers do not. At least at the few places I checked out. Yahoo has 1000s of extremly hateful comments. Same with MSN, EW, People and TMZ for examples. I do not go anywhere near Slezak’s or Rickey’s blogs…
    I think Fox made a big mistake going for the honey boo boo and Springer viewers and it backfired on them. The bloggers may think Minaj is the best thing ever, but the majority of viewers do not seem to think so, judging by their comments.

  • fantoo1

    Yahoo has always been hateful. The posters on there hate everything. Ditto EW and TMZ-those sites have a bunch of hateful trolls who hate the show. You can’t judge what the majority of viewers think based on 1000 haters. There are millions and millions of viewers.

    I also don’t see how it “backfired” on them when ratings have stayed fairly stable this season and the season to season drop is way smaller this year compared to last year…

  • annie12120

    There were over 7000k comments at at one thread at Yahoo last time I looked… whether the commenters on these sites are just hateful and spiteful, it does illustrate a serious problem with how the AI judge/s are perceived so far this season.
    In my years of multi blog reading, I have never seen a judge negatively commented on as much as Minaj is getting. The amount of negative comments are extreme – I can see its making an impact on the numbers as well. (Different thread)

  • Taylor

    I’ve noticed the same thing over the past couple of weeks. Minaj seems to be a favorite on this site (or maybe her supporters are the most vocal), but on other sites she is the least favorite judge. I’ve seen this trend on Yahoo, EW, MSN and a couple of other sites that post articles about Idol.

    I’ve been wondering about the difference in the opinions here vs other media sites for a while now.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “There were over 7000k comments at at one thread at Yahoo last time I looked…”

    Link please.

  • annie12120 This one has 6,900 plus

    There’s more, one with over 7,000 and several with over 2000.

  • blackberryharvest

    She is also a favorite on Michael Slezak’s tvline and Idol forums seem to like her.

  • blackberryharvest

    That doesn’t mean all of them are negative. Did you read all 7000? And a lot of the people who post there are people who say “Who still watches this show?” or “This show is still on?” or “Why hasn’t this show been canceled yet?” Now Nicki is easy to use as a scapegoat for the haters to justify why the show “sucks.”

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Thanks. I see what you mean. Tons of anti-Nicki comments that are just nasty. Yuck! I’m glad that I don’t have to contend with that kind of venom here at MJ’s. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’d have to say that so far (based on the editing), that Keith is my favorite judge, followed closely by Nicki. I like the insightful and thoughtful critiques that Keith gives and I think that he recognizes an artist as opposed to someone who just has a good voice. He’s also cute as heck, seems to be on a pretty even keel emotionally and has a dry sense of humor, all of which are appealing. Nicki is entertaining, seems to recognize talent but I’m starting to find that she’s being a little too overbearing, but that could just be the edit. In her edit, Mariah appears to be acting very imperious and even haughty and condescending at times, an image that I don’t find appealing at all. Randy is the same as always, ugh. lol

  • fantoo1

    And to think most of them are probably grown adults…

  • breakdown

    Polls are always spammed. That’s why they are of little value. Keith is doing a wonderful job at judging in his low key way. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Nicki yet but I think she wants all the airtime for herself, and I find that annoying.

  • Taylor

    All you have to do is read through several pages at Yahoo, and the other sites annie mentioned, to see how the majority of comments about the judges are trending. A large percentage of those comments are not favorable towards Nicki. They are more favorable to Mariah and Keith. That doesn’t mean they are any more “right” than the comments that are pro Nicki here. It’s just interesting to note the difference in overall opinions between here and the other sites listed.  

  • blackberryharvest

    I have noticed that too, but this isn’t the only site that is pro-Nicki. Read tvline, and the majority of the people there love her. She also seems to get more love on twitter(which is what more young people use).

  • annie12120

    I read enough of the comments to get an idea that the “quality” of the people posting at that site is quite low… and there is a lot of hate for Minaj and yes, for the show in general. I can’t even imagine writing comments that are so vile about anyone, even those I dislike.

  • http://MJO judes

    I’m not influenced by any blog comments on how I feel about Nicki. From what I’ve read here it seems that the people hating on her are also hating on Idol overall & using her as an excuse. For me I am so surprised how much I have warmed to Nicki & her astute comments & how I am annoyed by Mariah & her hair tossing .I thought it would be the other way around. As an Aussie , of course I am favouring Keith but after seeing him on The voice here I knew that he would would be good. 
    I am liking the balance of good auditions v bad but am looking forward to The Hollywood rounds.

  • blackberryharvest

    From what I’ve read here it seems that the people hating on her are also hating on Idol overall & using her as an excuse.

    That’s what I have noticed also.

  • Miss Chaos

    Wouldnt it be interesting to combine the 4 polls with the top 4 vote getters and see who comes out on top?  Girl or Boy???

  • HKfan

    There are certain sites that get a majority of hateful comments regardless of what the story is about…Yahoo is one of them.

  • Kariann Hart

    I think all the judges are doing a respectable job, with Keith being my favorite.  There are so many “so-called fans” of Idol that are jumping ship because of Nicki.  Hopefully, they’ll wise up and realize this looks like a good season.  Yes, I really like Keith.  He does look like he’s having fun!

  • Taylor

     From what I’ve read here it seems that the people hating on her are also hating on Idol overall & using her as an excuse.

    There is no way to know if that is true or if they are Idol stans who simply dislike one of the judges. The comments you read here stating that are not stating facts based on any kind of evidence.  

  • Stefan Wind

    I’m team Nicki all the way, but I’m also liking Keith as well. Mariah is wallpaper, but I still like her, because she is what the show is all about. Randy can fly to Iceland for all I care. 


    Nikki, Mariah, and especially Randy do nothing for me but Keith Urban is hella hot! I hadn’t realized just how good looking he is and he is smart and charming to boot. Get it Nicole!