American Idol 11 – Phillip Phillips – Conference Call and Media Roundup! (UPDATED)

AMERICAN IDOL: The Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips performs his victory song during the sason 11 AMERICAN IDOL GRAND FINALE at the Nokia Theatre on Weds. May 23, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.  CR: Michael Becker/FOX

I’ll be posting a transcript of Phillip Phillips conference call later today. In the meantime, check out media interviews from around the web.

UPDATE: Phillip talks to the press about what it was like to win, sticking to his guns and almost dropping out of the competition.

  • Does he feel any pressure to achieve mainstream success? “It’s pretty crazy, but I’m not trying to be or do something too mainstream—not me.  It would be cool if people enjoy the music that I put out. I’m excited to get my record out.”
  • What was his favorite moment from last night? “Probably Jessica and Jennifer’s performance. That thing was outstanding.”
  • How did the choice of the original song, “Home”, come about. Did he get a bunch of different options? “No not really, man, they kinda just threw that song out there. They felt like it was the right fit for me I wanted to do my own songs. In the short am amount of time, we couldn’t do it—the recording laws and everything. It’s a good song. But it’s not really something I would write. I’m glad people like it because it is a good song and a good writer.”
  • What will his sound be like? “Kinda like jazz and rock and acoustic kind of stuff. I’m really excited to get it out there. It’s going to be cool.”
  • Will he be able to spend more time with his girlfriend?  How does she feel about the win? Will she go on tour with him? “She’s really excited for me. She’s helped me out a lot through this. I’m hoping she’ll be able to come on tour with me. I love her to death.”
  • Is his girlfriend comfortable with his female fans? “If a girl just voted for me because I’m cute and then gets made that I have a girlfriend, then she didn’t like the music. I’m all about the music, man. I’m not trying to be some cute who’s trying to be successful off that now. I really want the music to come first.”
  • Was he surprised when he got emotional singing his winner’s song? “I didn’t even really want to sing or anything, man. I was just so shocked. I started thinking about the whole top 12. Started thinking about our whole journey. It’s crazy now that it’s over. It was a tough road for all of us. It’s just amazing to get to know them. It got me a little emotional.”
  • What is wrong with his kidneys? What kind of surgery will he be having and when? “My right kidney just kind of isn’t functioning. I have this stint in to help with that. I’m just going to have to get that fixed up pretty soon.”
  • What was he thinking when Ryan announced his name? “Honestly, I don’t even think I had any thoughts. I was in shock and overwhelmed, and didn’t know how to process at all. I didn’t know what I was thinking the whole rest of the night, honestly.”
  • How did he feel about singing with John Fogerty? “It was so awesome. He was such a nice guy. It was a pleasure being on stage with him. He wished me the best and hopefully in the future we’ll get to sing together again.”
  • Will he be moving away from Georgia? “I’m most likely going to be moving. I have to be in the right places.”
  • What was his favorite moment from the entire season? “Honestly, it was meeting everybody throughout the show. Everyone’s so nice and really want to help you out. The PAs, the camera guys, the producers. Just everybody there. It was just so awesome there.”
  • What is he looking forward to on the summer tour? “I’m ready just to jam out, man. It’s going to be fun. Hopefully the crowd’s feeling it. I don’t know if I’ll be singing a lot. It’s going to be a lot of jam music.”
  • Where is he planning on having the kidney surgery? “I’m still not quite sure yet, but I’m going to be having it pretty soon.”
  • Will he miss any tour dates? “No, I’m not going to be missing anything. I’ll be 100 percent by the end. I’m excited.”
  • What did Jessica say to him after it was announced that he won, “She was so proud of me. She said said she knew it, but I honestly didn’t know. I honestly felt she was going to win, she has such an amazing voice. We’re just so proud of each other anyway, no matter the outcome.”
  • On his #1 song on iTunes, “It’s pretty insane, man. It’s such a blessing, dude. I’m ready to get my own stuff out there as well.”
  • On his friendship with Heejun, “We met one day during Hollywood week—before group round I think. We just kind of clicked, He’s a really great guy and we still keep in touch. He’s got a big future ahead of him.”
  • What did he learn about himself on Idol? “It’s good not to let people try to change you. It gets tough with a lot of opinions coming your way trying to tell you what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. I try to tell everybody—you know yourself better than anyone else knows you and you know what’s best for you. I’m kind of proud of how I stuck to my guns.”
  • Did he feel pressure to conform? “I can’t say there was too much pressure because I knew that I wasn’t going to change for anybody. If I didn’t feel comfortable doing something, I wasn’t going to do it. I didn’t feel pressure, because none can make me do anything. They just throw their opinions out there and hopefully you’ll take them, but sometimes you just don’t. No one really threatened me or anything to try and change. They knew I was going to be who I am. That’s all I could do.”
  • How has he adjusted to being in the spotlight since the competition started. “I’m still adjusting. It’s pretty crazy. I’m not used to all this attention. I hate being the center of attention. It’s pretty crazy right now. I’m still trying to take all of it in piece by piece, but it’s definitely different.”
  • If he could perform with any artist dead or alive, who would it be, “I man. That’s a tough question. So many people. Eric Clapton, Damien Rice and all those guys. Rob Thomas. So many people.”
  • On the comparisons to the last 4 American Idol winners, “It’s just people’s opinions. If they really look at the past contestants who have won, we’re all different in our ways. I feel I’m a lot different than the other ones who played the guitar and sang. I’m not that great of as singer—they’re probably better singers than I am, but I play guitar a lot different than they did. I don’t really just strum chords here and there. I have to do something a little different. I know some people have noticed it, like Randy. I feel like I’m different.”
  • Why doesn’t he think he’s a good singer? “I don’t feel I’m that great. I’m not outstanding. I can’t hit all these high notes. I try to hit some kind of note! I don’t know if it’s good or not. I try to do something with it.”
  • What does he think gave him the edge in the competition if it wasn’t singing? “I think a lot of people saw what I did with music, because I’m really passionate about it. Maybe they felt about what I did—how I changed some songs up and everything.”
  • How did he celebrate his victory last night? “Went to a couple of parties. Not for too long. Wish I would have left a little earlier because I’m kind of running low on some sleep. I went to a couple of parties and kind of hung out for a few minutes, and then went home and tried to get some rest.”
  • Can he elaborate on saying that he told producers that “Home” wasn’t his single? “It’s a little too pop for me. I don’t’ really put in any “oh oh ohs”. It’s a very good song, and I’m glad people like it. I’m a little more rock than that. Hopefully people will enjoy what I have to put out. Some jazz/rock stuff.”
  • Does he have many songs written? “Oh yes. I have a pretty good bit. I’m really critical of my writing and music stuff. I’m really passionate about it.”
  • Does he think his kidney surgery will affect his ability to keep up with a rigorous tour schedule? “No. I should be good to go by tour. I should be 100% and I’m excited for it.”
  • On the rumors that Jennifer Lopez may leave the show, “That would be horrible. They all gave us advice. They’re very helpful and they wanted all of us to win. She’s done this for years and she knows her stuff and she cares about each one of us and she’s a great woman. Hopefully she stays.”
  • How bad was he feeling during the show and was he ever in danger of leaving the show? “I had some bad days and I had some pretty good days. It was rough at times. A couple times I thought about just going ahead and getting out and getting the surgery done. I had a lot of great doctors and a lot of great people who helped me out through this. I’m blessed to have that.”
  • Was he ever in danger of leaving? “Yeah. I came close to almost dropping out to get the surgery done. But the doctors helped me out a lot through it.”
  • What does he think about the drop in ratings for American Idol this season, “Everyone has their interest in everything, some people might like It and some people might not. That’s what makes the world go round.”
  • Were the dropping ratings something the cast was aware of during the show? “It didn’t even phase us. We don’t have time to really pay attention to those kinds of things. We just go out there and do our thing and have fun.”
  • On the judges asking him to sing the melody, “It’s just how I am. I sing the melody on a few songs to show them that I could. I wanted to get the world ready for what kind of album I want to put out. I can’t be doing something that’s not me. I had a blast doing it.”
  • Was there a particular song or a particular artist that helped him get through the tough moments? “So many artists. I listen to so many different songs. Music helps me out a lot. Eric Clapton, John Butler. Some of Eminem’s lyrics. He’s an amazing lyricist.”
  • Did he have a gut feeling that he could win? “No. I didn’t think that I was going to win at all. I was so caught off guard. I was such in awe.”
  • If he were single, what type of girl would he be attracted to, “I don’t know. I would just have to get to know them. Have fun. Definitely have to have a sense of humor. I have a strange sense of humor!”
  • More on his reaction to winning, “I had no idea. I didn’t even think that I would make it in front of the judges. I feel so blessed to have all this happen. It’s still unreal to me. I’m still trying to take it all in.”
  • Is there one performance that he would change or that he would do differently? “Yeah. I wouldn’t change, I would have liked to have heard a lot more sound in my inner ears in “Time of the Season.” That was a pretty bad performance. (laughs) You can’t go back and change it. You can’t be mad about it. It’s all over with now.”

Phillip Phillips Had Eight Operations During American Idol Run, His Father Says – “He’s been doing [well], but it’s just grueling hours and it’s just amazing what he’s done through the journey,” said the singer’s dad, also named Phillip Phillips, at the show’s official Ford-sponsored after party. “Eight operations since we started American Idol … He’s hitting 50 percent, but he’s still up there swinging away.” – Read more at People

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‘American Idol': Phillip Phillips talks health issues, and why he’s different from past winners — VIDEO – I swooped in to steal some more of his time, but the 21-year-old Georgian betrayed zero discomfort as he talked about the moment just after he’d won when he cut short his performance of “Home” to quietly weep into his guitar. “I didn’t even want to sing, honestly,” he said, smiling. “I started thinking about how long the journey was, how far all of us had come — me and Jessica, Hollie [Cavanagh] and Josh [Ledet] and everybody. It’s insane, man. It’s not as easy as you think.” “[My family] said they knew it, but I never thought any of this would happen,” Phillip said. – Watch the video at Entertainment Weekly

Jessica Sanchez, who was the runner-up, also predicted Phillip’s win. – “I told him on Top 3 results… I was like, ‘You’re gonna win this whole competition,’” she told Laura backstage. But Phillip said he didn’t believe Jessica either. “She said that, but I still thought she was gonna get it, and to me, she still won,” he said. “If you didn’t see that performance tonight [of ‘I’m Telling You’], man, she killed it.” – Read more at Access Hollywood

Humble ‘Idol’ Winner Phillip Phillips: “I’m Not A Great Singer” – “Honestly, man, I didn’t even think I would make it to see the judges,” he confessed. “I have no shame in saying that I’m not a great singer. I just love having fun up onstage jamming with the guys, and playing good music, man. I like getting the crowd into it. Music’s fun, dude…I have no idea how stuff like this [‘Idol’ victory] happens. I just love playing music, and I’m just a lucky guy.” – See the Video at

Phillip Phillips On His Health, His Girlfriend, Music & The Lesson He Learned Winning Idol – “Yeah, there was a time or two,” he told’s Laura Saltman of his thoughts about quitting due to his kidney situation. “But, I had great doctors and loving family and friends and just people who also help out with the show, just help you out, so it was good to have those people around to keep you in and keep you going.” The young man admitted he was in a little bit of pain from kidney stones during the two-night finale on FOX, but the night of his win, “was actually, a really good day,” he said. Phillip had additional help from his girlfriend, who is involved in the medical field. “She’s actually going to school for nursing, so that’s exactly the perfect job for her,” he smiled. – Read more at Access Hollywood

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  • Anonymous

    LOL…Philip has no clue if he thinks “Home” is a pop song. That song is folk/alt rock. There is nothing pop about it.

  • fed

    it sounds like a mumford song, and i’ve always described mumford & sons as hillbilly folk meets snow patrol (a nightmare IMO). there are pop elements, for sure, so maybe its just not the type of music he sees himself doing.

  • Nanc

    Wow…8 surgeries, and he never let on….I do look forward to seeing him at 100%….admire him even more now

  • Wanda Dragomirescu

    Im not sure who I feel more sorry for: Phillip’s poor kidney or his delusional girlfriend.

  • SamC

    his gf is very pretty

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if he’ll sing thie anthem at the basketball game like all the other idols?

  • Willis Dunlow

    OH PLEASE!…He knew was going to win…he worked those young girls and cougars as he sang with a grin and a look in the camera-why would he try a little “Elvis” cocky look IF he had no idea???..I am not deceived!!!….Oh, so cleverly humble!

  • DoesMonaKnow

    Now that ABC has Duets maybe they’ll try to get the stars from it to do that instead.

  • Frank

    His girlfriend is pretty but does any one else think P2 and her could pass for siblings? They kinda look the same lol.

    I hope Heejun makes a cameo in P2’s music videos or something

  • TheOther

    Truly the best moment of the finale had to be the last few mins. This was Phil’s moment. I can’t help but think how anyone cannot be over whelm at a moment like that.  Congratulations:)

  • idolstruck

    I’m still feeling like a proud momma :) I wish him the best of health too in the days to come. So happy for him that 4 of his songs are in itunes top 25 and Home is still at no. 1!!!


  • Willis Dunlow

    I still want to throw up that a voice like Jessca’s gets passed over for a nice guy but an average singer?????!

  • gferna

    His margin of victory should have been enormous…  His songs (on itunes) are selling bigtime and Jessica’s are nowhere…

  • getaway1

    I honestly don’t think it was close at all, considering that on Tues night/Wed morning practically all media had predicted that Phillip would win after his performance of Home.  Same thing last week, where he was predicted to be in the Final 2 with We’ve Got Tonight.

  • Anonymous

    Do you think some of those 8 surgeries include the time between the first audition and the competition being aired?

    He seems like a nice enough guy, I guess. But so low key as to be bland.  He doesn’t seem able to really articulate his sound either.  

    Unfortunately, he is coming off as pretty offensive about this whole Home song.  They all get saddled with a song they wouldn’t normally sing, but have always seemed much more gracious (especially since his song is about 50x better then the next best coronation song).

  • Anonymous

    I love this guy! There isn’t much of a filter and I like that. I don’t know how any if the winners make it through these interviews with so many repetitive and stupid questions. I think it’s great that he’s adamant about doing his own thing. Will he get knocked down a peg or two? Sure, but this is a big old learning experience and he’ll be better for it. I look forward to watching all this play out. SO glad he won!

  • clearone

    I just love all this media!  He’s such a sweet guy.  I hope once he starts to feel the fury of some of the dislike of him out there he doesn’t second guess his decision to do all this.  From the sounds of it his girlfriend is a fiesty one and he’s lucky to have her!  She’s very cute. 

  • Anonymous

    Home is actually a good song but LOL how naive is he? I think by now everyone that auditions should know that you’re not going to get your way 100% of the time and the coronation song won’t be an original by you.

  • Anonymous

    He said in one interview that he won’t be doing much singing on the tour, that he will be doing more jamming sessions.  

  • Sarah

    He seems…not bright
    “Home” isn’t pop at all, it’s brit-folk alternative and will play perfectly on Alt stations right now

  • Anonymous

    oh I wonder how that will go over with the Idol tour crowds?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I’m guessing he won in a landslide. 

  • Tess Fabeck

    Interesting… in another Access interview clip he talks about getting rejected by America’s Got Talent. Probably for the best.

  • SamC

    he didnt say it was pop he said the “oooo” and “ahhhhh” were pop, which they were in that song.

  • Anonymous


  • taran33

    Thrilled Phillip won! Can’t wait til he’s in perfect health where he can enjoy the exposure to the fullest. I enjoyed this season and all of the contestants. Watching Idol for me has been and still is the thrill of watching the contestants go after their dreams. I wish they all could be extremely successful, but I’m not concerned if they top the charts or not. I just vote for whoever I enjoy listening to.

  • Anonymous

    ” Interesting… in another Access interview clip he talks about getting rejected by America’s Got Talent. Probably for the best.”

    He tried out for *two* shows? So much for the theory being floated in some quarters that he just wants to be  low-key musical artist and isn’t at all interested in being a mainstream star, I guess.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Wasn’t there more comments on this thread? Maybe I’m thinking of a different P2 thread….

  • too-cool-for-school

    I predict a lot of pride-swallowing in his future, but I understand where he’s coming from. He can’t let people change him too much. If he does, he betrays his values (to thine own self be true) and will alienate those that respected him for who he is.

    He just needs to know the difference between people that actually want to change him into something he isn’t (Tommy Hilfiger actually being an ass about the wardrobe situation, for example) and people that are paid and willing to oversee and constructively help him with his album.

    If he can learn that, I see no reason why he won’t be cooperative. And what other choice will he have in the end anyway? :P

  • Anonymous

    I think Phillip is going to be entertaining to follow lol ;)

  • Anonymous

    This. Exactly!

  • Leandro

    “very different vocal skills”…wow, I didn’t know Ryan can sing!

  • TFLS

    What a nice guy.  I like him – I like his style.  If you don’t – don’t buy his music.  Simple.  And I don’t see why liking him means disliking Jessica, and vice-versa.  I can think of a few second-placers (and third, and fifth and so-on) who’ve done quite well for themselves.  In fact – there are several this season who’ll likely end up making a living in the business.  Good for them.  And good for P2.  Looking forward to hearing his own music.  

  • Leandro

    The girl from Access Hollywood is tasting P2 with her eyes

  • idolstruck

    Phillip is such a grounded, level headed young man. I’m pretty confident he’ll be very successful in his music career and we’ll be hearing more amazing music from him!  

  • Bazzle

    do music anthropology… the term ‘pop’ for the pop genre….. redefines itself…. adele is considered ‘pop’… now when before its commercial success….her music probably wasn’t. He probably means its more palatable for a range of consumers than some of his stuff. Doesn’t mean fans of that sorta stuff won’t like it though. Like me. I’m excited to hear his original stuff. He’s definitely ma favourite WGWG

  • fuzzywuzzy

    P2 seems like an OK guy, not a particularly interesting interview, but at least he doesn’t seem too full of himself. I do disagree with him on one thing:

    “On the judges asking him to sing the melody, “It’s just how I am. I sing the melody on a few songs to show them that I could. ”

    Um, no, P2.  You couldn’t.  lol