Amazing Race – Week 7 – Recap *Updated*

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Last week’s results

1. Team Longhorn (Trey and Lexi)
2. Team Ego (Abbie and Ryan)
3. Team Rocker (James and Mark)
4. Team Twin (Natalie and Nadiya)
5. Team Chippendale (Jaymes and James)
6. Team Goat (Josh and Brent)

Team Monster Truck (Rob and Kelley) Eliminated



The teams are off for Moscow, Russia. Once landing the teams must make their way to the Zurab Tsereteli Sculpture Park for their next clue. Team Longhorn takes off first. Lexi seems to be ready for Trey to put a ring on it but all this wedding talk makes Trey look uncomfortable.

Team Ego is upset that Twins and Longhorns seem to be working together since more teams to work against them and maybe U-Turn them.

At the airport Team Longhorn is having trouble finding a carrier that will take them to Moscow so they take the time to grab some lunch at Popeye’s. I wondered if CBS tried to get Popeye’s to pay for the product placement since it was shown on TV and not blurred out or anything.

The Twins don’t need to worry about food since their driver shares food with them. The taxi driver tells them to call him Papa. One thing they have is that they seem to always get taxi drivers on their side.

There seems to be three flights paths. They can go via Amsterdam, via Munich, or via Frankfurt. The Rockers and Chippendales go via Amsterdam, Twins and Longhorns via Munich, and Team Ego and Team Goat via Frankfurt. Team Ego comment again on how Longhorns and Twins are sticking together. For their part the Longhorns and Twins comment on Abbie’s crazy eyes.

Team Goat flips a coin and goes to Frankfurt which is delayed by an hour which kills their connection time. They try to run for the connection but it’s gone without them. The next arrival in Moscow is 3:10 PM so that coin flip cost them almost a full day. Of course maybe Team Ego should work with other teams since other teams are in the front group.

Rockers and Chippendales arrive at the next stop but not open until the morning so Team Longhorns and Twins are able to check up and get the clue together.

Team Ego and Team Goat are now on their way to Warsaw for their connection to Moscow.

The other four teams are on their way to Moskvoretsky Most to find Ivan the Terrible Guards or two guys in red coats for the next clue. Rockers get their first to start the Detour.


  • Alphabetized: Go to Russian State Library and comb through Card Catalogue and find locations of books. Once they find all four books they will get their next clue.
  • Synchronized: Teams must learn a Synchronized Swim routine and once able to do the routine they will get the next clue.

The Rockers head for the Library along with Team Longhorn. Chippendales and Twins head for the pool. Twins have a hard time getting a taxi to stop for them. At the Library The Rockers have a hard time following the Russian Letters. The Chippendales get to the pool first in their speedos and floral bathing cap. The first part seems easy to them but once in the water have harder time following steps and rolls in the water.

The Twins have two more legs to use the Express Pass so have to consider using it now. Once they finally get a taxi then decide to give the routine a try since the Chippendales are still there messing up the flips in the water. The Twins have just as much trouble in the pool.

At the Library the Rockers are close to giving up but Lexi figures out a routine to finding the cards. She follows shapes of letters rather than just trying to figure out the letters. As Longhorns find their first card the Rockers head to the pool since can’t figure out the books.

Longhorns figure out the locations of the books and are on their way to locate the books. I would have done the Library task since I am a horrible swimmer and back in the day I did a lot of Card Cataloging while volunteering at the library.

Twins have hard time since instructor can’t speak English so again consider using the Express pass. They take the option and start to leave when The Chippendales talk them out of it. The Chippendales make a great point that Team Ego and Team Goat are way behind so it would be a waste now and after considering it the Twins decide to finish the routine. If I was the Chippendales I would have let them waste the Express Pass.

Back at the Library Trey and Lexi finish and are now on their way to the Luzhkov Most to find the Trees of Love.

Roadblock: They must unlock ten locks to get their next clue which is a Bill that shows a building. This building is the next pit stop.

Chippendales finish the routine and they are shortly followed by the Twins. Team Longhorns arrive at the surrounded by people heading for weddings. Lexi has hearts in her eyes while Trey has the worried look of a guy who knows he has to commit soon.

We finally see Team Ego and Team Goat again. They decide to make a pact to stick together until the end of the leg. I’m curious to see how long this lasts.

The Rockers arrive at the pool and the Coach comments on how she is already afraid of watching them go. Meanwhile Team Longhorn finish the Roadblock and are off to The Bolshoi Theater which is the Pit Stop for this leg. Last team to arrive may be eliminated.

I love watching uncoordinated teams doing routines like this although I enjoyed the Bollywood challenge a few seasons ago over this one.

Team Longhorn finish first and win a trip for two to Maui. Phil asks them on a scale of 1 to 10 how in love are they and Lexi says 1000. They are followed by Team Chippendales and Team Twin in second and third.

Team Ego and Team Goat are finally arriving in Moscow. They quickly make their way to the Guards and want to do the Library but Ryan notices that the Library closes at 4 so they are forced to go swimming. At this point the coach gives the Rockers a break and tells them they are finished. They ask who is coming to the Tree of Love with them.

Team Goat were dreading choreography before the race and it is easy to see why as Brent looks awkward in the water.

The Rockers leave their bags in the taxi and start the Roadblock and when they decide it will take some time they go to relieve the taxi and realize it left with all their stuff including their passports. They finish the Roadblock and take their chances heading to see Phil.

At the Pool Team Ego finish first but decide to keep their promise by waiting for Team Goat to finish. I did not expect the pact to go this far and goes against everything Ryan said earlier about the Twins and Longhorns. Especially since they know they are in the bottom two at this point.

It’s amazing how careless The Rockers have been these last two legs. Last week it was leaving their money laying out in the open and leaving without it and this week they left their belongings in the taxi and it took off.

It does lead to a great exchange in the taxi.

Abba – “”What’s he gonna do? Take us to a back alley and slit our throats and killing us. That would be a fitting end to today”

James- “Now Now … not without seeing Phil”

At the pit stop Phil tells the Rockers that they cannot be checked in without their passports. They need to find their passports to check in so they are forced to go try to find the passports and the episode ends with the dreadful “To Be Continued.”

On the bright side if this is a non-elimination leg then two teams may get eliminated next week. See you then.

  • Guilherme Santos

    Can´t wait for next week! And they spoiled that team Ego will make it and it will be between the rockers and the goat (not such surprise). But how wierd is this pact that team ego and goat made? The last two teams decide to go together?

  • ellen8

    What happens if the last 2 teams step on the mat before Phil at exactly the same time ??   (if it’s not a double elimination ? )

  • Rachel Tayo

    What a strange epi. I had/have a hunch that this leg was an NEL but definitely didn’t see the “to be continued…” coming since that usually only occurs if it’s a double-leg pit stop.

    Although I’m not sure what I would’ve done in either situation… it seems as if everyone has such a defeatist attitued from Team Ego/Beekman boys to Team Rocker… it’s starting to make me depressed watching this show. lolll

    Anyway… both detours seemed equally hard but I was definitely impressed by how Team Texas handled getting through the library task. Maybe they’re smarter than they look?!?! Good for them!

  • Rachel Tayo

    oh btw @ellen8:disqus according to Phil’s tweets he said the crew looks at the videos to determine who stepped on the mat last if it ever came to two teams stepping on the mat at the “same time.” I guess they slow-mo it and break it down to the last 100th of a second as to who stepped on the mat last?!?! hahaha… imagine? that’s when the race would be getting serious.

  • Miz

    I really enjoyed this episode. This is also the first time I enjoyed the Chippendales. They were hilarious doing the synchronized swimming. 

    I feel sorry for the rockers. They keep making dumb mistakes. I was surprised that the last two teams decided to stick together till the end and then followed through. 

    Next weeks should be interesting. I expect a no elimination round.

  • Eric Mitchell

    I’m thinking that The Rockers don’t make it to the next leg since they don’t have passports and Goat and Ego will go on together. 

  • hcpoirot

    No brainer. Unless the taxi driver giving back their passports, the Rockers will be going home even if this is a non elimination round. cause Phil cannot check you in as long as you lost your passports.

    The rockers make the biggest blunder in A race history by knowingly left their backpacks and passports in unknown taxi. Yes, we had few pairs that lost their passports but usually they do it unknowingly.

    The second biggest mistakes that pair do in A race are booking the earliest flight that had only 1 layover between flights. Thats usually dont work cause the time too tight and with a possibilty of delayed or etc usually they will not make it in time.

  • Montavilla

    The second biggest mistakes that pair do in A race are booking the earliest flight that had only 1 layover between flights. Thats usually dont work cause the time too tight and with a possibilty of delayed or etc usually they will not make it in time.

    I think that was compounded by the fact that all three flights landed in the middle of the night/early morning.  More often than not, the first task in a new location will involve something that’s only open during business hours.  So, what’s the point of taking the big risk to get there at 3:30 am, rather than 5:30.  Chances are, you’ll have to wait until 8:00 am at least to do whatever it is you have to do anyway.