X Factor UK – The Finale!

UPDATE: The X Factor voting results just revealed! Matt came in 1st every single week except for the very first week where Mary Bryne came in first. Matt came in second that week. 1D was never in 1st or 2nd place.

  • Check out the voting totals HERE.

Matt Cardle is the Winner of X Factor!!!

Rebecca Ferguson is the 2nd Place Finisher
One Direction is the 3rd Place Finisher

Congratulations Matt!  I would have been a’ight with Rebecca taking the win, but Matt has been my fav since the very beginning. It was a very satisfying Top 2.  One Direction seem like really sweet lads, but–They. Cannot. Sing.  Hilarious to watch Simon’s disbelief when the boys went out at 3.  Oh, they’ll be fine.  Simon will sign them and the tweenies will scoop up their music.  No worries.

When 1D were out, I felt pretty confident Matt would take it.

So whadya think?  Still like American Idol a lot better. The big cheesy production, the intense manipulation, are drawbacks.  But the X Factor song selections are contemporary and relevant. Idol’s moldy oldies fall short in that respect. Plus, Simon is able to get some real star power to guest on his show.  Let’s see what he brings to America in the fall.

Stay tuned for the seasons VOTING RESULTS. When they are available, I will be posting them right here.

VIDEOS and Live Blog after the Jump…

Who will take the X Factor crown tonight? Quirky indie strummer Matt Cardle? Soul chanteuse Rebecca Ferguson? Or cute tweenie favs One Direction?

The 2- hour FINALE begins at 2:30 ET, and you can watch it here on a live stream after the jump. I’ll be live blogging as always, of course, so stick around!

The judges make their entrance for the last time!

The voting lines are still open!

Simon says the potential winner has to sing better than the others. (Will, that leaves out your act, One Direction, doesn’t it?)

The X Factor finalists take the stage to sing a big group number. 1D sound like crap. Rebecca looks absolutely GORGE. Here comes Matt (Go Matt). Take That make a surprise appearance. I guess that’s a big deal?


Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – Firework by Katy Perry – His voice isn’t back 100 percent, but this is still pretty good. Passionate, female-centric songs are his sweet spot. Glad he’s back to singing them. Good stuff. Wow. He’s got confetti already and he hasn’t won yet. Louis says, “You’ve paid your dues, this is your time, your consistent, versatile, you’ve got a great recording voice. You could win the show.” Cheryl says, “Best of luck.” Simon says, “A part from the trousers, I thought that was fantastic. You sound better tonight than you did yesterday.” Dannii says, “That was a sensational vocal. Phenomenal.”

Stacey Soloman, in Matt’s hometown, looks like a nut!

One Direction – (Simon – Groups) – “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia – The lead singing is a little better than usual, but the group singing is still wonky. Louis says, “You could be the first band to win the X Factor, Brilliant chemistry, I love the harmony” Harmony? What Harmony? Dannii says, “You’ve done all the right things, whatever happens tonight, you guys are going to go on to release records.” Cheryl says, “I really believe that you have a massive future ahead of you.” Simon says, “I would love to hear your names read out at the end of the competition, because I think you deserve it.”

Rebecca Ferguson – (Cheryl – Girls) – “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by the Eurythmics – (Ugh, my computer barfed. Will fill in later)

One more RECAP! And then a montage or horrible auditioners. OMG the bad singers are here in person to sing “Bad Romance”–including the girls who punched each other out on stage and the call girl. A bitch fight right about now would liven things up.

VOTING LINES ARE FROZEN!!!! 3rd place finisher will be announced after the break.

Matt Cardle is through to the Final…and so is Rebecca Ferguson. One Direction leaves X Factor in 3rd place. SIMON HAS GOTTA BE PISSED. HEEEEE. I’m surprised. I thought the tweens would see 1D through at least to the final.

The PHONE LINES ARE RE-OPENED!!! The winner’s single is next

Matt Cardle – (Dannii – Boys) – ‘Many Of Horror’ by Biffy Clyro – Whoa…this song is kind of…violent? Yeah, I know it’s metaphorical. He’s singing his heart out. Lot’s of passion, emotion even if his vocals aren’t 100%. This is better than his first song tonight. Matt on his knees. OMG. That was intense. Wow. Louis says, “You sang every note like you meant it. You’ve got the voice.” Cheryl says, “You sang that from the depth of your heart. Your best performance.” Simon is still pissed. Ha ha. Simon says, “An incredible song, your best performance of the whole series.” Dannii says, “That was absolutely amazing. A true star.” Matt is in tears. I think he’s going to win.

Rebecca Ferguson – “Distant Dreamer” by Duffy – This is good, but would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t such a huge production. Louis says, “You are an original authentic recording voice.” Dannii says, “I’m so glad you turned up at the auditions. We’ve soon you grow. You are a beautiful lady.” Simon says, “I remember the first time we met you. That song was absolutely perfect for you. I can’t call this.” Cheryl says, “Keep your head high. You have been an absolute dream to work with.” Rebecca is in tears.

Take That are back to perform.

THE VOTING LINES ARE NOW CLOSED!!! The results are next.

Matt Cardle is the winner of X Factor!!! HOORAY! Rebecca Ferguson comes in 2nd. Dannii thanks the fans for voting for Matt.

Matt sings his winners single to close! Simon congratulates Matt “You sang you’re way to the final”. Simon thanks the crew and the fans. Now…on to America!

Watch live video from x factor uk 2010 live on Justin.tv

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