X Factor UK Season 10: Love & Heartbreak Week

TOP 11 perform songs of love & heartbreak this week.


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Live from London, it’s The X Factor and here is our host, Dermot O’Leary! Tonight our theme is love and heartache. Time for the judges’ entrance.

Flash vote is happening tonight, too.

Sam Bailey – Make You Feel My Love (Bob Dylan, Adele, …)

She and her husband love football (soccer). She is dedicating the song to her husband.
Strong vocal. But she doesn’t bring anything new to the song.
Gary: Every week you take the bar to another level.
Nicole: Samantha, this is really hard for me, but this performance just kinda left me lukewarm. It’s all about tone with that song….
Louis: This girl is gonna be here for a long long time. You have an amazing voice, you made the song your own.
Sharon: It was beautifully confident, I loved it! … Sam says she doesn’t want to be a one-trick pony and plans to do more than ballads.

Kingsland Road – Marry You (Bruno Mars)

They say they have no luck with girls.
It’s a fine performance. The female dancers in white dresses and caps show up midway. A bit pointless.
Nicole: Boys, good job. You look super cute. I thought you sounded very good on the harmonies, but there was no lead vocal.
Louis: You were good last week, you were great this week! Vote for Kingsland!
Sharon: Everytime you perform you make me feel happy.
Gary: Their work ethic is unbeliavable!

Nicholas McDonald – She’s The One (Robbie Williams)

16-year old has never been in love and Louis is trying to make him connect with the lyrics. He has a crush on Nicole, so Louis gets her to help Nicholas. Oh dear.
Great vocals from Nicholas. Don’t be surprised if he turns out to be a winner for Louis.
Sharon: You sang that song superbly, but who is that woman on stage, you are only 16! Why did you allow that Louis!
Gary: You need just to stand there with one light, your voice is excellent.
Nicole: Whenever you sing, you just melt my hear. You are easy on the ears and easy on the eyes!
Louis: Baby Buble! You are what the show is all about!

Abi Alton – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue)

Abi and Nicole went out bowling this week. This week she has a proper production with dancers. The song arrangement is still acoustic. She struggles to hit some notes. She looks weird without an instrument. Yikes.
Louis: I loved what you did last week, I’m not crazy about this week. I don’t think you were comfortable walking around.
Sharon: I don’t know what’s going on tonight. a big risk for you. It was a really brave move, but you need more confidence. Own the stage.
Gary: I agree, very brave. Musically it was a bit boring …
Nicole: I much prefer your version than the original …

Miss Dynamix singer SeSe Foster was taken to hospital. Apparently Miss Dynamix aren’t performing tonight. The group is automatically through to the next week.

James Arthur is in the audience tonight. He loves the girls.

Shelley Smith – Single Ladies (Beyoncé)

So, this week Shelley is dancing with 4 male dancers. Doing “Single Ladies”. The start sounds interesting, like an old-fashioned ballad, but then it turns more uptempo and karaoke. Shelley obviously doesn’t have a future as a recording artist.
Gary: First, happy 27-th birthday. Oh goodness, what can I say about that. This really wasn’t for me.
Nicole: I love your energy. However, I’m not gonna lie, it was a little weird. The intro was weird, turning into country ballad …
Louis: I see a bright future for you in West End!
Sharon: Happy birthday. You deserve to be here!
Shelley gets a cup cake with a candle for her birthday. I think she is 35 now?

Miss Dynamix will not be performing tonight. VIDEO. SeSe in a wheelchair, taken to the hospital with an ambulance. She is nearly 6 months pregnant. The other two girls feel disappointed.

Looks like this girlband won’t last long. Too bad. It’s just a matter of weeks.

Sam Callahan – I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz)

He had some extra vocal lessons this week. He is giving us his 110%.
Sharon: Great song choice, it suited your voice. Enjoy what you do.
Gary: Fair play to you. The first minute was a bit too low for you.
Nicole: I agree with Gary: Those that are brave go far.
Louis: You are a ready-made popstar.

Tamera Foster – Beneath Your Beautiful (Labrinth feat. Emeli Sandé)

Her grandmother is a minister in a small church. There are videos on YouTube of Tamera practicing singing in that church.
Wow, this was a great performance! First part striped back. Tamera definitely is a ready-made popstar.
Louis: That’s how to do a performance! You’ve got it all!
Sharon: Nicole always gets it right. That song was perfect for you!
Gary: Since the first audition I’m telling people… That performance reminded me of a performance on a Sunday night (Compares her to superstars that perform as guests.).
Nicole: Missed, must have been positive.

Abi’s parents, Sam’s husband and the cat man from the auditions in the audience!

Luke Friend – Let Her Go (Passenger)

He loves his mother, but his mom still thinks he is 2. He is momma’s boy.
He sits in a boat on stage. A boat. There is a lighthouse in the background. Two guitarists on stage also have their own boats. The performance goes fine.
Sharon: Luke, wow. What am I going to say about you this week, I don’t know. I have a soft spot for you. Louis, why the boat?
Gary: Well done, Luke. I love your voice, I love the quirkines. I like your edge, I love your rock side.
Nicole: I felt the edge, I felt a little bit of dreadlock. You took it to church, in a boat!
Louis: You are cool!

The public thinks Gary is giving the best critiques.

Rough Copy – I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)

Kazeem has a three year-old son.
This performance really isn’t that great. I’m just not feeling this, at least not on the first listen.
Nicole: Boys, you took a Backstreet Boys song and turned it into a Boyz II Men song.
Louis: Another fault-less performance from you, there has to be a place on the charts for you.
Sharon: Fabulous! Effortless! You took a Backstreet Boys song and rough copied it!
Gary: Everyone is asking me about Rough Copy …

Caroline Flack interviews the contestants backstage.

Hannah Barrett – Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)

Last week she performed first, this week she has the pimp spot.
Hannah and Nicole go shopping for clothes. Hannah has some problems with her confidence.
The performance is good, but not outstanding. The backing track is heavy with backing vocals. TPTB aren’t subtle about this this year.
Louis: I love the make-over, you look absolutely amazing. I can’t believe you are only 17!
Sharon: that was excellent, you are beautiful inside and out.
Gary: Your voice is so soulful, what a vocal tonight!
Nicole: #facegoosebumps

Flash vote! Watching the recap, Abi Alton should be in the sing-off tomorrow night.

With less than 3 minutes until the end of the flash vote, the 10 acts enter the stage. Just enough time for a small chat.

Commercial break.

Judges join the contestants on stage.

The Results!
The Boys are safe!
The Girls are safe!
The Over 25s are safe!

Kingsland Road lost the flash vote and will perform in the sing-off tomorrow night!

Everyone is in shock.

The voting for the other 9 acts re-starts.

Wow. I thought the girls would keep the hot boyband safe. But I guess not. We will see who ends up in the sing-off with them.

Have they sung themselves into a cul-de-sac? Kingsland Road fall victim to the dreaded flash vote… but Hannah Barrett turns in a stunning performance on The X Factor
Last week it was all about the eighties, and there wasn’t a dry ice in the house as Lorna Simpson became the first hopeful to get the axe from The X Factor.

This week the dreaded flash vote came back into play, and it was Kingsland Road who sung themselves into a cul-de-sac on Saturday evening when they were named as the next act to sing for survival.

The band turned in a lively rendition of Bruno Mars hit Marry You – but it wasn’t quite enough, despite praise from the judging panel.
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Miss Dynamix drop out of The X Factor after pregnant SeSe Foster is rushed to hospital
Girl group Miss Dynamix dropped out of The X Factor on Saturday night, after pregnant SeSe Foster was rushed to hospital.

The trio – SeSe, Jeanette Akua and Rielle Carrington – will instead get a free pass to continue on to next week’s show.

Footage of the 22-year-old in tears at around 5.30pm and struggling to continue was shown on Saturday night’s programme.
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Sharon Osbourne upstages Nicole Scherzinger as she unveils her new slimline figure in clinging monochrome gown on The X Factor
When it comes to standing out on The X Factor, few people manage it better than Nicole Scherzinger.

But the former Pussycat Dolls star found herself upstaged by her fellow judge Sharon Osbourne on Saturday night’s show, when the 61-year-old unveiled her stunning new look.

Sharon looked incredible in a clinging monochrome gown which highlighted her recent weight loss as she made her entrance onto The X Factor stage.
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