X Factor UK S12E17 – Week 2 – Reinvention

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The X Factor airs tonight at 8:00pm GMT (9:00pm CET, 3:00pm EDT, 12:00am PDT) on ITV 1 (130min).

How to watch X Factor UK from outside the UK?

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Song list for tonight!

Oh look, Talk Talk’s adds are back and now Ben Haenow’s “Second Hand Heart” is featured! We start with a short recap of last week’s episodes.

This week’s theme is “Reinvention”. Simon explains what the contestants are supposed to do this week.

Olly and Caroline seem more polished than ever tonight. Hmm. The judges arrive and Rita is wearing something ridiculous again. Big, black and lace-y.

Simon says he has no idea what is happening this week.

4th Impact – Sound Of The Underground / Boom Clap (Girls Aloud / Charli XCX)

The girls love the British weather. They are singing a Girls Aloud song. You know, the girlband that Cheryl was in. “Sound of the Underground” was the winner’s single of Girls Aloud when they won Popstars: The Rivals. The other song is a recent Charli XCX hit.
4th Impact are trying to do sexy this week. Hmm, I’m not sure about the make over either. They are mostly doing the Girls Aloud song.
Simon thinks the Charli XCX song would work better. Says the vocals, choreography and clothing were better this week.
Nick thinks the mash up worked very well. Rita says their individuality is starting to come out. Cheryl obviously loved everything about the performance.

Mason Noise – Teardrops (Womack & Womack)

Nick says he is very sexy and can teach Mason some things. We are about to see the real Mason Noise tonight. Who was performing last week instead of him?
Mason is singing standing on a box. He has two half naked dancers and two backing vocalists. This kinda boring. He tries to do the sexy and it’s not doing him any favors.
Rita thinks he didn’t challenge himself enough this week and the song didn’t go anywhere. Performance wise it was great, but the song wise it didn’t. Cheryl thinks this were his best vocals so far. Simon agrees with Cheryl. He also liked the fact that Mason started dressing like Simon. LOL. Nick loved everything about the performance. Obviously.

Talk Talk commercial with Little Mix’s “Black Magic”.

Anton Stephans – All About That Bass / Bang Bang (Meghan Trainor / Jessie J)
Yeah, good luck Anton with those song choices. He sang “All About That Bass” in bootcamp and forgot the words.
He starts sitting on a throne and has two women on stage wearing boxes over their heads. The versions of both songs are really weird. This is pretty much in the Wagner territory.
Nick say it was like watching a very bad musical. The look on his face says it all. Rita says “Thank goodness for last week”. She says this week’s performance was all Simon’s fault. Cheryl says he definitely re-invented the songs, but that was just not him. Simon says we all know that Anton is great at singing ballads and this week is all about re-invention. Simon is making sure his acts don’t get anywhere the final.

Kiera Weathers – Return Of The Mack (Mark Morrison)

Kiera is happy about the song choice and has a great time in the choreography session.
She has 6 male dancers on stage and is doing a very modern version of the song. I think I’ve seen something like this done by another artist. As a while, this performance was a lot better than last week’s.
Cheryl loved the song choice and thought it was good. Simon gives her A for effort. Simon didn’t like the song choice, but it was better than last week’s. He is not sure it was enough for her to survive the week. Nick like the performance. Rita is very proud of Kiera.

Ché Chesterman – You Can’t Hurry Love (The Supremes)

Nick loves the song choice. Che is battling throat infection.
He starts acapela and then adds the piano. This is definitely the moment making performance. Great vocal. Almost too calculated.
Rita says he absolutely smashed it with a stunning performance. Cheryl calls him current. Simon says Che turned the competition upside down. He says Che has unique tone. Nick calls the performance perfect.

Louisa Johnson – Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)

Louisa tells her friends she is doing a modern version of “Billie Jean”.
She starts acapela and then the beat kicks in. Then she does a great job at demonstrating she is a ready made popstar. No wonder this girl is the chosen one.
Cheryl says she made her body tingle. Simon says he loves his job. Nick says this was a great demonstration of Louisa as a popstar.

Talk Talk commercial with Fleur East’s “Sax”.

Seann Miley Moore – California Dreamin’ (Mamas & Papas)

Seann skypes with his parents. His first song choice is “Downtown”. Oh, major song choice problems.
But Seann delivers dramatic, beautiful and flawless performance. Great upgrade of the original song. Three amazing performances in a row!
Rita says the performance was intoxication. Cheryl compliments his professional composure and says he has it all. Brilliant performance. Simon says this was a lazy performance. Nick thinks it was the perfect song choice and it was a great re-invention. He doesn’t take Simon’s criticism well. To be fair, after what Simon did with Anton tonight, I’m not sure Simon can really criticize someone for being “lazy”.

Time for a Ellie Goulding commercial.

Monica Michael – Crazy In Love (Beyoncè)
The stylist suggests Monica to wear a dress and she says she doesn’t do dresses. OMG, look at those twins! Monica tries to do sexy and it’s coming across well. It also shows she is not used to wearing dresses. Slowed down and dramatic arrangement works in places, but is a bit boring in other places.

Cheryl says Monica looks hot, but was nervous. Simon hated the performance and hopes the public forgets the performance. He says she was turned into something she is not. Nick says he gets Simon’s point and that it was a bit like a Beyonce impersonation. Rita talks about elegance and poise … umm, that is what the performance lacked.

Max Stone – Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole / Louis Armstrong)
Max’s mum is in Sweden.
Well … reggae mashup of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and “What a Wonderful World”. Subtle upgrade of the arrangement. I would call it bit lazy, but I don’t think he could do anything more with those two songs.
Nick says Max is cooler that that performance and that it was a bit like watching play school. Rita agrees with Nick. Cheryl didn’t get the crew, but liked the vocal. Simon says it was better than his last week’s performance.

Reggie ‘N’ Bollie – What Makes You Beautiful / Cheerleader (One Direction / OMI)

Their wives and children visited them on Wednesday. Cheryl is very excited about the performance.
They sing the lyrics of WMYB over the “Cheerleader” instrumental. They have a cheerleading squad on stage. Fun performance, but not a standout. Liam Payne is in the audience, clapping politely.
Simon loved the song choice. Liam agrees. Simon also loved the performance. Nick loved it too. Rita is unable to deliver a critique. Cheryl is ecstatic.

Lauren Murray – Hold Back The River (James Bay)

Lauren struggles with the song during the rehearsal. Can she pull through?
Very stripped arrangement. Weak vocal. She gets special lights, blue light and a choir. I get the idea, but this comes across as a hard try at manufacturing a moment.
Cheryl says it was a stunning vocal performance. Simon thinks this was Lauren’s best performance. Nick thinks that looked like a winning performance. Rita is happy that people were able to hear Lauren’s vocals.

TOP 3 performances tonight: Che Chesterman, Louisa Johnson and Seann Miley Moore, in the order they performed.

Who should be in trouble tomorrow: Mason Noise, Anton Stephans, Max Stone, Monica Michael, Kiera Weathers

Fleur East and CeeLo Green perform on the X Factor tomorrow.

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