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Yesterday was guilty pleasures night on The X Factor UK, and I think I can say that we have three contestants who are pulling away from the pack. Dalton, Scarlett, and Shan have all had two great weeks in a row, and I honestly don’t know which of them will go the furthest. I hope it’s Dalton, but it could be any of them. I think we also have a clear bottom 4 – Danny, United Vibe, Janice, and Molly. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see two of those three go home. But who knows? It’s early enough that we could be in for a surprise. There’s only one good way to find out what happens and that’s to join me in the comments starting at 4 PM eastern as I liveblog this week’s X factor Result Show.

After Peter Dickson (voiceover guy) recaps last night and introduces the judges and acts, it’s time to face the music.

Little Mix start performing “Woman Like Me” pretty much immediately. They start in the contestant lounge in front of an entirely white background. Then they walk down the stairs into the main part of the studio. I wish they didn’t lip sync because they are really really great singers live. Nicki Minaj isn’t there so we just hear her without seeing her at all. I love Little Mix but I’m not really impressed by this performance. #donthurtmemixers


Recap of last night, then results.

Safe for now:

The Girls

The Boys

The Groups

The over with the fewest votes is Janice Robinson. She’s leaving immediately. The audience is booing. I’m not complaining. Janice talks about god, says god will open another door for her, brings up having a daughter who is blind.

The vote reopens for 10 minutes.

I have a feeling Danny and United Vibe will be in the sing off. I think Danny complaining to Dermot about other acts not following the theme will sink him.

Five minute warning. While we wait, Kylie Minogue is going to perform. Her sister Danni Minogue was one of the better X Factor judges we’ve had. The performance literally opens with a guy playing pool on stage. I thought Kylie was pop, not country… this is really twangy. This is the weirdest thing I think I’ve ever seen on the X Factor stage and I’ve seen Wagner sing Bat Out Of Hell.

Voting is now closed. After the break we find out who is in the sing off.

It’s time to welcome back the judges and their acts.

The safe acts are:

Bella Penfold


Scarlett Lee

Dalton Harris

Anthony Russell

Acacia & Aaliyah

Shan Ako

Giovanni Spano

United Vibe

Danny Tetley

Molly Scott

Bottom 2: Brendan Murray and LMA Choir

Really early for both acts to be here. I’m flabbergasted that United Vibe got votes.

Sing off time! LMA Choir deliver a good performance of A Change Is Gonna Come. But it’s beyond clear to me that the lead singer should be on her own.

Brendan Murray sings High & Dry. He starts a cappella and delivers a great performance. I hope he survives but I can’t see that happening.

The judges vote now.

Robbie sends home Brendan.

Louis sends home LMA Choir.

Simon says both of them delivered their best performances so far, but then sends home Brendan.

Ayda sends home LMA Choir.


LMA Choir received the lowest number of votes and are eliminated. I didn’t expect that to be honest.

Next week is Fright Night. James Arthur and Liam Payne will be on the show!

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