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We’re almost at the finish line! Tomorrow, either Dalton Harris, Scarlett Lee, or Anthony Russell will win The X Factor 2018! Today, all three acts will perform twice. The first song will be a new solo performance and the second song will be a duet. Tomorrow, all three acts perform their potential debut singles before one of them wins that recording contract. Who will it be? Join me at 2:30 PM Eastern as I liveblog part one of The X Factor Final 2018!

Here we go! The intro is a recap of the season so far. Tonight, Scarlett Lee, Anthony Russell, Dalton Harris. This. Is. The X Factor. Final. Peter Dickson: “Live from London, this is the X Factor final. Please welcome Dermot O’Leary!” Your final starts right here! The judges enter the stage. Simon Cowell, Louis Tomlinson, Ayda Williams, and last up, Robbie Williams.

Robbie goes right into performing a medley with the finalists on stage performing with him. First up is Let Me Entertain You. A crapload of fireworks and stuff accompany the performance with Gio getting a lot of focus. Acacia & Aaliyah, and Misunderstood join for the next part, Rock DJ. I like that Robbie is giving attention to the finalists. Then, our final 3 enter the stage and sing a song I don’t know that’s probably called Freedom. But hey, Dalton sounds great!

Anthony Russell is up first. We see his homecoming visit as his VT. Anthony cries on the bus with Louis Tomlinson and then he goes to a football stadium with him. Louis says he’s come a long way since he sent that tweet last year. Anthony’s homecoming concert has a decent crowd. He performs Let It Be by The Beatles. Jahmene Douglas sang the hell out of this in 2012. Anthony isn’t nearly as impressive. The entire arena is lit up. A choir joins him on stage. Another B-grade performance from Anthony. Robbie liked it, says that people watch the show to meet people like Anthony. Ayda says he exceeded all of her expectations. Simon says it was probably the most perfect song he could do tonight, loved it. Louis is emotional watching him and watching Wembley behind him, he’s fighting for every underdog.

Dalton Harris is up second. The audience chants his name before he even is introduced. He doesn’t go home to Jamaica, instead he goes around London. He says it’s almost like he’s from London, he feels so much love here. We meet Louis Tomlinson’s sister. Louis says he took a leap of faith to get here. Dalton is performing before Anne-Marie, and he meets her before. Dalton performs A Song For You. Another flawless vocal from our champion. Halfway through the performance the arrangement picks up a bit. I like what he’s doing with it. Wembley goes crazy. Ayda acknowledges the cheers. Robbie says he wonders how he doesn’t already have six albums under his belt and isn’t judging a show. Simon says it was one of the best performances he’s seen on the show. Louis says he’s known Dalton was the best singer in the competition since week 1, but he’s loved watching him grow into an artist. Dalton’s emotional (obviously).

Scarlett Lee has to follow Dalton (and Simon clearly isn’t sure she can). She’s interviewed on Loose Women and then she goes to her primary school to perform for the kids. Simon goes to her house for a cup of tea. Scarlett performs at Hyde park for a large crowd. She sings Your Song by Elton John. She delivers another great performance. In the background, we see clips of her last year and this year on The X Factor. I really want her in second place. Louis says she’s an amazing singer and an amazing person, wishes her luck. Ayda was emotional because of the montage, cried mommy tears, says it was a moment. Robbie says she’s easy to love, invites her to sing with him in July. Simon wants her on west end, not on I’m A Celebrity (LOL). Simon subtly bussing her with that one.

Charity segment now. The winners single profits will be split between Together For Short Lives and Shooting Star Chase. I can’t liveblog these parts because it’s too emotional. All I’ll say is that the charities do great work and it’s good that the single goes towards helping them.

James Arthur and Anne Marie are up after the break. Dermot jokes about Simon’s obsession with The Greatest Showman when introducing them. LOL. They perform Rewrite The Stars. James sounds great – glad to hear him and not the backing track this time. Anne Marie sounds good too, except for one part where she strained. Overall, I liked this a lot. James talks about going from a small tv studio to the final, and memories of his time on the show.


Anthony Russell and Tom Walker duet on his song Leave The Light On. I like David Cook’s song Light On way better. I have to say, this duet pairing does make sense the second I hear Tom Walker sing a lyric. It’s a decent performance, but I know what’s coming from Dalton (thanks to iTunes UK) and he’s going to blow this one away. Anthony wasn’t sure about that one according to Dermot, and Tom had to make him feel better. Dermot asks Tom “What do you think of skippy here?” LOL. Stacey Solomon in the audience with Anthony’s friends in family. I remember Stacey – she was on the first season I ever watched.

Dalton Harris and Emeli Sande duet on Beneath Your Beautiful. In the VT, Louis says Dalton deserves to win because quite simply, he’s one of the, if not the best singers ever on X Factor. Emeli says she can’t wait to hear his original music. Dalton is killing this too. This is a great duet, a million times better than when Fleur did it a few years back with Labrinth. Dalton is struggling to talk. Louis thanks Emeli for making Dalton’s dream come true. Dalton was surprised to see a friend from America in the audience, and he cries. Tomorrow is going to be emotional clearly.

George Ezra performs before we see the last duet of the night. Ok. That’s a bit strange. They really want Scarlett in the top 2 clearly. I do as well – hope it happens. This performance is strange, and I’m not a fan. The audience knows this song, but I don’t. Clearly it’s a UK hit but not a US one. I have to say, I’m afraid the song will be stuck in my head.


Scarlett Lee and Robbie Williams duet on Angels. In the VT, Scarlett talks about being the last girl standing and her relationship with Simon. Robbie says he can’t give her advice because she’s got a better voice than him. She started it high and took it down for the chorus. Interesting choice but I like it actually. When Robbie comes out, I wish Scarlett could have sung the rest solo. Robbie makes Scarlett laugh and calls her the best hugger on The X Factor. Ok then, shame he couldn’t call her the best singer because Dalton’s on the show. Scarlett is emotional. Robbie congratulates her parents, says she’s special. Simon says we have the right people in the final.

The final 3 re-enter the stage. Dermot announces the vote is open and will remain open until the end of tomorrow night’s show. The show ends with a recap of the night’s performances. See you all tomorrow at 2:30 PM Eastern for the last hour and a half of X Factor for 2018.

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