X Factor UK 2015 Week 2 – Ranking the Top 11

X Factor UK 2015 Week 2 – Ranking the Top 11

Can I just say how surprised I am that Mason survived week 1, that Kiera and Alien Uncovered were in the bottom 3, and that Monica got a four judge standing ovation? Last week was full of events that made me look foolish. With that said, can I course correct and get this week right? We shall see…

Here are my rankings in order of chance of making it to next week. At the bottom of this post are my personal favorite performances from last week.

  1. Louisa Johnson – Louisa cemented her spot as the frontrunner this week. Her vocals were great, the song was great, the arrangement was great, and the 4 judge standing ovation certainly helped. The question in my view is quickly changing from “will Louisa win” to “how much will she win by?”
  2. Che Chesterman – Despite going off the rails at the end of his performance this week, I still feel like Che is in it for the long haul. As much as I love Seann, Che is the best male vocalist this year on X Factor. He can’t dance, but with a voice like his, I don’t think he will need to. Che’s voice reminds me a lot of Jahmene from season 9-in fact, Jahmene did the same exact mashup back in week 2 that season.
  3. 4th Impact – They had their weakest performance of the season by far this week. Some of them were a little out of breath and the vocals suffered. Yet they still got great feedback. I feel like 4th Impact really need to strip things back and do something acapella, and prove they really have flawless vocals, if they want to have a chance at beating Louisa.
  4. Seann Miley Moore – Seann was excellent this week according to my biased opinion. Unfortunately, despite getting the pimp slot, he didn’t get a standing O from the judges, and Simon noted how polarizing he is. Seann needs to have a Adam Lambert Mad World style moment where he strips everything back and just sings if he wants to break into the finale. It didn’t happen this week, but I hope it happens before it’s too late.
  5. Monica Michael – I was surprised by the 4 judge standing ovation for Monica. Not because she didn’t deserve praise-she did after having one of the best performances of the week-but because I was sure she was fodder. Now, I’m not so sure. She might actually be the second favorite girl of the producers. I don’t think anyone thinks Monica can win, but if she keeps performing like she did this week, she could make the finale.
  6. Anton Stephans – Despite the obvious song choice and head-butting Simon on the results show, Anton is the only over with a shot at making the semi-final. He is extremely likable and has a good voice, but he is not commercial at all. And his vocals aren’t good enough for me to look past his lack of marketability. Anton needs to have a serious moment by either flipping a song on its head or singing something insanely difficult in order to break into the finale, especially when the judges will inevitably turn on him as soon as he starts to get votes.
  7. Lauren Murray – This week didn’t help Lauren at all. The staging was a mess, the song choice was dated and cheesy, and Lauren’s edit was pretty brutal. If the judges weren’t so nice I would have thought she was a goner. Lauren needs to rethink things-sing something current and make it work with her voice, maybe do a crazy arrangement-if she wants to get close to the finale.
  8. Reggie ’n’ Bollie – They were my least favorite this week. Having said that, they are not technically a joke act and they seem really nice so I can’t be too mean. In a few weeks, if they are still here I will start being mean.
  9. Mason Noise – Well I feel stupid. I could have sworn that no edit would work in getting Mason votes. I was wrong as he wasn’t even in the bottom 3! Mason got a redemption edit, and he didn’t sound terrible, so I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked. Despite doing the impossible and making live show 2, I can’t see Mason making it too much further.
  10. Max Stone – Way to blow it, Max! After judges houses, I thought Max was the strongest over. This week, I thought Bupsi was better. At least she wasn’t boring. As I wrote in the comments, Max’s problem is that until he belts at the end of each song, I feel sleepy and can’t focus. I don’t know why that is, because he seems nice and he has a decent voice. But nothing wows me with Max.
  11. Kiera Weathers – After being in the bottom 3, and getting dismissed by Simon, Kiera has taken a mighty tumble. She looked like the second strongest girl and now she barely survived. Kiera’s problem is that she is a good singer, but there are great singers this season that she has to compete with. Ordinarily, good singers would use production and dancers to compete with great singers. Kiera isn’t confident enough to pull that off in my opinion. So I think she’s going home this week, especially if it’s another double elimination.

My Favorite Performances from Live Show 1

  1. Louisa Johnson
  2. Seann Miley Moore
  3. Monica Michael
  4. Che Chesterman
  5. 4th Impact
  6. Lauren Murray
  7. Anton Stephans
  8. Kiera Weathers
  9. Max Stone
  10. Mason Noise
  11. Reggie ’n’ Bollie

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