X Factor Australia 4 – Week 6

I always appreciate when they do a modern theme, so songs of the last 5 years should just be the bill to really see if these guys could compete on the music landscape of today.


Besides the fact that I question Fourtunate‘s outfit selection this week, I think they danced and sang the best they ever have at the same time.  I mean a Cobra Starship song isn’t going to show off vocal prowess like their take on “How Will I Know” last week.  This performance was exploding with energy and this could be the type of song they could put out and be successful with.


I don’t believe Jason Owen will ever blow me away, but he sings well, he sounds good, and he looks pretty freaking comfortable on stage.  Jason has never been one about vocal acrobatics, he is just a solid good performer and in the real world that is all you kind of need.  A great song with a good consistent performance.  Perhaps Jason could be a country/rock/pop crossover success like Shannon Noll.


The judges (except her mentor Natalie) stressed the fact that Shiane Hawke couldn’t handle the emotional depth that is necessary to pull of the early Adele hit, “Hometown Glory.”  Of course they are right, and I have stated several times before that Shiane is too young for this competition, but she is here now so we need to accept her as the appropriate challenger that she is.  She sounds good, the goat wail that prevailed her first three live show performances has been refined to a nice accent on her vocals.  Her major issue is her facial reactions have yet to undergo the same refinement, if Shiane can get a lock on that, The Collective better watch out because they might have a challenger to their thrown.


On paper this Ne-Yo track sounds perfect for Nathaniel Williamse, but in practice Nathaniel sounded like he was struggling for some of those higher notes.  If Nathaniel/Guy would have pitched the song in a lower key, or something it would’ve been better.  Just because Nathaniel can do it doesn’t mean he should, he needs to also sound comfortable on the track.  Mel B made an interesting comment that Nathaniel seemed up tight, despite the fact that this should’ve been a loose energy track, because of his outfit.  Nathaniel looks good, but I don’t know if this is really the style that Nathaniel should be going for.


It’s The Collective time and they take on Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House.”  Ronan made a big deal about them doing a ballad, I don’t know what the big deal even is, must just be framing for success, because I already knew they were going to sound good regardless.  They already sound good even on their off week “Hard Days Night.”  Fact is The Collective have everything they need to be successful right now today and them winning is still almost a 80% guarantee in my mind at this point.


Florence + The Machine & Bella Ferraro the song combination that we all knew was inevitable.  Bella sounded fantastic on the verses, shaky on the chorus and a little cray-cray at the end, but all that said I am in love with Bella’s tone, actually it is more like mesmerized by it.  Bella can be a successful artist today, with the right material and a bit more practice she could truly make an impact, perhaps internationally as well.  If I could pick my ideal top 3, Bella would be a part of it.


Got to give Samantha Jade props, she killed Usher’s “Scream.”  It isn’t the most vocally challenging song by any means, but Samantha moved the stage, sang fantastic and showed her relevance all at once!  This is the first time that despite Samantha Jade lack of X Factor (but surplus of S Factor) that I wanted her to take it all.  Show those haters wrong and win Samantha, you may be boring, but you are also bloody freaking talented.

Bottom Two




Let’s be honest for a second Fourtunate killed Bella Ferraro in the sing off, but I think the judges made the right decision keeping Bella over them, because Bella is just something special, something unique, something with X Factor.  So that’s why she had to stay, this show isn’t called for The Voice for a reason, the voice is important, but I want to see someone with that something unique to win the whole thing.  If I could choose my final four right now I would take The Collective, Bella Ferraro, Nathaniel Williamse, and Samantha Jade, all four of them could win, but I don’t think we should count out Shiane Hawke or Jason Owen just yet, because people have a tendency to surprise you.  Please comment below and thank you for reading!