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*Runs around* It’s here, it’s here! It’s HERE. The night where we find out who our Top 3 will be going into next week’s FINALS. However a FOURTH contestant is about to get thrown into the mix. Here’s what’s going down: The Top 3 will be announced, and the 9 eliminated contestants from the Top 12 WILL all get to sing for the coveted “Wildcard” slot. That person WILL then be a part of next week’s finals, and could potentially WIN the entire competition.

Thankfully Twitter is not getting involved in the voting process. Whew! *wipes brow* You’ll be able to call, text, download their song on Itunes and vote online on the app for the contestant of your choice. However the voting window will be shorter! So be sure to keep peeled to this blog post if you are following along on the west coast.

It all goes down in 10 minutes. Grab your soda, wine or beer everyone, it’s going to be a tough night!

And here we go! The 3 artists moving forward to the finals are:

Team Adam’s Chris Jamison!
Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd!
Team Adam’s Matt McAndrew!

Based on Itunes, not surprised by this lol. Now Taylor and Damien are joining the rest of the eliminated Top 12 artists to sing for your votes.

Voting is only open till 3 am! Carson will announce the Wildcard on the Today Show tomorrow morning.

The first artist to sing tonight is Team Blake’s Reagan James singing “Put Your Records On.” And still….no. I have never been into her voice. It doesn’t do anything for me.

Pharrell thought it was magical (really?). He thinks the melody fits with her voice. Blake is still blown away by her age. DID YOU GUYS KNOW REAGAN IS ONLY 16??? Lol.

To vote for Reagan–> 1-855-864-2301 – Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae – Download from iTunes

Next is Team Blake’s Jessie Pitts singing “Zombie.” Good song choice. She sounds like the singer from the Cranberries. She’s doing a good job with the song but I don’t see her winning America over.

Gwen misses Jessie and that song brings back so many memories for her. Blake says she is so important to music, and that’s she a writer. Taylor Swift said she was her favorite voice in the competition.

To vote for Jessie Pitts–> 1-855-864-2302 – Zombie by The Cranberries – Download from iTunes

And the next artist is Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill singing “Marry Me.” Hey, he’s not flat! Lol. This is pleasant. Not enough to make me vote for him though. I’m sure there are tons of girls who would love to marry you Ryan.

Adam says he’s pretty sure that girl in the crowd would marry him. Blake said she’d be pregnant by now LMAO. Adam thinks he has such a beautiful voice. Blake says Ryan’s voice amazes him and that he’s got great range. Gwen loves when Ryan sings to her (oh god). She “thinks” he still has a chance (with her orrrrr the competition?).

To vote for Ryan Sill–> 1-855-864-2303 – Marry Me by Train – Download from iTunes–4JX7DE

Now we have Team Gwen’s Anita Antoinette singing “Waiting on the World to Change”. I’m already like….nah. I could never quite connect with her this season. Is it me? Lol, I don’t know.

Adam loves how she’s all “business” tonight. He liked the jazz run that she did, he said it was her best by far. Gwen says Anita took this opportunity not for herself, but to lift the world and give a message.

To vote for Anita Antoinette–> 1-855-864-2304 – Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer – Download from iTunes

And now from Team Gwen we have one of my favorites, Taylor John Williams, singing “Wicked Game.” I absolutely adore this song. Gah. Heartstrings. <3 Falsetto was a little bit weak, I think his voice has been through a lot this week. He killed the ending though!

Blake loved how he changed the melody up, he thinks Taylor has this way of putting all his ideas into motion. Pharrell thinks he is such an artist, he can’t wait to hear his album. Gwen thinks he’s going to win the Wildcard round.

To vote for Taylor John Williams–> 1-855-864-2305Download from iTunes

Now Team Adam’s Damien is singing “Grenade.” What? His song choices have been questionable lately lol. I think I prefer his ballads to this. Sorry Damien! I feel bad that all the Top 5 basically had to learn a third song this week just in case they didn’t make it.

Pharrell loves the control Damien has over his voice. He says he deserves to stay. Gwen is always amazed by his ability to be so real. Adam says there is one more spot in the Top 4, and that it’s Damien. Shush up Adam.

To vote for Damien–> 1-855-864-2306 – Grenade by Bruno Mars –  Download from iTunes

And now from Team Pharrell we have Sugar Joans singing “Back to Black.” Ahhh is she going to murder this Amy Winehouse song? :( No thank you Sugar. It’s not that she even has a bad voice, her personality just comes across…poorly.

Gwen says all she should be doing in her life is singing. Blake says this just made it so much harder for everyone else. Pharrell says America needs to vote for her (Really? What about Luke and DaNica too Pharrell?). He thinks she has so much soul and captivates everyone (no).

To vote for Sugar Joans–> 1-855-864-2307 – Back to Black by Amy Winehouse – Download from iTunes

And now my personal favorite, Team Pharrell’s Luke Wade singing “Have a Little Faith in Me.” Come on Luke, you can DO THIS! Yessss his voice is like butter, I love him!

Adam is so happy that Luke found himself again and that he is such an amazing singer. Blake says nothing would make him happier to see his team make it BUT Pharrell’s team is bringing it. Pharrell encourages everyone to vote for Luke, and that he’s an original.

To vote for Luke Wade–> 1-855-864-2308Download from iTunes

And LAST we have Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey singing “Without You.” DaNica is looking gorgeous tonight! Started out a little rough but she’s working it out.

Pharrell is standing up like crazy for her lol. The crowd is going nuts.

To vote for DaNica Shirey–> 1-855-864-2309 – Without You by Mariah Carey/Nilsson – Download from iTunes

All methods of voting are OPEN! Don’t forget to get all votes in by 3 am EsT and tune into the Today Show tomorrow when Carson announces the Wildcard Winner!

See you guys next week!

The Top 3 Download the songs!

(Unfortunately, the Top 3 songs were pulled from iTunes)

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