Tuesday Daily Number’s Thread – 09/15/15

Today’s thread is brought to you by the numbers 16, 18, 23 and 107,000,000,000.

Billboard announced its 30 most anticipated albums for the fall of 2015. The fourth quarter of any year usually heralds the biggest albums as everybody hopes to become a stocking stuffer. There are big albums throughout the year, but you’ll find a higher density of them in the last 3 months of the year. This despite the fact that its getting hard to find physical CDs on the ground so how much stuffing of stockings is actually going on.

Anyway, three of our reality singing competitors made the list: Carrie Underwood at 16 (releasing Oct 23), Little Mix at 18 (Nov 6) and One Direction at 23rd (TBA). Other blog favourite topics releasing their albums this fall are Demi Lovato (former X-Factor judge) and Justin Bieber (for chattable antics), Adele (for awesome sales numbers and great songs to cover).

BB also reports on sales for the new Apple iPhone which is expected to sell more in the first weekend than the previous version which sold 10M. This is part of why Apple made $107B in the first half of this year. Apple is soon going to join the G8 at this rate (either making it a G9 or kicking out Russia who doesn’t play all that nice).

BB’s Hot 100 chart alert came out and The Weeknd manages to hold number 1 and 2 slots on that chart in addition to the top of the BB200 chart (which he will also be topping next week).
The music industry vs Dancing Babies continues to meander its way through the chart. One would think that a 30 second clip featuring a Toddler dancing to “Let’s Get Crazy” would hardly be the stuff of multi-million dollar lawsuits in the Federal appellate court, but you would be wrong. On one side you have the weight of the music industry claiming copyright protection and on the other side you have a Mom, the EFF, Google, Twitter and Tumblr arguing Fair Use. Interesting for those following the evolving copyright rules in the ever-changing electronic world. I think the music industry needs to find some more creative thinkers. A meme-ish video of dancing cute entity can only boost sales. Youtube will let you get ad revenue for each stream too. Plus, you can’t keep up with all the videos people upload – it’s like trying to hold back the tide with your hands. Stop fighting it and find a way to monetize it.

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