Tour Moments – I Don’t Even Like this Guy, Why am I Enjoying This?

Idol is a bit like sports. There are contestants/teams that you love and contestants/teams that can become your mortal enemies. If your favourite is to win, their main competition has to have a Bad Day, End their Journey, and, as so many Boot songs mention, “Go Home”. But, when the season is over, there is no reason to hold a grudge and people often find themselves actually enjoying performances by Mortal Enemy Idol.

Today, we are going to visit Idols that we didn’t like on the show, but found ourselves enjoying on the Idol Tour. Let’s even extend it to Idols on the radio. Who did you find yourselves surprised that you were enjoying? Idols that left you flat or in active dislike on the television show, but later you found a performance you enjoyed or even began to root for.

Here are my Idol memories of shockingly finding myself rocking out (remember I only went to Season 5,6,8,10 and 12).

Season 5: Daughtry – As has been noted several times on the sales related thread, I seem to have a massive deficiencies in my knowledge of modern rock bands. Indie rock is my kryptonite. So, it may come as no surprise that I had no clue that Chris Daughtry could even be considered a contender. My husband rarely watches Idol, but is sometimes drawn into the room by a performer. If he likes them, he’ll sit down if he finds out they will be performing next on a later show. He never remembers the names, but he always picks out the most financially successful one. So, I was kind of surprised when he asked how the short-bald-dude was doing. Him? You think he has a chance? Seriously. I guess so. So, I started paying attention to Chris, but still did not get him and just couldn’t enjoy his performances. But, somehow on the Idol Tour he captured lightening in the bottle (and the crowd, at least in my area, were total Daughtry fans so that vibe always helps too):

Chris: Wanted Dead or Alive

(BTW I don’t record songs at concerts because I would end up like the lady you hear in the video).

Season 6: Chris Richardson – Another Chris. Chris just seemed to be trying so hard on the show, it became painful. Then, he said “Nasally is a form of Singing” and he was dead to me. When I started hearing tour reports, I was prepared to despise him. My beloved Melinda was only getting one solo and was having duet with flippin’ Sanjaya while Chris was in every other number? I had my Angry Eyes on. But, Chris’s try-so-hard earnestness won me over on the Idol tour. He was charismatic and I can’t hate on a guy working his butt off to give me the best show possible.

Chris R: This Love

Season 8: In general, I didn’t watch the auditions during the Simon years. I couldn’t handle his over-the-top abuse of some of the contestants. So, I didn’t see the Anoop audition that caused so much buzz in the Idol bubble. I find, if your expectations get built up to high, it’s hard for anybody or anything to meet them. So, when I finally got to see Anoop during the live rounds, I was completely befuddled by the love of Anoop. Granted, he did whiff his first few performances and never seemed to get his footing on the show. So, I was fed up with him and his fans by the time he finally got the boot. I was fully prepared to hate him on the Idol tour, but outside of the show, he bloomed. His voice is like butter and I loved his set.


Season 10: James Durban – Again, I just don’t like his style of rock. I grew increasingly annoyed of his antics and his screaming. Sure, I felt bad when he was brutally cut just before the home visits, but somebody had to go if my favourites Haley and Scotty were to stay. That’s the nature of the show. But, all his antics and his absolute commitment to performing worked perfectly when one is embedded in the floor section during a concert. Durbin came through the audience whipping the crowd into a frenzy and just left everything he had on the stage. What can I say? I had FUN!


Season 12: Janelle – I don’t know, Janelle always seemed a little off-kilter on the show. She was so desperate to be there and trying to please the judges. I just couldn’t get into her. Plus, she was stealing Country votes from my favourite, Kree. But, she actually started to impress me during the finale. With nobody but the audience to please, she was a lot of fun. I’d have to say that her number with The Band Perry was one of the highlights of the finale. Then, her spunkiness (unlike Lou Grant, I love spunk) on tour just made me smile. I hope she is a success!


Special Mention: Season 11: Phil – I’ve never disliked a contestant as much as this guy. I love melodies and what he did to flatten melodies into dirges just drove me mad. I didn’t see him on tour, but I have to admit, I can’t help but enjoy his “Home” and “Gone, Gone, Gone” on the radio.

So, how about you? Tell us about your change of hearts. And remember, Idols, give it your all on tour, because you never know when you might turn a grump into a fan (or at least make them a little less grumpy).

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