Top 24 Eliminations

Eliminated Tonight:

  • Garrett Haley
  • Amy Davis
  • Joanne Borgella
  • Colton Berry


thanx rockers94 for the video!

The kids are dressed in FAB 60’s outfits tonight.   LOVE THE HAIR.   Especially Michael Johns, who has got the whole 60’s Brit pop thing going on. Yay.

Ryan announces there were over 28 million votes cast.   “Well done!” he says.   Just for fun, lets compare the total to last year? 32 million.   And Season 5? 40 million.   Wasn’t that fun? I LOVE CHARTS.

ETA:   More Photos After the Jump…

Judge chat:   Paula Abdul has been chosen by  TPTB  to address  the pros vs. non-pros controversy.   It cracks me up to  see  the producers  scamper to spin the controversies that wouldn’t matter anyhow, because you know, according to Nigel, they’d only be discussed on the blogs and boards and no one would evah notice! Har.  

Paula says, “It doesn’t matter if any of these kids sing in the shower, or they are backing up someone who sings in a stadium.   It’s like they all went through the same lines, all the times, slept in line, had to put up with his (points to Simon) stuff.   And you know what, by now, these kids are talented…it’s a savvy business.   If they haven’t already tried to make a name for themselves, they don’t deserve to be in this competition.”  

Simon laughs at Paula.   She’s not finished! “Does anyone remember that Kelly Clarkson had a deal that dismantled, last season  Brandon Davis (WHO???) Mandisa…” Paula is now clearly confused. She should quit while she’s not ahead.

Simon insists that he’s not using reverse psychology when he rips a contestant a new one.   He swears he’s merely passing on an opinion.   My bullsh*t meter is about to explode.   Please shut up, and let’s move on to the carnage!

Next up, a video featuring the kids on their video shoot at Santa Monica Airport.   Daughtry’s sappy “What About Now” plays in the background.   Oh, how I miss the 30 minute results show.

Group sing!   YAYYY!   The kids take the stage for a 60’s medley.   Awesome!   David Hernandez and Luke Menard sound much better tonight than they did during their performances Tuesday.   Nice glory note from David Cook.   Kristy Lee  Cook manages not to suck.

Finally, it’s time to break somebody’s heart.   Ryan starts with the guys.     But first, we have to sit through a recap of Tuesday’s show.   Boo.

After the recap, Ryan wastes no time.   He calls Garrett Haley up to the stage. “It’s been quite a journey, hasn’t it been?” asks Ryan.   Garrett says yes, shifting around nervously. “It’s tough to say goodbye to anybody, and tonight I have to say goodbye to you, ” says Ryan.  

“Really?” says Garrett.   “Alright.”  He doesn’t look surprised.   The camera cuts to Danny Noriega who looks totally shocked.   Ryan asks Garrett if he thinks the judges (Simon) were too personal with him.   Garrett, unruffled, says, “I’m happy with the way I am, I wouldn’t change a thing.   Haven’t gone tanning, I’m being myself.”

Garrett sings out, all smiles.   His family is standing above on the mezzanine watching him.   He seems like a really nice kid.   I would have liked to have seen him last a little longer.   Some of the girls are starting to cry.   Ramiele Malubay  appears to be the waterworks queen  this season.

“Next” says Ryan, “We set our sights on the ladies.”   That sounds vaguely sinister.

After the obligatory re-cap of the ladies performances, Ryan calls Kristy Lee Cook to the stage. “mmm, hmm” murmurs Kristy with a smile.” Ryan says, “Kristy, you’ve had quite the week with the flu, are you feeling better?” “I am, ” says Kristy.   Ryan, wanting to make sure we get the point that poor Kristy was sick last night says, “It almost seems unfair that you get the flu when you’re here for performance night.” “Perfect timing!” chirps Kristy. “Exactly, ” Ryan says sympathetically, “Well, you should rest up, because  you are safe…” Kristy breaths a sigh of relief. “You’ll be back again next week, ” says Ryan.

The camera cuts to Amy Davis who looks like she knows her head is on the chopping block. “The person who is leaving us tonight, unfortunately, ”  says Ryan, “is Amy Davis.”   Amy steps up to the stage. Paula, making no sense at this point, tells Amy, “This is the most amazing platform for you, because now you have millions of people, and it’s your chance now to do whatever you want to do.   You got to go paint that door, and that knob, and go for it.”   WTF? Did Paula just suggest Amy give BJs?   Paula is wack, and it’s awesome!

Amy’s….two mothers?   OK, maybe they are sisters, or something.   They sit off to the side and watch.   Amy sings out.   And she’s dreadful.   Worse than last night.  Her vocals wobble around, desperately trying to find the notes of the song.   I just don’t get putting someone through this kind of humiliation, even if they are hot.

We get a break from the slaughter-fest to watch Paula Abdul’s video for her single from Randy’s upcoming album, “Dance Like There is No Tomorrow.”   Despite her claim, Paula doesn’t dance much.   She leaves the heavy lifting to the backup dancers.   Randy is off to the side playing bass.   The song itself is a passable dance track.   Afterward, Ryan brings out a big plastic fan to “recreate the moment.” More wind!   Simon’s reaction, “She represents every color in the universe.” Ha!

It’s back to the girls and the results.   “I need Joanne and Amanda to join me in the center of the stage.” says Ryan.   Amanda is rockin the frosted extensions!   Joanne looks really cute in her 60’s get-up.   So pretty!   “I can tell you this, ” continues Ryan, “Everyone sitting on the sofa is safe and will be back again next week.” Joy on the couches!

Ryan tells us that either Amanda or Joanne is leaving, but we’ll have to wait ’til after the break to find out…

“Back to the slicing and dicing, now.” says Ryan.   The writers aren’t mincing words!   The lights dim, Joanne rocks nervously from side to side.   “America voted, ” says Ryan, “and Amanda…you are safe…Joanne leaves us tonight on American Idol.”

Randy thinks her nerves got the best of her. Simon says, “It was your worst performance, and that’s what happens.”   As Joanne begins her singout, major waterworks begin over at the girls couches–Ramiele Malubay, Asia’h Epperson  and Kady Malloy are all crying.

After the break, Ryan turns to the guys. Ryan calls Chickezie to the seal.   Chikezie throws up his hands as if to say, “I knew it!”   Ryan also calls Colton Berry  to the stage.   The lights dim. Colton looks like he’s going to throw up. “America voted…this is tough guys, one of you has to go…that person is…Colton.”

Colton is trying hard not to cry.   Paula gives Colton encouragement, “You are young, you are talented, you have your whole career ahead of you, now it’s up to you to take your time, pick the right songs, and go for it.”   At least she didn’t tell him to go off and paint somebody’s knob.

Ryan asks Simon to attempt some constructive criticism.  No way!   Mean Simon is back with a vengeance.   “I wouldn’t agree with Pauler, ” he says, “Actually, Colton, I would say get a good job, and then enjoy singing, ’cause I don’t think you’ll make a successful career out of it.”   Harsh!   But probably true.   However, the kid didn’t need to hear that in front of 30 million people while he’s still trying to wrap his head around being eliminated.

Ryan calls the other eliminated contestants to the stage.   We see their smell ya later videos.   Afterward, there is still a few minutes left for Colton to perform a singout.   He still sings “Suspicious Minds” with a big grin on his face. Still. The girls are crying their eyes out.   The credits roll and we’re out.

Two boylets, both cannon fodder are out.   Amy and Joanne both gave poor performances  Wednesday night, with little prior airtime to cushion the blow.   There are no surprises tonight.

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