The Voice 9 Blind Auditions #3 – Live Blog and VIDEOS

The Voice 9 Recap Blind Auditions #3 Live Blog and VIDEOS -- Pictured: Jubal and Amanda -- (Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC)

The Voice 9 Recap Blind Auditions #3 Live Blog and VIDEOS

More hopefuls sing for the coaches–Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams and Adam Levine–for a spot on their teams and an opportunity to compete in the Battle Rounds.

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Oh. CRYING TONIGHT. And coaches fighting. But not really! We’re live blogging! Join the discussion.

Morgan Frazier – 22 – Nashville – I Want You To Want Me by Cheap Trick  – She’s been singing since she was a little girl. When she was 9, her parents spent 5K to record an indie CD. They hit the road, selling copies along the way. 30K altogether! At 16, she found a manager in Nashville and lived there on her own as she collaborated with songwriters. Her manager didn’t pan out. Now she plays a couple of nights a week at Tootsies, but wants to perform to a wider audience. She gives a country twist to an alt rock classic. Gwen turns immediately. I like this slowed up version better than the Voice recording, it has a wistful, melancholy tone. Morgan has that little break in her voice. This really works. Blake turns at the last minute. She giggles. She’s obviously got the coach she wants. Gwen is PISSED. “I know what to do with you!” she exclaims. Adam is Team Gwen ALL THE WAY. Gwen pulls out the “Been in a band since 17 I write all my own songs” card. Blake compares her to Emmylou Harris. GWEN SAW EMMYLOU IN CONCERT. “I PUT ON country concerts!” says Blake. Of course, Gwen didn’t stand a chance. Morgan chooses Blake. He’s one of her heroes OH LOOK! Morgan is still listed at Curb records. She must have parted ways with the label very recently. –  Download from iTunes

Amanda Ayala – 17 – New York – Mississippi Queen by Mountain – She connects to the music mamma and daddy like. She joined her first classic rock band at 12. They played around town, including the Bitter End in NYC. Amanda is looking for direction from a fellow female rocker–she really hopes Gwen turns. Hm. Her voice is missing the heft this song requires. There’s no grit. She sounds young and out of her league. No one turns. Until finally Adam,  Blake and Pharrell hit their buttons. No Gwen. Honestly, I’m surprised anyone turned. She looks really young too. Pharrell loves her tone. He can help her get to the second level. He sees potential. Blake would LOVE a classic rocker on his team, noting the others have tons of rockers. Adam calls Blake “Sir Lies A Lot.” He thought her vocal got better as the song progressed. He sees that as some sort of sign. He’d also love to coach her. Amanda chooses Adam. She’s cannon fodder. Amanda admits she was eyeing Gwen. She feels bad, but is looking for singers who are more fully formed. – Download from iTunes

Oh look, it’s Christina Grimmie shilling Kohl’s duds.

Jeffrey Austin – 22 – Chicago IL – Lay Me Down by Sam Smith – His father died from heart disease. He wishes dad was around to see him perform. He was a total theater geek in high school, but studied public relations in college. He got a desk job and felt dissatisfied. He’s pursuing music now. He hasn’t performed on a major stage in 6 years.  He’s no Sam Smith. His presentation is generic and bland–no charisma or star power.  Gwen hesitates, but pushes her button. He admits to Adam that Maroon 5 was his first concert. Adam feels bad he didn’t turn (but probably not really).  Gwen felt it was a really beautiful performance. She can’t believe no one else turned. I can. Jeffrey will be gone after the battle rounds.  – Download from iTunes

Lyndsey Elm – 22 – Vacaville CA –  Lips are Movin by Meghan Trainor – She lives in a California cow town, and works for the family business–pest control! They’d hate to lose her, but the parents support her musical aspirations. Lyndsey played basketball in high school, but when she got a guitar as a high school graduation present, her musical side emerged. She has her eye on Pharrell as her coach. Gwen turns around right away. Well, this isn’t so stripped down, as Lyndsey describes. It’s got a lively, jazz/folk arrangement–an interesting twist. Pharrell and Adam turn! Blake finally hits his button. She’s very soulful and inhabits a song as if she wrote it. Excellent arrangement of the song.  Gwen loves the entire package. Lindsey confesses to Pharrell that she writes songs.  After Blake and Adam snipe at each other a bit, Pharrell goes in for the kill, bringing the conversation back to Lyndsey. And in a reversal…Lindsey chooses Gwen. Usually when a singer expresses an interest in a coach, it means they aren’t picking them. – Download from iTunes

Joe Maye – “Word Up” by Cameo – He’s really close to his 6 year old nephew. He wants to be a role model. His first job was on an “entertainment” cruise ship. “It was really corny!” he says. He got a band together, and performed pop, rock and hip hop. He loves becoming different characters on stage. Not having an artistic identity is a problem, right there. His vocal isn’t bad. But Joe. Got bad news. You’re still kinda corny. There’s some pitch problems here. Nobody is turning. Sads. Blake wondered if he was dancing, because he was out of breath. Pharrell thought it was the wrong song. A Stevie Wonder song would have been better. Adam liked the choice, but agrees he shouldn’t have been dancing. Gwen advises Joe to practice while dancing in order to develop his stamina. No Turns.

Manny Cabo – 45 – Los Angeles CA – Here I Go Again by Whitesnake – He’s a freelance fashion photographer, working for major fashion magazines. Interesting. But his dream is to be a rock singer. He performs in cover bands at night. Performing since the 80s, music has been a hard road for him. The freelance life has been inconsistent–he wants to be able to take care of his daughter and wife of 15 years.  Manny’s got a solid 80’s style rock vocal. He’s be great fronting a tribute band, but his sound is SOOO dated. Adam turns right away. Blake turns next.  Pharrell follows. Gwen hits her button. He’s got a decent rock wail, I’ll give him that. He exhibits confidence on stage, too. “You don’t have any hair, and you’re doing hair band stuff!” says Blake. He knocks Adam for rolling up his jeans. Pharrell rolls his eyes. “You seem like a man’s man,” says Blake, “And I want a man!” Pharrell loves Manny’s dynamics and strength. Gwen notes his control. Adam began singing hair band covers in high school. He gets it! Adam really wants him on his team. After the break, we find out who Manny chooses. And Manny chooses Adam. All that begging didn’t go to waste. Download from iTunes

Madi Davis – 16 – McKinney TX –  It’s Too Late by Carole King – She had significant hearing loss as a child, but reconstructive surgery fixed her problems. A musical trip to Paris changed her life. Madi has that weirdo indie phrasing thing going. The Voice loves their young quirky indie chicks! Pharrell and Gwen turn right away.  Her take on the song is original, and her tone is lovely, but Madi still sounds unformed and affected. She’s still growing into her style. Pharrell and Gwen go at it! Gwen is frustrated that she can’t steal contestants away from him. Gwen tells Madi to ignore Pharrell’s cute face. He reminds the singer that he won last season. Going in for the kill! They approach Madi with their arms around each other, all passive aggressive-like.  Gwen is being kind of obnoxious. Whining about Pharrell’s charms isn’t a smart strategy. And indeed, Madi chooses Pharrell. Next time Gwen, keep the pitch focused on yourself and the artist. –  Download from iTunes

Caleb Lee Hutchinson – 16 – Dallas GA – “The Dance” – He’s a country singer. He loves Tae Kwon Do. He also does impressions of country singers, like Luke Bryan. He opened for Bo Bice at one point. How about that. He’s got that deep-voiced Scotty McCreery deal going, sans the self confidence. He’s tentative and nervous, with pitch problems. His dynamics could use some work. Come back in a few years, kid. Gwen is shocked he’s so young. Blake thinks he has a cool country voice and thinks he’ll get better. Pharrell likes that he sang with his heart. They encourage him to come back. Blake thinks he’s 6 to 8 months to being ready.-  No Turns.

Montage time!Riley Biederer sings Invincible by Kelly Clarkson and ends up on Team Pharrell – Cassandra Robertson performs Ghost by Ella Henderson and joins Team Adam – Daria Jazmin sings Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor and ends up on Team Pharrell.

Chris Crump – 31 – Baytown TX – Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran – Chris was homeschooled and in a religious family band. His first foray into secular music was Creed. Baby steps! Heh. He left his wedding reception when he learned there was an open audition in Austin! His wife was totally supportive. “In the south we believe a man provides.” No irony here. Chris is serious. UGH. I’ll put the conservative values deal aside and say he IS a good singer, if not particularly memorable. All four coaches turn for him and his voice breaks. He’s an emotional guy. Blake loves his warm tone, and his ability to be emotional and connected to what he’s singing.  Pharrell thought there were some transition problems, but chalks it up to nerves. Adam thinks he’s got the technicals, but will help him work on performing without losing it. Gwen loves his intimate style. In the end, Chris chooses Blake  –  Download from iTunes

Tyler Dickerson – 21 – Hattiesburg MI – Hard to Handle by Otis Redding – He works with his dad in the family business. Dad knows he’s meant to pursue music. He was known around Florida as the “outlaw kid.”  John Rich was his manager after he moved to Nashville at 13. He was dropped by his label, Lyric Street Records in the middle of a tour. John Rich leaves a video message, wishing him good luck. Music is all he knows. NO backup plan. “This is my second shot,” he says. Tyler’s got a solid country rock/blues deal going. Very soulful. He doesn’t take the song to places the Black Crowes didn’t, though. It’s like a super-confident cover band rendition. Blake turns and is jubilant when none of the others hit their button. OH BLAKE REMEMBERS HIM. Blake says he was being called “The next Travis Tritt.”  This kid had the beginnings of a  career, then ended up back working for his father.  Bucky Covington and Josh Gracin from Idol were signed to Lyric Street. Tyler was in a bad car accident after he lost his record deal. He cries as he recounts his story.   Download from iTunes

Jubal and Amanda – Seven Bridges Road by Steve Young – The duo are a couple. Amanda is a music teacher. Jubal’s dad Steve Young is a pioneer of Outlaw Rock. He wrote the Eagles song they are singing tonight. Jubal is a single parent, but maybe not for long! Promos have teased a proposal. The 70’s vibe is undeniable. They really capture that west coast country rock vibe. I’m feeling a tad bit nostalgic. Great blend, tone, and immaculate execution. Blake, Gwen and Pharrell turn. Pharrell thought the performance was a little pitchy. Really? Gwen loves their harmonies.  The duo have only performed together 18 months. When Blake asks if they’re married, Amanda replies, “Some day.” and that’s Jubal’s cue to get down on his knee with a ring. Of course, she says yes!  Surprisingly, the duo chooses Pharrell. –  Download from iTunes

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