The Voice 6 Top 5 Elimination Live Blog

The Voice - Season 6

Two finalists will be eliminated from The Voice 6 Top 5 tonight. Stay tuned while we live blog. Plus, The Voice 5 Top 3: Tessanne Chin, Jacquie Lee and Will Champlin return to perform their new songs.

Hey guys! It’s Adam and I hope you didn’t miss me to much yesterday! Anyway, tonight is going to be crazy as 3 more people will be forced to sing for the Instant Save. Who will get it? Join me here at 8 to see how it all goes down.


Carson welcomes us in and introduces our judges Adam, Blake, Shakira and Usher! Rascal Flatts are introduced and perform their new song “Rewind.” I like other songs of theirs–this isn’t my favorite. The performance just seemed to lack a little energy to me.

Fun fact- Those back up singers are friends of Idol’s Melinda Doolittle.

Here we go with the results!!!! First safe and through tonight is….

Jake Worthington advances to the finale. Him?! Really? Ugh, I should have known by iTunes, but I guess I was in denial.

Carson announces that we, the audience, will pick the songs next week! After the show, go the official website for more information.

After a short confessional and check in with the coaches, Jacquie Lee takes the stage next to perform her new single “Broken Ones.” She is looking amazing tonight! Her dress makes her look so incredibly beautiful and pretty, but I digress. I feel like this song doesn’t really show off her vocals and all that she is capable of. But since she isn’t competing that doesn’t matter. Her new single packs a punch with its meaning and sounds really great! Good on yah Jacquie!

After a quick check in with Tessanne Chin and Jacquie Lee, Will Champlin takes the stage to perform his new song! I’m not sure about this…I mean, I think the problem with it, is it has no hook. Regardless, Will performs the song like a pro and works the stage like he has been doing it for years.

Time for more results!!!!! Safe and through tonight is…..

Josh Kaufman is safe! Good for him! I think he will end up being this season’s winner now.

That means Christina, Kat and Kristen will all sing for the save! Who will be saved? Say who you think in the comments below!

Tessanne Chin takes the stage to perform her new song “Everything Reminds Me of You.”  Two words: slay queen! I supported Jacquie last season, but hot damn Tessanne can SANG! This performance is incredible and she fits a winner’s role. I wish we had even more alumni coming to perform! I love these homecoming performances!

Kristen Merlin is first and sings “Blown Away,”  by Carrie Underwood. I love Kristen, but she is hitting a bunch of bum notes in this performance. The glory note is spot on, but it was a rough road to get to that point.

Kat Perkins is next singing “Good Girl”! Kat holds the record now for Instant Save Performances. I am pretty sure her luck will come to an end tonight. Kat sounds fine, but I just don’t see her getting saved again.

Christina Grimmie is last and sings “Apologize” by One Republic. She is singing her tail off tonight! With her huge fanbase, I honestly don’t see how she doesn’t get the instant save… Adam says that if she makes it through tonight, she will win the season.

And here we go! The Instant Save is now open! Good luck everyone!

Justin Bieber himself took to twitter in support of Christina Grimmie:


Apparently Adam Levine called him during the break to throw his support for her.

During commercial, Christina holds 70% of the votes. LOL, way to spoil the results. After some words from the coaches…here we go!!!!!!!

AMERICA INSTANTLY SAVED……………. *DRUMROLL* CHRISTINA GRIMMIE! And once again, Shakira is snubbed a spot in the finale. Poor girl. Christina looks so shocked as she breaks down in tears. How was Jake safe tonight again?

The Voice Season 6 Final 3-

1- Jake Worthington

2- Josh Kaufman

3- Christina Grimmie

Thanks for joining me tonight guys! I’ll be back in a few days with some last words about the top 3 in my power rankings. Until then though, you can always follow me @adamhsamuel

Have a good night guys!

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