The Top 10 Guys – Spoilers!

Like last week, this week’s performance shows will be taped ahead–the guys yesterday and the girls today. This week’s theme is the 70’s. And next week’s theme? You’ll never guess! Yeah, the 80’s.

Just for the record, I hate themes for the semis. It takes away the element of surprise. That first song choice can make or break a contestant, often in a really spectacular way. Narrowing their choices down to a specific genre (and a very small list of songs–50, I’m hearing) neither gives a contestant the opportunity to shine or bomb in way that makes for good TV, or a good introduction to that contestant.

There’s been lots of speculation about why TPTB decided to use themes during the semis. Here is my favorite. The deal with iTunes dictated that contestants pick songs that would be cheap and easy to clear…

But I digress. The guys performed last night, and there are some spoilers floating around the net. I’ll grab what the peeps have been posting in comments and post…

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David A goes last, gets a tongue bath (that not a spoiler) and sings …Imagine. Here he is performing this same song on a TV show when he was 13.

Michael is first.
Jason sings second (I believe that is Castro)

Jason C and David C each play a guitar.

Danny and David A sing slow songs. Michael sings a semi-slow song. All the rest were uptempo.

About the judges comments:

Michael: Michael did good, but judges thought he picked wrong song and Simon thought it was weak

Jason C: Thought he was good, but the judges did not like it. Said that he shouldnt have played the guitar twice in a row.

Danny: Judges said he did better this week

Chikezie: Chikeze improved a lot. Judges seemed pleased

David A: Incredible performance and the judges loved him

David H: Probably one of the best performances. Judges thought did really good

David C: Played guitar and rocked it out. Thought he did well, but cannot remember judge comments

Jason Y: Did not do good and the judges …bagged on him. Judges told him he looked like a drunk guy dancing on stage

Robbie C: Thought he did good, but the judges said that he still wasnt proving to be rock

Luke: Pretty sure he did pretty good ¦ [becca] loved it. Doesnt remember what the judges said.

The spoilers come from IDF. A young poster there attended the taping as part of a school trip. She’s a big David Archuleta fan.

Check out pictures of the guys performing here.

thanks kirsten

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