The Next Great American Band Finale Spoilers!

And the winner is….

After the Jump!

CarieB attended the NGAB finale last night and has written a recap. Thank you Carrie.

The Clark Brothers for the win! Yippee!!! Sixwire takes second place.


4 hours of standing in the pit but well worth it. What a fun time we had! We were front row behind the 8-12 year olds at the main stage and directly in front of the judges table. For those of you that have met me, you may see plenty of me on the tee vee next Friday night. Lots of performances tonight. Wondering if it will be a 2 hour show….

OK, for the performances. I may be out of order because they filmed things out of sequence.

First up (and you have to forgive me because I only started watching the show about 6 weeks ago), was Northmont, a band the judges really liked but they didn’t get very far. Their band was augmented by the horn section from DMHO, the rhythm guitar from Sixwire and Austin playing slide. I don’t know the name of the song but it sounded really good.

Then Jeff Bird and his band came out and performed a song he wrote about the rigors of this competition and I enjoyed this one as well. I think this will actually be the first performance on the show.

The Clark Brothers did an original (?) gospel song called “You Are Still the Same.” It was very cool. My 15 y.o. S/D who is mostly into screamo metal absolutely loved it. I did too.

Sixwire came out and did “This Will be the Last Time.” I thought they were very good.

Then DMHO performed “Vehicle.” I thought Denver’s vocal was a bit more gritty than the last time he sang it, and the song was improved tonight.

Drumroll, the first elimination is Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. Afterwards, they showed a taped version of Sheila E. reprising her 80’s hit, “Glamorous Life” and doing her bizness on the drums. The Goo Goo dolls also performed a song called “Broadway”, but it was also taped previously.

I peek through a stage curtain and see some kids in Santa hats which I finally recognize as the metal tots with guitars in hand. They set up a number of stages within the stages, and ALL TOP 7 bands performed Christmas songs. They each did their own then all joined together on the main stage and sang Santa Claus is coming to town, replete with “snow” falling on all of us and everybody singing. It was pretty cool.

Now it is time for the results. Sixwire and The Clark Brothers are lined up on either side of Dominic. It takes so long to set up the shot, Austin, who is right in front of me, is telling Ashley that he is going to puke or pee his pants. They finally got it underway and Dominic says “and the next Great American Band is”….. and waits I am not kidding a full 10 seconds. When he says The Clark Brothers, they all fall down to the ground and the crowd goes crazy. I hadn’t realized I was nervous for them and starting jumping up and down, clapping and cheering like a maniac. Adam, Ashley AND Austin all high five me and my S/D and her friend. The girls have Clark Brothers crushes now. Lol. Even they said to me that the genuineness, passion and just plain “niceness” of these 3 brothers comes through in everything they do, and it really resonated.

The judges were asked for their reactions and they are all thrilled. Dicko uses the word “thrilled”. Sheila cries again and talks about the light of God shining through them, and John says again no one deserved to win more than they did. All is well.

The show ends but that is not all. The Clark Brothers do a “singout” for us that you won’t see on the show, including a drummer and bass player. I can’t tell you the name of the song but I really liked it. Again, a fantastic evening. Need to get food now. Work tomorrow.

I hope this show gets a better time slot and finds a bigger audience next year.

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