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A new episode of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation airs tonight on NBC. Read a live recap and join the discussion here.

The episode begins with the contestants meeting Bob in a food court where an assortment of fast food is displayed. They learn they must compete in a trivia competition about fast food. The winner of each round will choose two people on the opposing team to eat an unhealthy dish, but Dolvett or Jen may step in for one round. The first team to earn four points win the challenge. The winning team will be able to choose one team member from the opposing team to sit out of the next weigh-in.

Round 1: Erin versus Lauren. They must choose the Italian dish with the highest amount of fat. Erin is correct with pepperoni pizza. She chooses Sarah and Rob to eat the pizza. Rob says the guilt of eating fast food is twice as much now and he tears up as he eats it.

Round 2: Luis versus Richard. They must choose the unhealthiest Mexican dish in school lunches. Luis is right with nachos. Toy and Jacky are chosen to eat them, but Dolvett steps in and eats the nachos.

Round 3: Hope versus Jacky. They must choose the Italian dish with as much sodium the average person consumes in a day. Jacky is right with Chicken Alfredo. She chooses Lauren and Vicky to eat it.

Round 4: Colby versus Whitney. They must choose the American dish with twice as many calories than the other American dishes.Whitney is correct with mac & cheese. Whitney chooses Colby and Hope to eat it, but Jen steps in and eats it.

Round 5: Rob versus Stephen. At the moment Team Dolvett has three points and Team Jen has one point. They must choose the dish with the average serving of 20 grams of fat. Stephen is right with the apple pie and ice cream. Team Dolvett wins the challenge! Team Jen must now share the apple pie and ice cream knowing that one of them will have to sit out of the upcoming weigh-in.

The next day, Bob takes the contestants to meet Dr. Robert Huizenga. First Dr. Huizenga discusses all the sugary drinks Colby drinks. He reveals to Colby that he drinks 460 lbs of sugar a year. Bob asks Jacky about her daughter. She cries as she talks about her 12-year-old daughter and how they are teaching her bad habits. She says she and Stephen are on The Biggest Loser for her. Next Dr. Huizenga mentions how Toy has the most excess fat in the cast. He pours 218 lbs of hydrated fat into a container to show exactly how much fat she has. Toy says she knew she was heavy, but seeing the hydrated fat as a tangible example was eye-opening. Next Dr. Huizenga reveals that December 14, 2020 is the day Rob is apparently supposed to die if he doesn’t make any changes. Rob breaks down in tears and says he is determined to make the changes to live a much longer life.

Next Bob shows the contestants how to cook a healthier burger, which includes turkey meat and using lettuce to wrap it instead of bread. Afterwards, it’s time for the workout. Richard is watching the male team members on Team Jen to have an idea of whom to make sit out of the weigh-in. Meanwhile, everyone is working really hard. However, Felicia is still having difficulty getting along with Dolvett. She doesn’t appreciate his aggressive method of training. Erin, however, likes Dolvett’s style and finds it effective. Dolvett is determined not to lose another team member this week, but Jen feels confident in her team too.

It’s time for the weigh-in. Richard reveals that they have decided to make Colby sit out of the weigh-in. In a confessional, Richard explains that Colby didn’t lose too much weight last week, so he was due for a big weight loss this week. Colby steps on the scale. His current weight is 309. He lost 12 lbs.

Sarah and Toy are the next two to weigh-in. Sarah’s current weight is 244. She lost 6 lbs. Toy’s current weight is 302. She lost 6 lbs too. Toy is very disappointed as she felt she did everything she was told to do. Team Jen has lost 0.28% of weight; Team Dolvett has lost 0.32% of weight.

After a quick montage, we see that Vicki and Erin both lost 6 lbs each. Luis lost 7 lbs, but Felicia only lost 4 lbs. Regarding Felicia’s low number, Dolvett says there is room to get much better. Felicia slightly rolls her eyes, which visibly annoys Dolvett. Team Jen has now lost 0.88% of weight. Team Dolvett has lost 0.85% of weight.

Rob and Richard are the next two to step on the scale. Bob mentions how it has been an emotional week for Rob after his meeting with the doctor. Rob says it’s been a week of reality; it has been a wake-up call. His current weight is 299. He lost 7 lbs. Richard’s current weight is 294. He also lost 7 lbs. Team Jen has lost 1.21% of weight; Team Dolvett has lost 1.22% of weight. It’s a very close competition right now.

Roberto and Stephen are the next two to step on the scale. Roberto’s current weight is 315. He lost 9 lbs. Stephen’s current weight is 289. He also lost 9 lbs. Team Jen has lost 1.62% of weight. Team Dolvett has lost 1.69% of weight.

The next two to step on the scale are Hope and Whitney. Hope’s current weight is 220. She lost 2 lbs. “That is absolutely pathetic,” Hope says. She feels like she let down Jen and her teammates, but she feels like she especially let down Colby. “You didn’t let me down,” he tells her. Whitney weighs-in, but her current weight is still 243. She lost no weight.”That doesn’t make sense to me,” Dolvett says. Team Jen’s percentage of weight loss is now 1.72%, but Team Dolvett stays at 1.69%.

The last two remaining are Lauren and Jacky. Lauren feels a lot of pressure after seeing her team members crying. Her current weight is 215. She lost 8 lbs. Team Jen’s final percentage of weight loss is 2.09%. Rob and Hope are below the yellow line and will be vulnerable for elimination if Team Jean loses the weigh-in. Jacky’s current weight is 287. She lost 3 lbs. Team Dolvett’s final percentage of weight loss is 1.85%. Team Jen has won the weigh-in! Jacky and Whitney have fallen below the yellow line, and one of them will be going home tonight.

It’s time for the elimination.

Stephen has voted to eliminate Whitney.

Felicia has voted to eliminate Jacky.

Erin has voted to eliminate Whitney.

Richard has voted to eliminate Whitney.

Whitney has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. After she walks away, Felicia angrily vents about Dolvett. She is upset as she says that Dolvett is the reason why they have lost the weigh-in two weeks in a row. After the elimination, the team members return to the house and meet Dolvett in the living room. Richard points out how they have won two challenges, but they have lost the weigh-in twice. Erin says that she hopes Dolvett will care about helping them change their lives instead of just focusing on making someone on his team win The Biggest Loser. Felicia once again vents her frustration about Dolvett. Dolvett appreciates the honesty and takes the blame for the team losing. He asks them to give him another shot. However, Felicia reveals in her confessional that she won’t believe Dolvett will change until she sees it.

It’s time for the next challenge. Each team must pull three food trucks past 600 feet. The first team to get all three trucks over the finish line will win the challenge. The winning team will get a crash course in healthy food recipes, while the losing team will be eating from the food trucks. Colby and Sarah are instructed to sit out of the challenge.

The first two pairs to pull a food truck for their respective teams are Roberto and Luis and Stephen and Richard. Roberto and Luis take the lead. After they cross the finish line, Hope, Lauren, Vicki, and Rob pull the second truck. After Richard and Stephen cross the finish line, Stephen goes again with Erin, Toy, and Jacky. Team Jen stays in the lead as all six team members pull the last truck. They even manage to lap Erin, Toy, Jacky, and Stephen, who are still pulling the second truck. Team Jen wins the challenge!

Next is the last chance workout. Dolvett says he will be damned if they lose another team member. “Don’t be defeated – be motivated!” Dolvett tells his team. “We are not going to back down!” Jen tells her team. To improve his training style, Dolvett appoints point people to help lead the workout instead of him. Dolvett says this was the first workout as a team instead of him training people individually. Team Jen, however, are not too concerned. In his confessional, Colby says Team Jen is the real deal.

Next renowned chef Lorena Garcia teaches Team Jen how to make a healthy dish, which includes ground turkey. While Team Jen learn how to eat healthier, Team Dolvett must eat from a food truck. They try to eat the healthier options as they see salad is available, but some of them include a side of bacon even though that has too many calories. Richard even asks for an extra taco. Erin is worried about Richard. She thinks he may be harming the team by eating more than she believes is necessary.

It’s time for a last chance challenge for a two-pound advantage. Four team members must row 500 meters. After one team member rows 500 meters, another team member must take over the rowing machine to row the next 500 meters. The first team to row 2,000 meters will win the advantage.

Jacky and Lauren begin the challenge. After they both row 500 meters, Felicia and Roberto are the next two to get on the rowing machine. Rob and Erin are the next to take over before it’s a showdown between Luis and Stephen. It’s a very close competition, but Luis reaches his 500 meters first. Team Jen wins the challenge!

It’s time for the weigh-in. Stephen says in his confessional how important this weigh-in is for Team Dolvett. They lost both challenges and have yet to win a weigh-in.

Team Jen already has lost 0.10% of weight thanks to the two-pound advantage. Colby is the first to weigh-in. His current weight is 300. He lost 9 lbs. Rob is the next to weigh-in. His current weight is 289. He lost 10 lbs. Team Jen has now lost 1.00% of weight. Before a Team Dolvett member steps on the scale, Bob points out how nervous Dolvett looks.

Roberto and Stephen are the next two to step on the scale. Roberto’s current weight is 308. He lost 7 lbs. Before Stephen is weighed, Bob says he notices how competitive Stephen is. It’s either win or lose for him. Stephen agrees and says that is just part of his personality. Stephen’s current weight is 283. He lost 6 lbs. He’s not happy with that number, and Dolvett expected a higher number too. He believes the number will get better, though. Team Jen has now lost 1.33% of weight; Team Dolvett has lost 0.37% of weight.

After a quick montage, we see that Sarah and Toy both lost 7 lbs, respectively weighing 237 and 295. Vicki and Erin both lost 6 lbs, the former weighing 214 and the latter weighing 216.

Lauren and Felicia are the next two to step on the scale. Lauren’s current weight is 211. She lost 4 lbs. She’s not happy with it. Before Felicia learns her new weight, she wonders whether it is too little too late, or just in time. Her current weight is 209. She lost 7 lbs.

Hope and Jacky are the next two to step on the scale. Hope’s current weight is 218. She lost 2 lbs. She says she really pushed herself this week, so she’s very disappointed. Jacky’s current weight is 278. She lost 9 lbs. Team Jen has a percentage of weight loss of 2.24%. Team Dolvett’s percentage is 2.17%.

Luis and Richard are the last two to weigh-in. Luis’s current weight is 273. He lost 5 lbs. He is disappointed. 2.48% is the final percentage of weight loss for Team Jen. Did Richard cost his team by eating those extra tacos? Apparently not. Richard’s current weight is 285. He lost 9 lbs. Team Dolvett has lost 2.73% of weight. Team Dolvett has won the weigh-in! Luis and Hope have fallen below the yellow line, and one of them will be eliminated.

It’s time for the elimination. This is the first time Team Jen will have to vote someone out, and they are all very emotional.

Colby has voted to eliminate Luis.

Roberto has voted to eliminate Hope.

Lauren has voted to eliminate Hope.

Rob has voted to eliminate Hope.

Hope has been eliminated from The Biggest Loser. It’s very emotional as Hope and Colby break down crying. Colby tells Hope he loves her and will miss her more than she will know. Hope says in her confessional that the next time America sees her, she will be slim enough to have a baby.

We see an update from Whitney. She now weighs 222 lbs; she lost 31 lbs. From her experience on The Biggest Loser, she learned she can go running outside and is not afraid to try new things. She says life is more fun now. She is also ready to find someone as we see her give speed dating a try. She says the journey is not over yet, though. She’s ready to see what is in store for her.

We also see an update from Hope. She now weighs 200 lbs; she lost 32 lbs. She was heartbroken when she was eliminated, but coming home was amazing. She found herself again and she says she is strong enough to do this herself. In addition, she now finds working out to be a lot of fun. Being a mom is her number one goal, and she learns from a doctor that she has lost 10% of her body weight and has doubled her chance to have a baby. She can’t wait to tell Colby.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode! Thanks for reading, post your thoughts of the episode in the comments section below, and come back next week for another live recap of The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation.

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