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For this leg, the teams remain in France and must drive themselves to Tour de Fautea. Once there, they must eat casu marzu, which is cheese with live maggots on it. Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla are the first teams to depart. Raquel & Cayla followed Kim & Penn there, but they managed to pass them once they arrived. Kim & Penn expressed their annoyance about it in their confessional. They say Raquel & Cayla are big competitors, and they look forward to beating them in the final leg.

Raquel & Cayla finish eating their casu marzu. They get their next clue, and they learn they have a Detour to complete: “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” or “Gently Down the Stream.” The former requires teams to kayak out into the ocean, unhook ten matching fish, and bring them back to the beach. The latter requires teams to take a 15 minute cruise while spotting fish in the water. Once they return, they must identify the correct sequence of fish. Raquel & Cayla choose the “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” Detour. They decide to wait for Kim & Penn before driving away. After Kim & Penn finish eating their cheese with maggots, they are surprised to see Raquel & Cayla waiting for them. They agree to work together on the “Gently Down the Stream” Detour. Raquel & Cayla would rather work with another team than make their way to a different Detour.

The other teams arrive at Tour de Fautea. Ryan & Dusty and Lulu & Lala sprint ahead, but Arun & Natalia have trouble opening the trunk of their car. The time spent on the trunk put them in last place. Ryan & Dusty are the first of these three teams to finish eating their casu marzu. They choose the “Row, Row, Row Your Boat Detour.” Lulu & Lala and Arun & Natalia are not too far behind, and they choose the “Gently Down the Stream” Detour.

Raquel & Cayla and Kim & Penn begin the “Gently Down the Stream” Detour. The water is murky, but they manage to find the fish they need to identify. They work together to remember the correct sequence. They get off the cruise and try to find the right sequence to present to the instructor. Kim & Penn and Raquel & Cayla successfully complete the Detour. They can now proceed to Port de Plaisance. Meanwhile, Ryan & Dusty begin the “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and Lulu & Lala and Arun & Natalia begin the “Gently Down the Stream” Detour. As Lulu & Lala and Arun & Natalia are waiting for the boat to arrive, they watch Ryan & Dusty already on their kayaks. Lulu & Lala and Arun & Natalia agree to work together to identify the fish. They get on the cruise and spot the fish they need to identify. The cruise makes its way back, and both teams are hoping they have the sequence memorized. As Ryan & Dusty are paddling in the water with eight out of ten of their fish collected, their kayak fills with water and sinks. They struggle getting back on their kayak, but they manage to get back on and continue the task.

Raquel & Cayla and Kim & Penn arrive at Port de Plaisance. They learn they have a Roadblock to complete. One team member must repair holes on fishing nets. Cayla and Penn do the Roadblock for their teams. Ryan & Dusty finish collecting the ten fish. They are now in third place. Lulu & Lala and Arun & Natalia, however, are incorrect with their sequence of fish. They must go back on the cruise and try again. Penn and Cayla are struggling with the Roadblock, and neither one of them completes the task before Ryan & Dusty arrive. Ryan gets started on the Roadblock as Lulu & Lala and Arun & Natalia finally complete the Detour. They match the correct sequence on their second attempt.

Penn is the first to complete the Roadblock. He and Kim can proceed to the Pit Stop: Bonifacio Cliffs. Cayla is the next to complete the Roadblock. Both teams make their way on foot to the cliffs, which is a steep climb. Kim & Penn arrive there first, and Phil gives them the good news. Kim & Penn are Team #1! They won a trip to Turkey. Raquel & Cayla join them on the mat as Team #2.

Meanwhile, Arun & Natalia arrive at the Roadblock before Lulu & Lala. Shortly after Natalia gets started, Ryan finally completes the Roadblock after some struggle. He and Dusty can make their way to the Pit Stop. Lulu & Lala eventually arrive at the Roadblock, and Lala chooses to do the Roadblock. Arun & Natalia and Lulu & Lala know they are the last two teams left.

After Ryan & Dusty arrive at the Pit Stop as Team #3, Lala finishes the Roadblock. She and Lulu can make their way to the Pit Stop. Natalia finishes the task soon afterwards, meaning it will be a close finish to the Pit Stop between Lulu & Lala and Arun & Natalia. But which team will get there before the other?

Lulu & Lala arrive at the Pit Stop mat minutes before Arun & Natalia. Arun & Natalia are the last team to arrive, but Phil gives them some good news. This is another non-elimination leg. Arun & Natalia survive elimination yet again.

Leg Summary

1st place: Kim & Penn

2nd place: Raquel & Cayla

3rd place: Ryan & Dusty

4th place: Lulu & Lala

5th place: Arun & Natalia

And that wraps up another episode of The Amazing Race. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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