Taylor Hicks DVD Whomp at the Warfield Available NOW

Taylor Hicks’ long-awaited DVD, Whomp at the Warfield, recorded at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco in 200y, is available now.

I’ve seen Taylor live several times, and he’s fabulous.   A DVD of his performances is long overdue.

Order Whomp at the Warfield from Amazon:

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  1. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!
    I will be purchasing this from Barnes & Noble much later on today, Tuesday, as I am typing this at 12:38 EST, NYC time…

  2. Taylor live is fabulous and a live CD is long overdue MJ. I pre-ordered my copy.

  3. I cannot believe it took this long. heh

    I can’t bare to buy it. I don’t really have the money, and I already know I won’t be happy with some of the audience shots. Too many bad memories of people who burned me in the name of fandom.

  4. I’ve seen this and it is Fantastic. Taylor Hicks is Great. I just got notice that mine has been shipped. Now to wear it out. Thanks mj for posting about this DVD.

  5. The show was FANATASIC! I wish Taylor well in the sales.


  6. Got an amazon gift card for Xmas so I will be ordering. I just need to find something else to order to qualify for free shipping…

  7. This is sooooo exciting!! I am heading out to get mine! Have waited for what seems forever for this DVD. I never got to see it on cable but have seen Taylor everytime he is in my area and each time I have been amazed. I love Taylor live! I love all 4 of his cd’s. This will be a great addition to my collection. Funny that he and Kat have something out on the same day (weird). I only wish some of his songs from The Distance were on a DVD. By the way, why didn’t AI ever put out another DVD of seasons after 1-4? Oh, well, off to purchase Taylor’s DVD!!!!!!!!

  8. I pre-ordered through this site a couple of weeks ago when MJ first posted the news. I excited!

    Calimari – might I suggest a nice cd by a guy named Kris Allen? ;-)

  9. Are there plans for this to ever be released on iTunes? My little guy adored Taylor when he was on Idol. He even dressed up like Taylor for Halloween that year. He was disappointed in his album though. I’d love to get this for his iPod. The DH loved Taylor on the show too.

  10. Oh poor goofy Taylor, he does get a bad rap. He’s quite an enjoyable performer, although to have expected to turn him into a big recording artist was a stretch. The guy is hardly a failure though, I would take watching him perform over several of the idol alums who have a reputation of being more successful.

  11. Waited patiently for Taylor to navigate the “hurdles” erected before he could finally get this gem of a DVD released to the public. In the meantime I was able to catch a showing on HD NET — which only made my resolve to add the live DVD to my collection of Taylor Hicks music stronger. What a fantastic concert — great band, great music, fantastic performances and Taylor was on fire.

    I appreciate Taylor’s resolve and the hard work it took to finish this project. You have to admire someone who can continue to push forward to complete his dream when all the big wigs are stacked against you. Congratulations Taylor and now to ENJOY MY OWN COPY!

  12. juliegr, Taylor definately has resolve. He had it long before he went on idol. He is a very confident and talented artist, and I can’t wait to watch this dvd.

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