American Idol

American Idol 11 – Erika Van Pelt Speaks With Reporters

Erika Van Pelt’s satellite interview with reporters is a MUST READ! She talks about not agreeing with Jennifer Lopez’s advice to “move around the stage” more–almost like Jlo wanted her to give a “fake performance” on Tuesday. And she readily admits there is a bias towards boys on Idol (although she believes it’s teen girls who are voting. Nope It’s us older ladies speed dialing for the boys, Erika!). The girls have to bring something a little extra to get ahead–although she says she can’t blame fans for wanting to vote for the cute boys–she would herself.

Also, she touches on the real family the finalists have become. The nodule on her vocal cord that gives her that husky alto sound, Why she loves Jimmy Iovine the best, and her big plans for the future. She loves Broadway and will soon begin writing her Freshman album. She would have sung Pink next week, but hopes to do so on tour (where she’s relieved she won’t be judged!)

Read on! No seriously. Do it.