SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 4 – New York City Auditions

Ryan Raffloer- 18- Brooklyn, NY- Team Stage – He’s doing Latin Ballroom solo. He’s been dancing for 11 years. His mom forced him to dance at first. She’s in the audience supporting him. His mom says she pushed him off the streets, and she’s proud of her work. His mom is really into it. He’s got the technique, but I like my ballroom dancers a bit more masculine. I think it might be the distracting Nick Carter hairstyle he’s chosen to wear, but he’s not Pascha or Dmitri, even though Nigel compares him to Dmitri. He says it was over the top, but that’s what he has to do without a partner. Paula says he’s interesting, and Jason says he feels expensive. He’s going to VEGAS!

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