SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 5 – Las Vegas Week Part 1

Hip Hop Round 1 has been really bad for guys. Samantha Reyes is up. She’s had a hard time doing choreo. Twitch gave her a pep talk. She doesn’t want to embarrass herself, and Twitch says go for it and see what happens. Jaja is also in her group. Samantha is not doing great. Jaja is killing it. So is Yorelis. So many strong female hip hoppers. I can’t believe Samantha will stay. Frankie, Jaja, and Yorelis are safe. Samantha is cut. Twitch tells Samantha he’s proud of her anyway.

That’s the end of Day 1. They’re giving a pep talk to the remaining street dancers. Twitch says it isn’t going to get easier.

Nigel isn’t happy!

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