SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 5 – Las Vegas Week Part 1

Dennis and two others made it through. Edson comes out, and says he got a leg cramp. Nigel says Edson was stronger in rehearsal, so he’s through to the next round, but Nigel says he has to be honest about injuries going further.

Up next Moises and Guillermo. Guillermo was the valet. Brandon Armstrong and Kate are also in the group. Moises is fantastic. Guillermo is trying, but he’s behind. It’s brutal. Kate doesn’t have it. Brandon is good enough. Moises is a stand out. Kate and Brandon are safe. Guillermo is cut. Moises has to dance for his life. Really? You kept Kate and made Moises dance for his life? Uhhh…. what? Paula tells him to dance strong. Moises is confused. He thought he did well. So did I. What the hell, guys? This is why Caleb never stands a shot at the Top 10. Y’all are crazy. How about for Season 13, you let me choose your Top 20? K?

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