SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 5 – Las Vegas Week Part 1

Megz, Lily, and Jessica are in the next group. I remember Megz and Jessica. Megz is landing the choreo. Jessica not so much. But it’s OK. Lily is also OK. Megz looks sick though. Jessica actually finishes strong. They’re all safe. The whole group. Awesome! Nadia, Marie Poppins, and Standing O all made it through also in a montage that celebrates female hip hop dancers.

Dragon House’s Andre Rucker got cut. Recovering addict Corey Cleveland got cut too. He showed the red keytag to Nigel. Hope he keeps staying sober. What we saw of his choreo attempt was really weak though. Andre is disappointed because he quit his job for this. Well, dude, if Dragon House didn’t teach you to learn how to do choreo before Vegas round… then I dunno. You had two full seasons to prepare for this. Take a freaking dance class bro.

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