SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 5 – Las Vegas Week Part 1

Day 2 for Team Street doing choreography. SQUAD! Dave Scott is doing round 2. After 1 hour, they have to perform.

B-Dash, Jessica, and Hurricane are in group 1. I’d say yes to B-Dash for sure, a soft yes to Jessica, and a maybe to Hurricane. They’re all safe. A montage of more dancers picking up choreo. Standing O is shown killing it again. Boris killed it. Yorelis killed it.

One of the Italian B-Boy Brothers is up now. They said they took classes prior to coming to Vegas to prepare. That’s smart. He’s looking good. He didn’t quite nail all the choreo, but it looked great when he did. He has to dance for his life. Paula needs more face, and I could agree. He didn’t have a face in that. Coming up, an early favorite is going home. I wonder who.

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