SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 3 – Los Angeles Auditions

James “B-Dash” Derrick- 26- California- Team Street – He turned his life around after seeing Rise, a movie about being a street dancer. This audition means a new life for him. His shirt reads Stay Dope, for anyone who thinks that turning his shirt inside out means we can’t read it. He’s gonna krump and a little animation today. He also has tape on his hat. He’s a pretty fantastic dancer in some perfect combination of krump and animation. He’s almost a 50/50 split of the styles. He’s entertaining to watch, possibly even moreso than Bluprint and a few others who have made the Top 20 before. Hopefully he does well in Vegas. Jason says he brought intricacies from animation that made a world of difference. Paula says “when you’re phenomenal, that’s you.” He’s got a ticket to Vegas.

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