SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 3 – Los Angeles Auditions

Jacy Jordan- 18- Texas- Team Stage – She was in a car accident, and almost lost her leg. She was thrown from a vehicle, and barely made it through the night. Her mom begged for them to not remove her leg. She missed two years of school and was told she’d never walk again. Not only does she walk, but she dances. She’s had 20 surgeries on her leg. She’s a beautiful dancer too. Not quite as good as some of the other girls in past seasons, but definitely worth a second look in Vegas (even without the backstory). Jason says he feels attached to her because of his near death experience. Jason said he held back his tears, and thanks her. Paula says dance is the one art form that keeps people going in hard times. Paula saw no disability, but incredible ability. Nigel says she’s a miracle. Nigel thinks there are stronger dancers, but Paula and Jason say Yes. Nigel is also set to play The Grinch in the upcoming revival of The Grinch… no I’m kidding. But, really Nigel? It’s just a ticket to Vegas. No one is asking for her to make the Top 10. Get your shit together.

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