SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 4 – New York City Auditions

Darius Drooh- 22- New York, NY- Stage – His love for Paula Abdul runs deep. Paula is his inspiration to be a dancer. One of the stronger male contemporary dancers. He might have a Top 10 shot. Jason says the choreography wasn’t “bing bang boom”, but he made the simple choreo look bing bang boom. Nigel said it was so constant, and he wanted more stops. Paula says he has a lot of style and technique. Nigel has him do some of Paula’s choreo. Darius gets his friend on stage to do the choreo with him. They actually know the choreo pretty well. His friend isn’t as good of a dancer as he is. I know why he isn’t auditioning. Not a bad dancer, but a year or two out from being ready for Vegas. Paula tells Darius he’s wonderful, and Darius starts to cry. this is what happens when someone is a real fan, and not a “fake fan” for the sake of the show. This kid was legit stoked to see Paula Abdul. He’s going to Vegas.

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