SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 3 – Los Angeles Auditions

Cody Carlson- 19- Sacremento, CA- Team Street – Cody has been dancing since he was 8. He’s a freestyle hip hopper, and he has down syndrome. He says Jason Derulo inspired him, but Jason hasn’t been around long enough for that. His mom brought him. Mom says he doesn’t let a little down syndrome slow him down. You know what… it’s a lot better than I expected. He obviously isn’t on the level of other dancers, but he’s had some training, clearly. He gets a standing O from everyone. Jason says Cody is a born entertainer. Nigel says they’re introducing dance into the special olympics, and says that THIS is a tough competition. Nigel is worried this isn’t the right competition for him to be in. Nigel says No, Paula says he’s magnificent, and Jason says he’s an inspiration. Jason gives him a ticket to Vegas anyway, and says it’s on his dime, he’ll make sure he gets to go.

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