SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 3 – Los Angeles Auditions

Brandon Armstrong- 20- Lehi, UT- Team Stage – Brandon auditioned with Lindsay Arnold. He’s now auditioning with Lindsay’s little sister. Nigel gave him a ticket to Vegas for when he was 18 in 2013, but he went and did a mission instead. He couldn’t dance or anything on his mission. But he’s back, and ready to earn his ticket again. He’s the better of the two ballroom males we’ve seen today. Mary would love him. He’s got a lot more showmanship in him. And Lindsay’s sister is gonna kill it next year if SYTYCD gets another season (which doesn’t look likely). Brandon’s got swag. Nigel gives Lindsay’s sister a ticket to Vegas for next year. Paula says he’s very well trained. Jason says Brandon knows how to handle his woman. Jason says he dominated. Nigel hits Brandon for his faces, but he’s got a ticket to Vegas. Lindsay Arnold was also there to support them.

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