SYTYCD Season 12 Episode 3 – Los Angeles Auditions

Allen Genkin- 24- Philadelphia, PA-Team Stage – He got into dance for the pretty girls. His mom died when he was 15, and dance was his dream. He’s also survived testicular cancer. I think he’s solid, but he mouths words sometimes, which annoys me. His partner, who isn’t auditioning, is great too. It’s tough to get too excited about him, because the three acts he followed were so stellar. He’s the first non-standing ovation from the judges. Paula starts joking about him not being sexy, but ends up telling him how amazing he is. Jason says he knew he was great from the very beginning, and needed only 3 seconds to know he would go to vegas. Nigel says he was reminded of Benji (really?) and says he has personality and technique, and he should come get a ticket.

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