SYTYCD 15 Recap – Auditions 4 Live Blog and Performance VIDEOS

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This is it. The very last audition episode of season fifteen. This is the final opportunity for Nigel, Mary, Vanessa, and Twitch to hand out some tickets to the academy. Cat is our host and we are once again in the big apple, New York City.

First up tonight is Andrew Avila and Melany Mercedez, both from NYC and both ballroom dancers. They started as kids in a company but never partnered together. Melany feels their flavor sets them apart from other dancers. Okay. So she is a bit better than he is. My eyes were glued to her. Andrew was a strong partner but he had a few moments where he wasn’t actually in-sync with Melany. If I could see it, you better believe the judges took notice. But I think Melany is a little star. Nigel calls it tremendous. He compliments the moves but feels Andrew needs to smile more so he knows Andrew is enjoying it. Vanessa says both are so talented. Twitch calls it fun and wants to do it. Mary couldn’t keep her eyes off Melany. She calls her a hot tamale and here comes the screams. SHE IS ON THE TRAIN. Nigel’s ears are now blown. LOL. Both are heading to the academy.

Next up is Randon “Tiger” Luangpraseuth. Damn, say that five times. He has taught in schools and dance studios. He uses his dance to teach unity and love to the youth. Good message. Nice breaking. I especially loved some of the moves Randon does with his legs. He’s very innovative. Some of that stuff I have never seen done before, which is half the battle on this show when you are trying to impress with B-boy material. Twitch loved it. He thought the presentation was great as Randon was smiling and enjoying himself. Mary was loving it all. Nigel feels the routine was great because he didn’t stop and did so much but will he be able to do other styles? Vanessa warns that he will have to be able to do a lot for this show. Twitch votes yes. Mary also gives him a yes. Nigel is worried so he gives him a no. Down to Vanessa. She tells him to start going to classes because it is a yes, and Randon is going to the academy.

Mika Doman is up next, a contemporary dancer. She is eighteen. She doesn’t know where she would be without dance. When she was younger, she had horrible migraines which resulted in a loss of vision. It turns out her brain tissue is larger than normal and she has tumors that will grow for the rest of her life. She will need surgery constantly. Her hero is her mom- who recently went through chemo. Mika wants to be as strong as her mom. She is auditioning to a spoken word piece about bullying. Nigel notes during the routine that he doesn’t know what is has to do the music. Twitch agrees. I somewhat disagree here. I found that Mika was telling a story with that and the spoken word made sense considering the steps. It wasn’t an over the top contemporary routine I will remember tomorrow but I get what she was going for. She wanted to tell a story though dance and I found she achieved that goal. Twitch didn’t love the solo but sees potential. Mary didn’t get it either but she sees strength and elegance. Nigel wanted the emotion that Mike is showing post-dance to be what she shows while dancing. Vanessa notes the interesting song choice. She feels she didn’t get to connect with Mika as much as she wanted. Vanessa says no. But Twitch, Mary, and Nigel say yes. So Mika is indeed heading to the academy.

Sorry for the delay folks. I just got home. I will pick up from where we are now and then go back and blog what I missed.

Kory Geller is a twenty-seven year old jazz dancer. He has been inspired by Broadway for years and it is something he wants to do. He loves Cat and is very confident about this audition. This could either be fantastic or abysmal considering how much attention the show is giving to Kory’s attitude. LOL at Nigel’s “uh-oh” before it even starts. Yeah, this isn’t good. Kory needs a lot of work. He is basically doing what in his eyes, a Broadway routine should be. But it doesn’t have the correct style, steps, or flow. Just a mess to be honest. Nigel says it was over the top and everything Broadway isn’t. Vanessa compliments some of it. Twitch wants more maturity. Mary also feels it needs to be toned down. Kory appreciates the comments and will work at it. Damn Nigel. Vanessa says he is on his way and Nigel responds he is only on his way out the door. Sheesh.

Brianna Penrose is up. Cool, a female tap dancer. She has some great musicality. A lovely audition full of personality and style. Nigel notes that jazz tap is not easy to do and Brianna found the nuances. Twitch loves the confidence. Vanessa calls it dynamic and enjoyed the fluidity. She felt it was a great audition. Mary loved the layers of the audition. All the judges of course say yes and Brianna is heading to the academy.

And now, a montage (no names) of people who are received a no from the judges. Some hip-hop, some ballroom, some contemporary…but alas, all no’s to the academy.

Next up is Arcadian Broad, a professional ballet dancer. He attended a ballet program at fourteen and while he was terrible, he fell in love with the challenge. His teacher in Orlando comments that he is a wonderful dancer and choreographer. He is thrilled to show the judges what he has. Damn. That spin was perfection. Last week, Nigel commented that a dancer was doing contemporary based on gymnastics as opposed to the ballet. This is based on ballet and I see the difference now in terms of the extensions and lines and style. Brilliant. Nigel loves his center. He was amazed by the stop in the spin. He wants a bit more personality out of him. Vanessa loves seeing a male ballet dancer. She loved the lines. Twitch thought the power and grace was displayed beautifully. Mary felt it had some great “OMG” moments. Of course, a yes, and Arcadian is through.

And now, a montage of good dancers who made it through. Among them- Darius Hickman, Jensen Arnold, Genessy Castillo. By the way, Jensen is Lindsay’s sister (of this show’s fame and Dancing with the Stars.)

Next up is Bridget Derville-Teer, who in her own words, is a bit out there. She likes to dance dark, creepy, and intense. She tried to conform to what most dancers were like, but it just wasn’t her. She had an eating disorder at sixteen and the treatment center didn’t want her to dance. She refused and got better but still wanted to dance (but be healthy). She definitely takes the cake for being edgy- a routine that is right on the cusp of being uncontrolled madness yet with stunning control. That makes sense once you see the routine. A very strong audition. Bridget is a keeper. Mary calls her a powerhouse. She calls it beautiful. Nigel says Bridget will give him nightmares. He loved it. Vanessa calls her explosive and says Bridget embraced her darkness. Twitch loved how Bridget was fully committed. All of them say yes of course.

Finally tonight, it is the audition that has been hyped all week. Ryan Green auditioned in season twelve but was cut in Vegas after the hip-hop round. He is a doing a style he created called “visual intoxication.” Okay. He was homeless when he first moved to NYC. He made enough money from dancing so he could get a place in Brooklyn. YEY Brooklyn. OH. This is amazingly different. Ryan slinks on and off the stage while doing some great animation and popping. He heads to the judges table and shows off some moves with his arms being twisted in crazy directions. DAMN. I had to look away for a moment. The arms are not supposed to bend that way. Nigel calls him sick. Twitch remembers him and says he is on another level right now. Mary calls him a genius at what he does. Nigel says he had him from the very beginning. Vanessa feels Ryan was looking straight at her. Aww. He is a big fan of hers and she is a big fan of his.

Nigel asks if he battles and of course, this is the moment the show has been airing commercials of. Twitch heads to the stage for a battle. Wow. Fun stuff. Twitch has more musicality but Ryan held his own. He instantly gets a ticket and is heading to the academy.

NEXT WEEK- THE ACADEMY. Time to narrow all these contestants down to just twenty that will compete on the live shows to become America’s Favorite Dancer. Join me @8 next Monday to see it all go down as academy week begins. I shall now go back to the start of this week’s final audition episode and blogged what I missed. Have a great week everyone. :D