Survivor Season 42 Week 2 Recap and Live Blog

Pictured L to R: Lindsay Dolashewich, Maryanne Oketch, Jonathan Young, Omar Zaheer, Marya Sherron, and Jeff Probst. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment

The episode begins with the Ika tribe returning to camp after tribal council. They’re sad they had to vote out Zach. Romeo had an alliance with Zach, but he says it will be easier to vote out Tori next time. He says she’s now feeling comfortable. Tori admits in a confessional that she is struggling. She says it’s only Day 3, but she’s exhausted. She almost felt jealous of Zach getting to leave and go sleep on a comfortable bed. She says she needs to get back in a better mental state of mind and remind herself she is living her dream of playing Survivor.

On the Vati tribe, Jenny and Chanelle go looking for food. They find crab. They share it with the tribe, but Hai doesn’t want to eat it since he’s vegan. He wants to stay true to himself, but it’s tough to sustain himself with only coconuts. After breaking down, he finally eats some crab. He says it’s good, but he feels guilty.

On the Taku tribe, Maryanne’s upbeat energy is getting on Lindsay’s nerves. She says Maryanne is always “on” and it can get exhausting. Omar shares with his tribe members that he’s Muslim. He lets them know he will be praying at certain times throughout the day. He lets them know so they don’t get suspicious and assume he’s looking for a hidden immunity idol.

Back at the Ika camp, Drea has an alliance with Rocksroy and Romeo. However, she also wants to form a female alliance. Drea confirms a female alliance with Tori and Swati. She also lets them know about the extra vote advantage. She also lets them know how she won it by risking her vote. After Drea walks away, Swati tells Tori she wants to vote out Drea. She says Drea has too much power.

Back at the Vati camp, Mike goes hunting for a hidden immunity idol. He stumbles upon the Beware Advantage. It’s just like the Beware Advantage from last season. A player on each tribe will need to find a Beware Advantage and recite a secret phrase to activate it. Mike also won’t be able to vote at tribal council. Meanwhile on the Taku tribe, Jonathan and Omar have formed a close bond. Omar says Jonathan is his meat shield and he’s Jonathan’s brain shield. Jonathan and Omar talk game. Jonathan says he’s close to Lindsay and likes Maryanne. He says Marya is the only person on the tribe he isn’t close to. Later, Marya shares with her tribe members how her brother died of COVID-19. He was the first healthcare worker in the United States to die of COVID-19. She says she came on Survivor for closure.

Mike shares the details of his Beware Advantage with Jenny. He says she is the person he trusts the most. He also lets Daniel know about the Beware Advantage too. Daniel reads the parchment and advises Mike to not activate the idol. Afterwards, Daniel shares Mike’s secret with Chanelle. He says he doesn’t want any of the idols activated. Daniel says they can accomplish this by voting out Mike or persuading him not to recite the secret phrase. Chanelle is glad Daniel shared this information with her.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. Maryanne is sad to see that Zach was voted out since she had a crush on him. For today’s challenge, there will be a caller directing their blindfolded tribe members to go through obstacles and collect puzzle pieces. The first two tribes to complete their puzzle will win immunity. Drea, Lydia, and Jonathan will be the callers for their tribes. The challenge begins, and there’s confusion as many people are shouting at the same time. Lydia helps Vati take an early lead in the challenge. However, Vati falls behind after struggles with the spool. Ika and Taku are now making their way to the puzzle-making station as Vati is now trailing behind. All three tribes get started on the puzzle. Drea, Jonathan, and Lydia must also direct their blindfolded tribe members to put their puzzle together. It’s very close among all three tribes now, and Vati is the first to complete their puzzle. Vati wins immunity! It’s now a showdown between Ika and Taku. Both tribes only have a couple pieces left, but it is Ika who completes the puzzle next. Ika wins immunity! Taku will go to tribal council tonight.

Taku returns to camp. Omar and Jonathan discuss their options. They say Marya and Maryanne are on the chopping block tonight. Jonathan feels closer to Maryanne than Marya. They’re worried about the shot in the dark twist, so they’re prepared to promise safety to both of them. Maryanne is nervous, so she goes hunting for a hidden immunity idol. Marya and Lindsay spot her out in the woods, so they know she’s searching for an idol. Later, Lindsay, Omar, and Jonathan talk about their options again. They wonder if Marya is more trustworthy than Maryanne, even though Maryanne is a positive presence around camp.

It’s time for tribal council. Omar says they have bonded, so it’ll be tough to vote someone out. Jeff asks how do they stay safe and keep a strong tribe. Jonathan says strength comes in all different forms – physically, mentally, and socially. He says they all can’t have only one. Lindsay says they have to be as levelheaded as possible and hope it works out. Maryanne says the shot in the dark is always in the back on their minds. She says they may need multiple backup plans. Marya says she’s used to being the mom, but she came here for herself. Jonathan says he loves everyone, but there’s a game to be played. Afterwards, it’s time for the vote.

Maryanne gets her extra advantage. She’s excited to finally learn she won it after the summit.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Marya plays her shot in the dark twist. Jeff opens the scroll. The scroll says “Not safe.” Any votes for Marya will still count.

Jeff reads the votes. The first vote is for…




Marya is the third person voted out of Survivor 42.

And that wraps up tonight’s episode. Thanks for reading, and come back next week for another live recap.

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