Survivor 30 Worlds Apart – Episode 3 Live Blog

A new episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart airs tonight on CBS. Read a live recap of the episode here.

The episode begins with the Nagarote tribe returning to camp after Tribal Council. Joe wanted the vote to be split, but Will voted for Vince instead of Nina. Now Joe doesn’t trust him. People are now questioning Will since he didn’t tell anyone he was voting for Vince. Will wanted Vince gone since he didn’t trust him. Afterwards, Nina tells the whole tribe she knows she is the next one out. However, she doesn’t want to feel like an outsider and ostracized by her tribemates. People keep telling her to don’t quit before it’s over and anything can happen, but Nina is still certain she’s gone if they go to Tribal Council next.

The next day at the Masaya camp, Shirin is howling back at howler monkeys. She then gets excited about seeing the monkeys mating and she rushes back to her tribemates to tell them all about it. Shirin’s excitement and overall vibe annoys Carolyn and Tyler. Tyler says Shirin is painting a target on herself.

At the Escameca camp, Dan offends Rodney by making a joke about his mother. They were joking around, but Dan crossed a line. Rodney is now really angry and says Dan is digging an even deeper hole for himself since he’s already out on the outs of the tribe.

Back at the Nagarote Tribe, Hali and Jenn go surfing in the ocean. They embrace their no collar attitude and bet the other tribes aren’t having as much fun as they are. Meanwhile, Joe kills lizards to feed the tribe. He also goes over to Nina to comfort her and tell her she shouldn’t feel so alone.

Back at Masaya, Max, Shirin, Tyler, and Joaquin go looking for the hidden immunity idol. But since Carolyn has it, she can sit and relax at the shelter. While they’re looking for the idol, Joaquin calls Shirin out on her paranoid and annoying behavior. It’s clear he doesn’t like her. He says he’ll just keep looking for the idol since he feels like he’s on the outs. Joaquin also shows Tyler the clue, which Tyler appreciates. Even though Joaquin is the one on the outs, Tyler feels like he would rather keep Joaquin around instead of Shirin. He thinks the rest of the tribe feels the same way and believes Shirin will be voted out if they lose the next immunity challenge.

Back at Escameca, Mike is once again annoyed with the lack of work ethic in the tribe. He is especially bothered by Rodney sleeping too much, and Rodney is not happy with Mike calling him out. Rodney and Mike get into a heated argument. Rodney tells Mike that the work will get done when it gets gone, and Mike should not be talking to him like he’s his father. He wants Mike to get off his back and he vents to Dan about him too. Rodney then picks up a bunch of firewood and forcibly throws it down in front of the tribe to make a point. Afterwards, the rest of the tribe starts to talk to Mike about his behavior. Now Lindsey is getting heated with Mike, and she says that they do work hard at camp. She is angry that Mike is complaining about them not working hard when in fact they have been doing a lot to help out around camp.

Immunity challenge time! They must fill a large bucket with water and then run back and fill the barrels with water to raise a flag. The first two tribes to raise their flag wins immunity. They will also win comfort along with immunity. The Nagarote tribe decides to send Nina back to the barrel without helping the others carry the bucket, and this strategy is backfiring since the buckets have holes in them that leaks out water. Nina finally gets to be included toward the end of the challenge, but it’s too late. Escameca wins immunity, followed by Masaya. Nagarote will return to Tribal Council tonight.

The Nagarote tribe returns to camp after the immunity challenge. Joe apologizes to the whole tribe about his decision about having Nina run back to the barrel without helping the tribe carry the bucket. They tried to make Nina a non-factor, but it ended up costing them. Nina is adamant that she would’ve been able to help them carry the bucket and said they should’ve included her. Nina believes the vote will be between her and Will and that Joe, Jenn, and Hali are the three in control. Hali and Jenn start to consider voting out Will since they don’t trust him, even though they realize Nina is not the strongest tribemate.

Nagarote goes to Tribal Council. Jeff mentions about how Vince wasn’t the only one blindsided last time and he talks about trust with the tribe. He then brings up the immunity challenge and how the strategy of not including Nina backfiring. Nina says she feels the tribe will always look down on her due to her hearing disability. The tribe disagrees and says that Nina misunderstands them as much as she thinks they misunderstand her. Before the vote, Nina speaks up and says that they should vote out Will instead of her. She says she’s trustworthy and wants to prove herself in the challenges. The tribe speaks candidly to Nina and most of the discussion was about Nina and her difficulties fitting in with the tribe as well as her personal struggles.

It’s time for the vote. By a vote of 3-2, Nina is the third person voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart. 

And that wraps up another episodeThanks for reading and come back next week for another episode of Survivor: Worlds Apart.

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