Source Close to Idol Says Howard Stern Not a Front Runner

Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Slezak spoke to an Idol insider, and here’s what they had to say about the possibility of Howard Stern taking Simon Cowell’s seat at the American Idol judges panel (as reported in the New York Post this morning)

a source close to the show tells EW that “the search has just begun, nor are there any front-runners at this time.” Furthermore, “nobody’s going to be offered a job [as a permanent Idol judge] for a while, ” the source added. “We’re doing a very thorough search.” A call to Stern’s PR rep was not immediately returned.

I’ll bet Stern’s people planted the story as a publicity stunt and negotiating ploy…

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  1. Oh thank god. I really don’t think he would be a very good judge…

  2. Howard Stern falls under the Perez Hilton category of no more Idol for me if they are a judge. Just do not like.

  3. Of course they aren’t going to decide for a while (under the guise of doing a thorough search). That gives more and more opportunities for publicity and attention to their show. Each new rumor generates buzz that money can’t buy. Seriously, if they didn’t want all of the attention they would just pick up the phone, call Ben Folds, and be done with it.

  4. My husband used to catch his show every now and then when he was on late night TV (radio show tapes). I mentioned this latest news item to him. He said that Howard Stern would most likely respond to the contestants with crude comments such as “Your singing sucks, but you have great boobs!”
    Yuck — not going to happen!

  5. “Your singing sucks, but you have great boobs!”

    LOL dcglam…….Totally agree…….I can just see him saying something obnoxious and improper for prime time TV. The judge will be censored…

  6. Thank God for this. I can’t stand that man. As much as I love the show, I couldn’t force myself to watch it if he were on it.

  7. VFTW is having a field day with this news.

    I can only imagine……. LOL!! :)

  8. I don’t know why anyone thought Idol would even consider hiring Howard Stern. He’s the least family friendly guy on earth. If American Idol is smart David Foster would be the guy to replace Simon Cowell. He has music biz credentials, he’s a jerk and sort of a nice guy. Perfect.

  9. There is no way anyone in their right mind would ever consider hiring this sleezebag to be a judge on AI.

    I totally agree with MJ – his people planted this story for a publicity stunt.

  10. Seroiusly this rumor had to be manufactured by Stern himself. He is such a polarizing figure..he would be terrible for Idol.

  11. Well, thank God it was just a rumor. Otherwise, he’d have the female contestants on stage making out with each other. He’s such a pig. And I used to actually like him during his very short stint in Detroit.

  12. Yeah, there was no way this would have worked out. Too many people would be turned off by Stern, and I really think a big part of Simon’s appeal is his charm, not just his blunt personality.

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