So You Think You Can Dance: Who Will Be “America’s Favorite Dancer”?

Oh, what the heck. I’m going to ignore Dial Idol and go with my gut.   Despite the judges trying to bus him, I think Evan will win.

He’s got a huge, noisy fan base. Yes, I know that doesn’t necessarily ensure a win–but that all important casual vote is going to be split between the remaining 3 contemporary dancers.   Evan isn’t splitting his votes with anybody.   Plus he performs in a style that many people love and relate to.   Who isn’t a sucker for those old Gene Kelly/Donald O’Connor musicals?   Sure, he’s not the best technical dancer of the bunch, but he is a good dancer, and brings something different to the table.

The best all-round package is Brandon.   He’s strong, versatile and is able to pour emotion into movement.   Jeanine is a close second.   She not only has great technique, but incredible strength and a formidable personality that comes through in her performances.

Kayla is gorgeous, and has beautiful technique. But, as Nigel mentioned last night, she hasn’t much personality.   Her performances don’t engage me, and I suspect she”ll walk away tonight in 4th place.   Eh. I think the fabulous Janette should have been there instead of Kayla, but that’s me.

My prediction: Evan for the win, Brandon (likely) or Jeanine in second place, Kayla dead last.

What do you think?

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