So You Think You Can Dance – Top 6 – Who Will Be Eliminated?

Some of my thoughts on last night’s show:

After the JUMP…

  • I like all remaining six dancers. As some of you have pointed out in comments, they all bring something different to the table.
  • I absolutely loved Courtney and Mark together. They lucked out getting two great pieces of choreography to dance, but I also think they had wonderful chemistry together. I adored both their routines. The Viennese Waltz was beautiful, lighter than air and so romantic. I think I fell in love with Mark a little last night. Heh. The editing of “Magic Rainbows” was a little distracting, though. The choreographer, Sonya, who choreographed their second piece does fantastic work. I loved her down and dirty routine. Sonjya’s dark, eccentric sensibility was perfect for Mark’s quirky style.
  • Paula Abdul in the house! I wonder if Nigel will ever ask her to choreograph for the show?
  • Why does Chelsie pick such crappy music (Pussycat Dolls? Danity Kane?) for her solos?
  • I can’t believe Cat Deely put in those nasty teeth after Twitch wore them. Besides being an awesome host, she’s a good sport. Cat should win an Emmy!
  • Joshua and Katee back together again? Coincidence? I think not! They do dance well together. Like Courtney and Mark, Josh and Katee had a great night. Their Tyce contemporary was fantastic. It was like a piece of sculpture. The lifts were beautiful. But could the judges have pimped them any more? Talk about your hyperbole–the greatest! thing! evah! on! the! show! standing! O! They practically declared Josh the winner (and he will be) and Katee a shoe-in for the finals (yep, she will be).
  • Oh and the whole “OMG No classical training? Your a B Boy!!!111!” is the new “OMG you’re only 17 11!!1!” And, just as irritating! Wait…Josh has already admitted to taking ballet, so enough of that shiz…
  • The Katee/Joshua Paso Doble was f*cking fierce! WOW.
  • Twitch was out of his element this week in the Mambo, and not even Chelsie the ballroom dancer, could save him. The Nap/Tab choreography for their Hip Hop routine flat out sucked. What a stupid concept. Twitch and Chelsie really lost the lottery on routines this week. For that reason, I think Twitch is in trouble this week. Chelsie danced really well tonight. That, and her great judges comments will probably keep her safe.
  • For the reasons above, I think Twitch and my fav *sniff* Courtney will be eliminated tonight…
  • What do you peeps think?
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