So You Think You Can Dance – Top 20 – VIDEO

Ariana and Brandon are eliminated tonight. (If Noell is out for the season, Ariana will be back next week.) – VIDEO

I was really surprised to see Russell the krumper in the bottom 4. But I was pretty sure he wasn’t going anywhere. I think that spot was cast for shock effect. Poor Brandon Dumlao dragged to Hollywood for a day, and then sent home. Nigel promised him he’d try to get an exception for him, so he could audition for the show again, I hope that happens.

Ariana was so obviously cannon fodder. I thought her dancing was fine. But, that’s the roll she was cast in, sad for her. Hello, and goodbye!

Tonight, the Top 20 dance. The judges send home a boy and a girl. Because of major league baseball, there’s no results show tomorrow. The Paula Abdul chair is still there! Heh.

Nigel discusses about Billy Bell’s unfortunate illness, and Noelle’s “terrible accident” yesterday. Oh wow. It’s her knee, not her ankle. She’s going in for an MRI tomorrow. Wow, she’s got a mega cast on.

Recap after the JUMP…

Channing and Phillip – Jive by Jason Gilkison – “Rockin’ Robin” by Jackson 5 – Channing is a tomboy, Phillip is a poet. – That was really energetic, fun – Adam says, “very classy pairing, Channing danced with a lot of elegance.” Ha! Even I noticed they looked awkward on the drop. Mary says, “Not bad…lazy legs…fairly good performance…I want more.” Nigel says, “I was expecting you to be good…Channing you need to get your weight over your heels…sharper retractions…chemistry isn’t there yet.” – VIDEO

Ashleigh and Jakob – Broadway by Tyce Diorio – “Hit Me With a Hot Note (and watch me bounce)” Sophisticated Ladies (original soundtrack) – She had a back injury that kept her from dancing. Tyce is calling the routine “dirty, sultry Broadway” – Wow. Jakob is SENSATIONAL. He makes Ashleigh look good. – Adam calls the choreo incredibly smart. He goes crazy for Jakob. He tells Ashleigh she’s going to have a hard time keeping up with him. No sh*t. Mary loves Ashleigh, “Sexy, sultry…phenomenal.” Nigel thinks she proved why the judges had faith in her. He calls Jakob one of the most gifted dancers ever on the show. He tells Jakob he’s going to go a long way on the show. – VIDEO

Ariana and Peter – Hip Hop by Napolean and Tabitha – “Black & Gold” by Sam Sparrow -Ariana and Peter are androids   – Hm. I liked this way more than the judges did. Adam says “You weren’t dancing like each other…not enough tension…action and reaction” Mary says, “Loved the beginning…the middle got sloppy.” Nigel says, “We never found it.” He points out that they are a tap and contemporary dancer out of their element. “I was disappointed, ” says Nigel. – VIDEO

Noell and Russell – Foxtrot by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin (Noell was hurt in rehearsal, Melanie took her place at the last minute) – “Vagabond Shoes” by Vic Damone – Russell comes from Roxbury, Boston, Noell is from the south. Noell says she has no idea what a foxtrot is. What? – Russell is the Krumper. He’s pretty good–I swear he’s had some training. Adam says, “Russell you continue to defy explanation…you were living the character…effortless.” Mary says, “You really did a respectable job right now…” Mary gives him some technical advice. Nigel says, “You are living proof why I get on a soapbox…it’s so important to focus on the arts.” He liked Russel’s lines, but thought his rise and fall wasn’t so good. But Russel will get a pass because he’s a Krumper. – VIDEO

Bianca and Victor – Contemporary by Travis Wall – “Wasted Time” by Me’Shell Ndegeocello – Aw. Bianca’s dog Louie is cute!   Wow, the choreography is fantastic!   Love this. Adam gives Travis Wall his props. He gives Bianca some tips–drop your shoulders, finish your toes. He says Victor is a revelation. Mary says, “ are finally here…outside of your style and conquering…your passion sold me…chemistry…Victor…you took it to another level.” Nigel says, “This is the most connection between dancers I’ve seen tonight. – VIDEO

Karen and Kevin – Cha cha by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin – “Push it” by Glee cast! – Kevin is a hip hopper and model! Karen’s performance is slinky, sexy…wow. Kevin the hip hopper? A little stiff. Adam made a gay joke! Hee! He was turned on by Karen. Heh. He said the last lift series was a little awkward. Mary puts Karen on the hot tamale train. But she thinks Kevin needs to work on the foot action. Nigel thought Kevin danced well for a hip hopper. Karen has it in her blood, he says. – VIDEO

Ellenore and Ryan – Jazz by Sonya Tayeh – “Arcadia” by Apparat – Ellenore is just fantastic. Both are really strong dancers. Ellen is inventive, creative…a force. “Sonya you rock my world, ” says Adam. Adam says Ellenore and Ryan aren’t the best technical dancers on the show, but they are the most exciting. Mary loved the chemistry. She really loved Ryan. She loved that they didn’t break character. Nigel says to both, “You brought a completely new style.” – VIDEO

Paula and Brandon – Smooth Walz by Jason Gilkison – “You Light Up My Life” by Whitney Houston – Brandon is a hip hop dancer, taking the place of Billy Bell. Brandon just got thrown into the mix a day and a half ago. Adam says they had some beautiful performance moments. Mary says, Jason created a romantic waltz…dynamic chemistry. She had some technical pointers for Brandon. Nigel said it felt a little bit like a prom couple…not strong enough. Nigel is talking like he wants to cut them. – VIDEO

Kathryn and Legacy – Hip Hop by Dave Scott – “On & On” by Missy Elliott – Adam says, “This is hot..this is about meeting in the middle…your chemistry was so fantastic…you have an amazing opportunity to learn from each other.” “Pebbles and Bam bam were busting a move in the cave tonight, ” said Mary. She gave them a scream.” Nigel says, “great chemistry…another couple I’m looking forward to developing across the season.” – VIDEO

Mollee and Nathan ‘ Disco by Doriana Sanchez – “Turn the Beat Around (Pablo’s 12″ Remix)” by Gloria Estefan – The dance was supposed to be like Mexican wrestling. Nathan seems really out of his element here. Mollee is full of energy, but she does dance like a little kid. Adam calls them “really cute.” He says their dirty lifts didn’t seem that dirty. Mary says, “that was really hard and you guys really pulled it off…you are a dream team…I think you are going to be here for a long time.” Nigel says, “You guys bring the fun to this competition.” – VIDEO

Ariana, Brandon, Pauline and Russell have to dance for their lives. Everyone else is safe. – VIDEO

Elimination: Unanimous decision to eliminate…Ariana. Brandon is leaving tonight. Wow. that was short lived for Brandon. Nigel is going to talk to the powers that be to change the rules so that Brandon can audition again next season. His time on the show was insanely short. – VIDEO

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