Simon Cowell: “I’m going to revamp every aspect of The X Factor.”

Simon Cowell plans to revamp 10-year old format.

RadioTimes published an insightful interview with Simon Cowell today.

Simon’s fansite,, has the whole article scanned, so click HERE to read it.

About X Factor’s format:

“The format is 10 years old and any format that has lasted that long, if you want the figures to have a chance of going up, you have to change the format, because the inevitable result is if you don’t, they will go down.”

Simon says the basic formula of the show will stay intact, but he will change “every aspect of the show in some particular way. It will look like a slightly different show to one you have seen before.”

The audition rooms will be making a comeback.

Simon’s other talent show, Britain’s Got Talent premieres this coming Saturday.

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