Season 7 Top 16 – Elimination

Blake Lewis performed his new single “How Many Words”Video

The Top 12

  • David Cook
  • David Archuleta
  • Jason Castro
  • Brooke White
  • Syesha Mercado
  • David Herandez
  • Michael Johns
  • Ramiele Malubay
  • Carly Smithson
  • Amanda Overmyer
  • Kristy Lee Cook
  • Chikezie Eze

Kady MalloyEliminatedVideo
Luke Menard – EliminatedVideo
Asiah Epperson – EliminatedVideo
Danny Noriega – EliminatedVideo

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If I could trade Danny Noriega for Chikezie and Asia’h Epperson for Kristy Lee Cook, I’d be deliriously happy with this Top 12. The fierce and fabulous Danny Noriega would have added much entertainment to this year’s cast. It’s too bad we’ll never see his break-out performance. It would have come. The boy can sing.

Asia’h Epperson is a talented singer who suffered from mundane song choices. Kristy Lee Cook pretty much coasted into the Top 12 on her looks and the good graces of TPTB, who seem to love her. Once the boys and girls are competing together, I predict she’ll have a tough time.

Overall, however, I’m happy with the cast and look forward to the competition, and more break-out performances from David Cook, Jason Castro and Brooke White. Carly Smithson is winning fans (well, maybe not the Fanjayas. Heh.) and will go deep. If Micheal Johns steps up his game, he’ll go far as well. Danny Archuleta, the Boy Wonder, will no doubt march his way right up to the Top 3 and beyond.

I dig Blake Lewis’s new single.

My recap, after the JUMP.

“TONIGHT…the Top 12 are revealed, ” says Ryan, gesturing toward the shiny, shiny silver seats awaiting the contestants who will make the Top 12.

It’s the American Idol ceiling cam! As we get a birds-eye view of the 16 contestants sitting on the circular couch awaiting their fate, Ryan helpfully does the 2nd grade math for us. Sixteen contestants – 12 spots = 4 will be eliminated.

Blake Lewis takes the stage to perform his new single “How Many Words” Me likey! Confession time… I heard this song when it was a demo back in August. I loved it then, I love it now, particularly the beautiful, soaring harmonies in the chorus. Blake wrote this one. It’s good. So is his performance. Here’s hoping the new single does well.

After the break, says Ryan, “It’s time to build the Top 12.”

According to Ryan, there were over 36 million votes this week (37 million, Season 6, for comparison). The judges are introduced. Paula is wearing a jaunty hat. She’s probably hoping to keep her brains from falling out of her head. Ryan congratulates her for having the #1 download on iTunes, for her track , “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”, from Randy’s upcoming albu.

Ryan turns his attention to the guys. First, highlights of their performances from Tuesday. Micheal Johns, “Don’t You Forget About Me”, Chikezie, “All The Woman That I Need”, David Hernandez, “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now”, Luke Menard, “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go”, Danny Noriega, “Tainted Love”, David Archuletta, “Another Day in Paradise”, Jason Castro, “Hallelujah” and David Cook, “Hello”. yes, i’m pimping iTunes. shutup! 5 cents a download!

Ryan: “Eight faces, six places. How will this all go down?” Whoa. Clever McCleverton! I want a gig writing for a reality show. Um.

“Dim the lights, ” says Ryan. David Cook, would you please stand up. David looks really nervous as Ryan runs off the blahdeblah of what he sang and what the judges said, “…Lionel Richie, I spoke with him today on the phone.” THAT got David’s attention–he performed a rock version of Richie’s “Hello”. “He loved it, ” says Ryan. David beams, almost forgetting he’s about to hear some very important news. “America voted, and David…you’re in the Top 12. Congratulations.”

“Now, let’s turn to…David Archuleta. Would you please stand up.” David giggles. “…America voted…and you put a smile on their faces. Congratulations David Archuleta, you are in our coveted Top 12.” David is so excited, as he heads to the stools he begins wheezing. Seriously, I think he’s going to pass out.

Jason Castro is next. “Alright, ” says Ryan, “Jason, would you stand up….after the nationwide vote…you’re in the Top 12. Congratulations.” Jason looks blissed. But then, he always does.

Three seats filled, and it’s time for a break.

Back. “We’re turning our attention now to the girls…” And a recap of the girls’ performances: Asia’h Epperson, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, Carly Smithson, “I Drove All Night”, Syesha Mercado, “I’m Saving All My Love For You”, Kady Malloy, “Who Wants to Live Forever”, Ramiele Malubay, “Against All Odds”, Kristy Lee Cook, “Faithfully”, Brooke White, “Love is a Battlefield” and Amanda Overmyer, “Hate Myself for Loving You”.

“Good luck to the ladies….Brooke White, would you please stand up.” Ryan pauses, “How you doin’?” Great time to make chit-chat Ryan. “You just want to know…” No Ryan, she’d rather stand there and be tortured by you. “…after the vote, Brooke…you’ve made it into the Top 12.” A relieved Brooke takes her seat.

Syesha Mercado, would you please stand up for us.” Ryan asks the judges if they think she’ll go through. Simon and Paula say yes. Randy emphasizes, “100% yes.” Syesha smiles. She’s smug. I hate that. “…after the vote, America agrees with the judges. Syesha, take a stool.”

“Now, to Kady Malloy, would you please stand up.” The first elimination tonight? Big sigh from Kady, she just wants to get this over with. “…America voted, and Kady…I’m sorry tonight is the end of the line. Ladies and gentleman, leaving us tonight, Kady Malloy.”

“C’mon down Kady…let’s hear it for Miss Malloy…It’s been an incredible trip, an amazing trip, hasn’t it?” Kady nods. Kady’s goodbye package rolls to KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See”. Odd choice, KT wrote the song with her tongue in her cheek. Or at least I think she did. Cut to Asia’h who is really weepy. Kady says she doesn’t regret a moment. She sings out and… Oh. She might regret that. It’s pretty terrible. She’s randomly in tune. Well, once or twice maybe. Danny and Ramile are now crying. Bye Kady. Try acting. You have great comic timing.

Ryan announces Big News. Next week Idol will be opening up their phone lines to talk to AMERICA live on the air! I don’t quite understand what this means, but Ryan says to log onto for more information. I wonder if they’d talk to me? They probably already have my phone number banned. And yes, it’s a long story, but TPTB do have my phone number…

Back to the guys. “David Hernandez, please stand up.” Another elimination? Ryan says, “You sang…blah blah bah…” David holds his breath. And then Ryan says, “..David, take a stool, you’re in the Top 12.” David lets out a huge sigh of relief. Gay strippers for the win! tm pj.

And now to, “Michael Johns, would you please stand up…America decided, you are in the Top 12″ Ok, Michael. You made the Top 12. It’s time to stop coasting, or you’ll end up a middle packer at best.

Luke Menard, would you stand up please.” Bye Luke. “…America voted, and Luke, I’m sorry to say that you are leaving us tonight on American Idol.” Time for Luke’s video. His back drop is “Wonderful World” by James Morrison. Paula’s advice to Luke is, “This is the first day of the rest of your career…you will see…you will see.” My advice is more practical. Try Soap Operas. He sings out with Wham! and it’s every bit as ridiculous as it was on Tuesday. I can’t believe this guy is straight.

Speaking of which. Cut to Danny Noriega looking like Dead Man Walking.

There are 5 girls left awaiting their fate.

Ramiele, would you please stand up…America voted…you are in the Top 12. Congratulations.” Pinoys unite!

“Carly, would you please stand up…” Ryan doesn’t waste any time playing with Carly Smithson. Of course, she’s in. “Take a seat, you’re in the Top 12.”

“And, Amanda. Would you please stand up…Congratulations, America said you deserve a seat in the Top 12.” She even smiles.

Kristy Lee Cook and Asia’h Epperson are left. “Will you ladies please join me at the center of the stage…Asia’h, Kristy…I hate to do this to you.” Sure you do, Ryan. “Gotta take a break, we’ll be back with the results.” I’ll bet he pulled the legs off spiders when he was a kid, too.

Back from the break. Randy says he thinks Asia’h will stay. Paula interrupts. She must feel bad that Kady stunk up the joint on her sing out, because she says, “…it is so hard to hear any heartbreaking news and then sing…nobody has to do that.” Then she refuses to say who she thinks will go or stay. Simon thinks Kristy Lee will make the cut. Ryan continues, “…America has decided…that Asia’h…you…are going home tonight. Kristy Lee Cook has made it into the Top 12.” A few boos can be heard from the crowd.

Each eliminated contestant gets their own song. Asia’h’s is “Hollywood is Not America” by Ferras. Paula says, “This is one beautiful, talented, brave star…there’s nothing, nothing that’s going to stop you.” Paula’s optimism is kind of charming in the face of her complete denial. The truth is, most of these kids who don’t make the Top 12 will fade into obscurity within a few weeks. After her video rolls, Ryan asks Asia’h if she wants to sing out. She bucks up and says yes. She performs–significantly less peppy than the night before. She looks so disappointed.

Ryan asks Danny Noriega and Chikezie to take center stage. Ryan asks Danny why he’s so upset. Why do you think Ryan? Danny is close to both of the eliminated girls. “Chikezie and Danny…” Danny fiddles with his fingernails, “One completes our Top 12, the other unfortunately leaves us tonight…” When Ryan says Simon didn’t like anything about Danny’s performance, Danny flips him the half-moose again. It’s funny. “…America voted, Chikezie, take a seat. You’re in the Top 12. Congratulations. Which means Danny leaves us tonight.”

DAMN! Ramile, safe in her shiny Top 12 chair, completely loses it. Cut to Chikezie’s mother who is all “Praise God, Praise God.” Eh. Danny is crying while Chikezie comforts him. Paula is crying. Geez. Ryan says, “One of our most courageous performers ever on American Idol.” I would agree with that. Danny wasn’t afraid to let his freak flag fly. He opened a door for others to walk through. He is awesome. Danny’s goodbye song is Graham Colton’s “Best Days“.

Danny sings out. Even Simon is smiling.

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