Sanjaya Malakar – Manchester NH

Sanjaya Malakar performs “The Way You Make Me Feel” in Manchester, NH 9/22

What Sanjaya lacks in vocal chops, he more than makes up for in a winning charm that’s hard to resist.   He’s pretty damn adorable as he channels Michael Jackson here.   Who can resist that smile and infectious energy?   I could not.   Sunday night, Sanjaya had so many fans attend the after show m&g, that he had a separate room to himself and his fans.   Alas, I did not get to speak with Sanjaya one last time (nor, except for a quick hi, did  I get to meet well-known blogger and Fanjaya,  Rickey from

Oh, but I did come away with a souvenir!   After my run-in with the video police, (on orders from TPTB, the venue security spirited me away after Jordin’s set, to an undisclosed location,  in order to erase my evil memory card.) I make it back to my section during the group encore.   I was standing at the very end of my row.  Nearly everyone around me had either left or gone to stand closer to the stage.    Right before Sanjaya exits the stage, he pulls  a white bandanna off his  head, freeing his  famous locks, and tosses it out into the audience.   I  watch as the crumpled  scarf  sails toward me almost in slow motion.   I reach up easily and catch it  with one hand…

For me, that perfect catch is the perfect  finish to a really fun Idol season.   I  planned to give it to a young Fanjaya at the meet and greet, but couldn’t find one.   Later on at home, I realize that all the Idols had signed it.   Pretty cool!   Thanks Sanjaya!

Sanjaya’s sister, Shyamali served as his chaperon during part of the tour.   Sanjaya turned 18 just a few weeks ago.  (During the final concert, she was in between the audience barrier and the stage taking pictures with a high-powered camera.) The entire family (mom, boyfriend, kids)  are selling the Seattle homestead and moving to Los Angeles sometime soon.   Sanjaya and Shyamali  plan to room together.   The Malakars–A new reality show brought to you by FOX?   I could see it.

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