Nigel Lythgoe Adds More Names to the So You Think You Can Dance All-Star Team

Nigel Lythgoe confirmed two more So You Think You Can Dance alums for the Season 7 All-Star team.

Yesterday he tweeted Allison Holker from Season 2 will be representing jazz, contemporary and cultural styles. Today he tweeted Ade Abayomi from Season 5 will represent contemporary and classical styles.

The all stars will mentor and perform with Season 7 contestants each week.

List of dancers Nigel has confirmed:

1. Stephen “Twitch” Boss (S4) – Hip Hop (Popping, Locking, Krump)
2. Kathryn McCormick (S6) – Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway, Cultural
3. Pasha Kovalev (S3) – Latin and Standard Ballroom
4. Allison Holker (S2) – Jazz, Contemporary, Broadway, Cultural
5. Ade Obayomi (S5) – Contemporary, Classical

And a list of dancers rumored to be on the team, via SYTYCDism, after the jump.

Lauren Gottlieb (S3) – (Lyrical) Hip Hop? Jazz?
Courtney Galiano (S4) – Jazz
Neil Haskell (S3) – Jazz, Contemporary, Sexy Dancing
Dominic Sandoval (S3) – Hip Hop?
Anya Garnis (S3) – Ballroom
Comfort Fedoke (S4) – Hip Hop

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  1. how come keyla is not there? i saw her dancing at the Oscars (as was Kathryn) and she also helped travis wall demonstrate his dance routing on S6. i was sure she was a lock for this..

  2. Neil Haskell (S3) – Jazz, Contemporary, Sexy Dancing

    Hee hee, oh Neil. He’ll bring the funny to the practice footage at least. Okay, that would be cool, but still not totally onboard the the All Star thing.

  3. They are bringing Comfort back for this? ugh I’m not surprised about Dominick.

  4. It seems they are bringing back kind of second tier dancers in their respective categories except for twitch, anya, and pasha. Would have liked to see Kayla, Jeanine, Brandon, Will, Sabra, Danny, Jakob, Katee, I mean at least one of these.

  5. I am not 100% behinthis new change of one finalist pair with ex SYTYCD finalist from past seasons.

    The change make this show very similar to DWTS. In DWTS, celebs (few of them had dancing background) pair with pro dancers from Standard Ballroom and Latin.

    Now in SYTYCD, the new dancers most of the time will dance not in their style and pair with pro dancers who good at a certain style that happened to be SYTYCD alumni.

    And each week they only eliminated one dancer.

    And the irony was I still remembered when SYTYCD at their peak rating (season 2 or season 3) when they beat DWTS ratings. At that time Nigel openly said that DWTS was not a real dancing competition and SYTYCD is the real one.

    But in the end, DWTS had huge rating now and close the gap with Idol and SYTYCD rating slowly going down and had to change the format similar to DWTS to survive.

    I do hope with the new change, the judges comments back to season 1-3. More honest. If the dancing are only good, dont comment that it was the best dancing they ever see. And if the choreo is crap, critic the choreographer and not praise them for their top noctch choreo and then blame it all to the dancers.

  6. I get to see Pasha every week? SO THERE! The show hasn’t had a great male ballroom dancer since.

  7. @silverwings – I’m with you. That bit of news just brightened my day.

  8. *sigh* And I was SO hoping to see Mark Kanemura again. Ah well. Can’t have everything. Glad Pasha and Neil are back (or rumored to be). Mark would have made it about perfect, though.


  10. And what about Natalie Fotopoulos and Musa Cooper… they were both fan favorites.

  11. Darn: Nigel may get more ratings (or not…) but the soul of the show could get easily lost. I would *love* to see alums back for a longer “elimination” show – and even guest mentors – possibly having every compete in the same genre each week – but pairing up All Stars with contestants? How do we assess their dancing? I hope they do some reruns so we can watch the good old days….

  12. I loved several of the dancers from Season 1. Where are they? This changes the whole concept of the show, and I am not too sure I like it. Pasha wins my heart and really should be a professional on DWTS instead of the new guy, Damien.

    Only one dancer from Season 2? I don’t get it. Oh, well…

  13. It’s interesting how most fans of the show love more the weaker dancers. I guess Tyce is right, people love the drama and to watch people struggling and “talent has almost nothing to do with SYTYCD”. That’s why the ratings were better at the first seasons, where most dancers were actually not really that good. I mean, Comfort? I know that people all over the place like her, but really? Same for Twitch. And I know girls love Pasha, but he was NOT the best ballroom dancer (or partner) on the show at all. Interesting…

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