Nashville Star – Episode 3 – Recap


Justin Gaston is eliminated tonight.

The fabulous country act, Danity Kane, is appearing on tonight’s Nashville Star!

Ok, I know who Danity Kane is–some crappy girl group from a reality TV show. And I know they aren’t country. Hardly. And I think it’s totally retarded that they’re tonight’s guest performers. NBC couldn’t find a country act to fill a a prime-time guest spot? Right.There’s got to be some kind of synergy or connection going on here–I’m just too lazy to dig it up.

ETA: OK, it’s Pop night tonight, but still…

Those of you still watching this show…I’ll post up some videos later with a couple of brief words about each act. Enjoy?

Live Recap:

The finalists are singing Madonna’s “Like A Prayer”. Hoe down! More like trainwreck… OMG I can’t wait to get the video up. That was truly craptastic! Worst. Group Sing. Ever. – VIDEO

Tommy Stanley and Gabe Garcia are pulled out of the line at the top of the show. Tommy Stanley is in the Bottom 2 and Gabe Garcia is safe. Gabe is performing first.

Billy Ray Cyrus sucks reading the teleprompter. Just sayin’

More Recap and Videos After the JUMP…

Gabe Garcia – “Living La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin – Jewel flies the boys to LA where she is appearing on the Leno show. She’s mentoring them in between hair and makeup. Oook. Gabe’s performance is a little strange, it got off to a rocky start, but not bad. The girls dancing around him were kind of bizarre. Jeff says, “You just blew my mind.” John says, “good job”. Jewel says he needs to loosen up more, but he worked it out. – VIDEO

After the break, we find out who joins Tommy Stanley in the Bottom 2

Pearl Heart – “Love Shack” by the B52s – Jeff tries to get the lead singer to step out, but she’s having a hard time. Their harmonies are freaking me out a little. The lead singer looks really awkward. I’m not digging this B52s by way of Petticoat Junction deal. John said the girls were looking at each other, rather than working the audience, but everything else was great. Jewel advises the lead singer to relax and just be herself. Jeff says–great job, but they still need to step it up. – VIDEO

Alyson Gilbert – “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tiffany – Tommy James and the Shondells did this song first in the 60’s. Alyson and John try different tempos, they finally decide on something mid-tempo. I like the arrangement. Alyson’s performance is a bit stilted–total deer in the headlights. Vocally she has her moments, but it’s just a’ight. Jewel says it’s pitchy and that she looks awkward in her high heels. Jeff says there is “a little too much pop in my country.” John says, “You didn’t rock it” and that she made it a mediocre vanilla song. So, the judges pretty much hate her. – VIDEO

Ashlee Hewitt – “You Drive Me Crazy” by Britney Spears – Ashlee plans to “rock hard” with Britney Spears. Good luck with that! Ba-abay! Her vocal affectations kinda bug me. Te-ell me-ay. Hm. It’s a little distracting. Nevertheless, she adds just enough country twang to the song to make it believable. Jewel says she did a great job. Jeff tells her that she’s got the goods. John says she’s getting better consistently every week. “It was country, ” says Jewel. – VIDEO

Coffey – “Umbrella” by Rihanna – Coffey dedicates the song to his daughter. Way to pimp for votes! He shouts out his daughter’s name for good measure. This is so horrible, though, I don’t think it would matter if he cured cancer. The goat vibrato is in full voice. Yikes. Ok, he just did some weird sh*t in the middle of the song, like he was horking up a bone. Holy crap, that is just freaking weird. Jeff says, “If this is the real Coffey, I’m not on the train.” John likes it. He says, “You are a country/soul singer.” Jewel warns him against gimmicks and chastises him for talking at the end of every phrase. – VIDEO

Laura and Sophie – “PYT” by Michael Jackson – Jeff picked the song for the girls, and their reaction at first is, WTF? They like it after he performs a little for them. Ohhh. The girls have been arguing! BITCH FIGHT! They’re wearing frilly little prom dresses. These girls have nice voices, but it’s still so much High School Talent night. The turgid arrangement isn’t helping. Thanks Jeff! These kids need a lot of work. John says it was really good. Hm. Jewel thought the arrangement was amazing. Hm. She says, “You guys look like Madonna cupcakes…you sang good.” Jeff says, “I’m so proud of you, I’m blown away.” – VIDEO

Next, the country stylings of Danity Kane! Erm. Bathroom break! – VIDEO

Shawn Mayer – “Bye Bye Bye” by ‘N Sync – John says it’s a “ballsy” choice. None of these performers seem comfortable on stage. Shawn should have canned the choreographed dancing and just concentrated on her vocals. This performance is just all over the place. Jewel feels that she made the song country. She likes it. Jeff doesn’t find the performance “very country” and thinks it was too ambitious. He wants to see her vulnerable. John doesn’t think her performance was awesome, but he likes that she’s not afraid to take chances. – VIDEO

Melissa Lawson and Justin Gaston are vying for the second spot in the Bottom 2. What a set up. The Hottie and the Nottie. Awesome.

Justin Gaston is in the Bottom 2! Whoo hoo!

Melissa Lawson – “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper – Finally a song that John likes! He’s been hatin’ on the contestant’s choices all night. There’s not much country about this performance (wonder if she’ll be called on it), but Melissa blows everyone else in this competition away. It’s ridiculous, actually. Jewel thinks she’s a great country singer. Jeff asks her if she lost weight. She’s lost 67 lbs. He says she’s a 10. John says he likes to work with great artists, and he thinks Melissa is a true artist. Nope, she’s not going to get called out on it. – VIDEO

Justin Gaston – “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper – “Jason needs help with his voice, ” says Jewel. Ya think? Jewel’s eyes pop out of her head when she hears his song choice. This could be a lot worse. Well, he just hit a rank note. I think the aim is to keep things within his 5 note range as much as possible. He’s really stiff. Pretty awful. John says that was the best he’s heard him so far. That’s not saying much. Jeff likes it too. I guess we are grading on a curve. Jewel compliments him. She says she can tell he’s been working very very hard. I was waiting for her to put a star on his head. – VIDEO

Tommy Stanley – “Maniac” by Michael Sembello – These song choices are bizarre. None of these contestants have the chops or the creativity to step this far out of their boxes. I can’t even understand what Tommy is singing, he’s garbling up the words. He’s got the dancing girls behind him. I’m a little embarrassed for him. He hits a big glory note. Sort of. Wow. Bad. Jeff says that it “didn’t get his country bone going.” TMI! John agrees that it’s not country enough. More “It wasn’t country” from Jewel. That he wasn’t country isn’t the problem. How about: crappy song, crappily arranged and crappily sung. – VIDEO

Justin Gaston is sent home. Bye Bye eye candy! Parting words from the judges: You suck as a country singer. Try acting. – VIDEO

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